Andie Rosafort: Lunch Aide Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen

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Andie Rosafort is a lunch aide in Connecticut who is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy, according to an affidavit obtained by WTNH-TV.

According to public records, Rosafort is 31 and lives in New Fairfield, Connecticut. She is accused of second-degree sexual assault, enticing a minor by computer and risk of injury to a minor, according to Fox News Digital, and has entered not guilty pleas.

Here’s what you need to know:

Andie Rosafort Is Accused of Sending the Teenage Boy Naked Photos & Videos on Snapchat & Instagram

An affidavit obtained by WTNH-TV says that the former New Fairfield lunch aide was accused of sending a teenage boy nude photos and videos over Snapchat for six months.

According to the television station, the affidavit says police received the information on January 17 that “inappropriate behavior” had occurred between Rosafort and the 14-year-old student.

Rosafort is accused of having sexual intercourse with the boy.

The television station reported that the victim’s friend told a parent that their friend was sexually assaulted by a lunch worker.

According to the television station, the affidavit said the boy was at a party when he left and returned acting strange and told his friends about Rosafort. The affidavit says Rosafort “was always talking to the freshman boys on social media,” the television station reported.

The boy said that Rosafort had been talking to him on Instagram and Snapchat, according to WTNH.

She had been his lunch aide in 2022, the television station reported.

He received a message from Rosafort reading, “You want to see something” with a nude photo, the affidavit says, according to WTNH.

When he asked if she sent it by mistake, she sent another, the television reported. She sent “unsolicited nude photographs and videos of her masturbating” and attended his sports games, the television station reported, citing the affidavit.

Phone locations showed Rosafort and the victim were in the same place “when the alleged sexual assault occurred,” WTNH reported.

She had a shirtless photo of the boy on her phone, the television station reported.

Rosafort does not appear to have any active, obvious social media accounts. Her Instagram page @the_peachespaige is no longer active.

School Officials Previously Spoke to Andie Rosafort About ‘Concerns Regarding Social Media’

According to Fox News Digital, Rosafort previously met with district officials about “concerns regarding social media and maintaining appropriate boundaries and communication with students” more than a month before the accusations relating to the 14-year-old boy.

She was working part-time at the school district at the time, Fox News Digital reported.

Fox News Digital reported that Rosafort was “posting makeup videos as part of her business selling skin care products.”

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today about the concerns regarding social media and maintaining appropriate boundaries and communication with students,” New Fairfield Middle School Principal Karen Gruetzner said in an email to Rosafort that was obtained by Fox News Digital.

“As we discussed, there was a report that insinuated some images were seen and/or shared with high school students from your social media account,” it said, according to Fox.

Fox reported that officials “determined that the content was not inappropriate,” but “caution should be exercised.”

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