WATCH: Woman With Swastika Tattoo Says Black Lives ‘Don’t Matter’

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Twitter A woman who identifies herself as Angelica Rose Brecker is going viral after she was filmed during a racist tirade.

A video of a Maryland woman who identified herself as Angelica Rose Brecker is going viral after she was filmed saying “N****** don’t matter” and Black people “are not us.”

Although it is unclear when and where the video originated from, it began circulating on Twitter on the morning of October 8. The roughly 1-minute video was posted by the social media personality Dave Pal, a New Yorker who runs popular account Fifty Shades of Whey.

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In the clip, a white woman sporting ripped jeans and a black T-shirt, is seen shouting at the camera, saying, “white lives matter” and “N****** don’t matter.” It is unclear what events transpired before the recording began.

The person behind the camera, who appears to be filming from inside a car, responds by calmly asking the woman who matters.

She then becomes increasingly exasperated, claiming that Black people have “thicker skulls” and that their “babies are different.”

“Ya’ll are not us,” she says to the man, staring into the camera.

“Who matters? White power matters you say?” the man behind the camera asks.

The woman then reveals a swastika tattoo on her pelvic area and says the man tried to have sex with her. He responds, “No I didn’t” before driving away while calling her a racist.

“My name is Angelica Rose Brecker and I hate n******,” she says before the video concludes.

The tweet has since amassed over 3,000 retweets and has inspired a wave of public criticism.

The Fifty Shades of Whey account followed up with a second tweet identifying the woman’s Facebook page, sharing several of her previous posts, including drug references.

Few other details about the video, including where the incident occurred, when it took place and who the man in the video is have not been uncovered.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Facebook Account Associated With the Name Angelica Rose Brecker Boasts Several Anti-Black Sentiments

The Facebook account associated with the name Angelica Rose Brecker, which shows pictures of a woman wearing the exact same outfit, including the same neck tattoos as the woman in the video, boasts several anti-Black statements.

In a September 15 status update, Brecker, 27, referred to her cat as her “black daughter” and mocked the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I look fat but me and my black daughter black lives matter shes 5 and hood as hell she think shes grown ps i don’t do black lives matter bullshit this is sarcasim,” she wrote in a post that includes grammar mistakes and misspellings.

Brecker Has Several Arrests Listed on Her Record in Maryland State Court*F

Brecker, who lives in Dundalk, Maryland, has been arrested several times in Maryland, online state court records show. Brecker was arrested in 2014 on a trespassing charge in Baltimore County and pleaded guilty later that same year and was sentenced to probation.

Also in 2014, Brecker was arrested in Baltimore and charged with theft of $10,000 to $100,000, but the. charge was later dropped by prosecutors. Brecker was arrested on several charges in 2015, including first-degree assault, second-degree assault and trespassing, but that case was also dismissed. Brecker was arrested on a drug possession charge in 2015 and pleaded guilty and was sentenced again to probation. In 2016, Brecker was arrested on a prostitution charge in Baltimore County in a vice sting, records show.

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