Florida Realtor Vanishes in Madrid After Mysterious Man in Helmet Spray Paints Security Cameras

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Missing posters Ana Knezevich is missing in Madrid.

Ana Knezevich is a South Florida woman who disappeared on February 2 after leaving the apartment where she was staying in Madrid, Spain, to clear her head during a difficult divorce.

Knezevich, 40, who has worked as a realtor and helped run a computer business with her husband in Fort Lauderdale, was last seen outside the apartment in Madrid at 10 p.m., and “no one has seen her since,” Knezevich’s friend Sanna Rameau said in a February 16 video posted to her Facebook page.

“She has been missing now for two weeks,” Rameau said. She went missing on February 2. “We are just hoping for her safe return.”

Multiple sites have given the missing woman’s name as Ana Knezevic. However, her husband’s name is spelled Knezevich on the couple’s IT company’s website. According to Local 10, police want to speak with David Knezevich, but they can’t reach him. He has not been named a suspect. Local10 reported that David Knezevich flew to Serbia, Ana’s friends believe.

A missing poster also gives her full name as Ana Maria Knezevich Henao.

According to WSVN-TV in Miami, Knezevich, a U.S. citizen, was staying in the Madrid apartment after deciding to go abroad while “going through a divorce.”

Here’s what you need to know:

A Man With a Helmet Spray Painted the Surveillance Cameras With Black Paint Before Ana Knezevich Disappeared, Reports Say

Rameau told WSVN-TV that there is evidence that a “man with a helmet spray painted the surveillance cameras outside her apartment building and inside the elevator of the building” before entering Knezevich’s apartment.

The man’s identity and motive are not clear.

Rameau also told the television station that she received odd text messages from Knezevich’s phone, saying she “met someone wonderful on the street and that they were going to a summer house two hours away and that the phone signal was spotty.”

“We received very bizarre messages from her phone, I have to say from her phone because I don’t believe it was her sending it, that Saturday afternoon after she disappeared. That she had met a man on the street,” Rameau said to the television station.

NewsNation reported that Knezevich was scheduled to meet a friend to travel next to Barcelona but never showed up.

Ana Knezevich & Her Husband David Knezevich Were Going Through a ‘Tough’ Divorce Before He Traveled to Serbia, Reports Say

Knezevich was going through a divorce from her husband of about 13 years, David Knezevich, according to Local 10, which describes them as running a “computer support business” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Ana Knezevich also worked in real estate, the television station reported.

David Knezevich is listed as the CEO of Eox Technology Solutions, Inc., a Florida IT provider.

According to Local 10, family members of Ana described the couple’s divorce as “tough” and “nasty,” culminating in her going to Spain and David going to “his native Serbia.”

NewsNation reported that friends are wondering why David is not more involved in searching for Ana. “I would say certainly think after all of this history that they spent together, that he would go looking for her,” friend Brandee Smith said to NewsNation.

According to NewsNation, family members believe David Knezevich is in Serbia.

KKTV went to the Knezevich’s Fort Lauderdale home but didn’t find anyone there. “No one answered the door Thursday at the Knezevics’ Fort Lauderdale home, where the mailbox is overflowing and the cars are covered in dirt and dust. No one answered the phone at their company, and David Knezevic did not respond to emails and a voicemail,” the story says.

Friends Say It’s Not Like Ana Knezevich to Vanish Without Communicating With Her Friends

Brandee Smith, a friend of Ana Knezevich’s, is concerned about her disappearance.

“It absolutely feels like a missing persons investigation because she would have messaged her friends, her girlfriends. This is what women do. Women message each other and tell them what’s going on,” Smith said to NewsNation.

A man posted a message on Facebook, “Hello fellow fighters. My friend Felipe’s sister Ana Maria Knezevich Henao went missing last week in Madrid, Spain. I realize this is outside of the USA but she’s a US citizen but the US government hasn’t lifted a finger to help find her. Please please help us find her! She’s a model citizen and Felipe and I are trying everything we can to help find her!”

Sanna Rameau wrote on her Facebook page, “It’s with terrible pain and devastation that I share the news that my best friend is missing from Madrid. She was last seen alive on Friday evening around her apartment alone.”

She added, “I will head to Madrid tomorrow to assist in the search. My heart is broken. Please keep her in your thoughts, and we all wish for a safe return. If you have any friends and family in Madrid, or in Spain, please share this and any information on her, please contact Madrid police .😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔”

She said she has been trying to get the media to cover the story. She said Spanish police and the U.S. Embassy in Spain are aware of Knezevich’s disappearance.

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