Arizona Bobcat in Dog Bed Photos Go Viral

arizona bobcat in dog bed

AZ Game and Fish Dept. An Arizona bobcat in a dog bed.

An Arizona bobcat has gone viral after finding its way into a homeowner’s dog bed, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department first posted the photos of the bobcat on Twitter on March 7, 2023.

The bobcat entered the Arizona home through a dog door and injured the dog, who survived, according to an update tweeted by the department.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Bobcat Was Discovered Lounging on the Dog Bed, Officials Say

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s tweet, the bobcat was discovered lounging in the dog’s bed.

“A bobcat lounges on a dog bed in San Manuel home Mon. The homeowner, who found it upon returning from work, suspects it entered through an unlocked doggie door. The bobcat escaped before an officer arrived. Don’t handle entrapped/hurt wildlife yourself. Call 623-236-7201 ASAP,” the department wrote in its tweet.

One photo showed the bobcat with a blanket in its mouth as the animal sat in the dog bed. The March 7, 2023, tweet has had more than 188,000 views.

“Bobcats are common throughout Arizona at all elevations, especially in Sonoran desert, rimrock, and chaparral areas, and in the outskirts of urban areas where food is readily available,” according to the department’s website.

“Bobcats are generally seen alone, but groups may consist of mating pairs, siblings, or mothers with kittens. Bobcats are most active around sunset and sunrise, and it is not uncommon to find one napping under a shrub in a brushy backyard. Individual bobcats will defend a territory of one to 12 square miles.”

The Dog, Named ‘Squeakers,’ Was Injured But Survived

The Arizona Game and Fish Department posted an update on Twitter that says the injured dog is doing okay.

“Many thanks to concerned citizens & the Veterinary Specialty Center Tucson from the family of #Squeakers, who turned up injured Tues. after a bobcat entered their home Mon. through a doggy door. The family asks that you show your support on Instagram at Squeakers2023,” the Arizona Game and Fish Department tweeted.

According to CBS News, the incident occurred in San Manuel, Arizona.

There is a GoFundMe page to help pay Squeaker’s medical expenses.

The department warns that bobcats can come into conflict with people and pets.

“If you see a bobcat near your home, there is no need to panic. Bobcats rarely attack people, and most human attacks have been related to rabies,” the department wrote on its website.

“It is more likely that bobcats are attracted to your yard because it has abundant wildlife, domestic birds, small pets, water, and shade or other shelter. If you have small pets, they need to be protected from bobcats and other predators. Keep small pets indoors, in an enclosed area with a roof, or on a leash when outside (a 6-foot tall fence is not necessarily good protection as bobcats are good jumpers and climbers),” the website says.

“Domestic birds should be kept in an enclosed area with a sturdy roof, and do not spread seed that attracts other wildlife. Feeding bobcats, whether intentionally or inadvertently, can encourage them to become too comfortable around humans which may result in conflicts.”

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