Alligator Eating Another Alligator Video Goes Viral in South Carolina

alligator eating another alligator

Getty An alligator eating another alligator video has gone viral in South Carolina.

A video of an alligator eating another alligator in South Carolina has gone viral.

The video was first shared on Twitter by Taylor Soper, who wrote, “This happened in my parents backyard today… The snack is a 6ft gator #lowcountrylivin.” You can watch the video below, but be aware that it’s disturbing.

Soper’s Twitter profile reads, “Co-founder of the @Titos_Chicken podcast. Veteran, Father, Husband and Diehard Gamecock fan.” Soper revealed on Twitter that his dad took the videos, writing, “My dad captures some good stuff all credit to him but he doesn’t have social media.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Viral Video Shows a Large Alligator Munching on Another Gator

The very disturbing video shows the massive alligator chomping on a smaller alligator. The video starts with the smaller alligator hanging partly out of the larger alligator’s mouth before the alligator swallows it completely. The 24 second video was uploaded on September 30, 2021.

“…it’s pretty damn wild.. what’s really cool is we saw the one that’s getting eaten in this video eat a small baby last weekend so there’s some craziness going on over there,” Soper wrote on Twitter.

Soper also posted several other videos, one of which is captioned, “Here’s the ‘struggle’ before…#lowcountrylivin.”

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A third video reads, “Here’s him prepping his snack for consumption #lowcountrylivin.”

According to the State, quoting a DNR pamphlet, alligators are sometimes cannibals: “Alligators are carnivorous and prey on any animal that is available.”

“Diet is dependent on where the alligator lives. In coastal marshes of Louisiana, adult alligators primarily feed onnutria, whereas in Florida and northern Louisiana, rough fish and turtles comprise most of their diet. Cannibalism is common among alligators in Florida and Louisiana,” the DNR pamphlet says, according to The State.

People Reacted With Horror & Amazement on Twitter

Here are some of the Twitter reactions to the videos:

“In all of my years watching swamp people and being from Louisiana, I have never seen a head that big.”

“Please update this with the location so I know never to go anywhere near there.”

“Ok let me make this easy and just draw a red x right over SC, GA, MS, LA, AL, & FL. It’s like Australia minus cute animals that start with K.”

“Y’all willing living next to dinosaurs is wild to me.”

“its not like u can ask them to move.”

“If I witnessed that in my backyard, the house would be up for sale the next day.”

“And to think……somebody cut that grass that close to the water. Hell no. I ain’t ever moving down there…….nope.”

“So gators be eating other gators? What the hell? That’s why I would never live near a lake or a pond in my backyard.”

“Property would of been up for sell by morning.”

“Wait are your parents gators because no way any humans own this backyard.”

“That gator would have to go, I’d have to shotty that thang and make some shoes, belts, bags, and bbq.”

The videos have had millions of views.

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