Artyom ‘Artem’ Kazantsev: Graphic Photos, Video in Russian School Shooting

artem kazantsev

Russian police Artyom "Artem" Kazantsev

Artyom “Artem” Kazantsev was identified as the man who killed least 14 children in a Russian school shooting on September 26. Graphic photos and video were released by authorities showing weapons and his body lying in the school.

Be forewarned that the photos are graphic and disturbing. Alternative spellings for his name were given as 34-year-old Artyom Kazantsev and Artem Kazantsev. He had been a student at the school as a child.

He was wearing Nazi symbols during the shooting, according to CNN, which said the gunman’s name was released by Russian authorities.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. 15 People Were Killed & 24 Were Injured

The school’s security guard was among the 15 people who died in the attack, CNN reported. Altogether, 24 people were injured, many of them children.

Twenty children were injured.

russian school shooting

Russian policeInside the Russian school

According to the Washington Post, the school shooting unfolded at School No. 88 in Izhevsk, “the capital of the Udmurt Republic, a region in central Russia west of the Ural Mountains.”

According to the Post, the gunman, “clad in black pants, black jacket, the swastika T-shirt and a black balaclava,” shot the security guard to get into the school and then gunned down children as young as 7. One boy in the seventh grade jumped from a third-story window during the attack, the Post reported.

2. The Killer Wrote That ‘Hatred’ Inspired His Attack, Reports Say

Kazantsev reportedly left a trail of writings before the attack that read, in part, “As the only reason for what happened I ask you to indicate hatred. What happened is not a terrorist attack (however, I don’t really care how it will be classified.)”

He added, “The biggest desire to kill people was caused by the game Allods Online (please forbid it)… This is not a conspiracy of the special services (although the president gave me all the money for weapons.) To buy weapons illegally, in my opinion, is even easier than legally, but a little more expensive (however those who go one way, such a nuance will not stop.)”

The rant continued:

I have a one-way ticket (and even the possibility that I will be taken alive does not stop me.) This day will be the best in my ‘life.’ (I’m finally going to die). I understand perfectly well what will happen next in the media, etc. (they’ll stink for a week and forget). I already foresee all your stupid comments, you’ll stink for a week and forget. (I have exactly the same opinion about you and wish you the same.)

3. The Gunman’s Pistols Contained References to the Columbine Killers

Russian policeRussian school shooter

According to the Washington Post, the killers’ pistols contained the words “Columbine, Dylan and Eric,” referring to the Columbine school shooting of 1999.

He also brought ammunition magazines into the school.

The word “hatred” was scrawled on them in red paint, The Post reported.

“President Putin deeply mourns the deaths of people, children, at a school where there was a terrorist attack by a person, who apparently belongs to a neo-fascist group,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, according to Al Jazeera.

4. Photos Show the Inside of the Gunman’s Apartment as Well as His Body Inside the School

Graphic photos emerged of the gunman’s body in the school and also of his apartment.

Kazantsev took his own life in the school, Reuters reported.

According to Al Jazeera, the gunman used “two non-lethal handguns adapted to fire real bullets. The guns were not registered with the authorities.”

5. Kazantsev Was a Former Student at the School Who Was Undergoing Psychological Treatment

Russian policeThe shooter’s body in the school.

Kazantsev, 34, was a former student at the same school, The Washington Post reported.

He was “registered with a psycho-neurological clinic,” the Post reported.

The Post noted that Russia has seen a “spate of violence” since President Vladimir Putin declared “a partial military mobilization,” including the shooting of a military enlistment office chief in Siberia.

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