Atlanta Airport Active Shooter Reports Are False [VIDEO]


The Atlanta Airport says that active shooter reports that caused widespread panic there are false, although there was an “accidental discharge.” You can see video of the panic throughout this article.

“There is not an active shooter. There was an accidental discharge at the Airport. There is no danger to passengers or employees. An investigation is ongoing, more information will be published on this channel,” the airport wrote.

A woman responded on the comment thread, “What you mean accidental discharge. Tsa told everyone to stop and to get on the ground and tsa started to yelling he’s got a gun?” Another person wrote, “How do you explain the 3 pops we heard???”

Sometimes active shooter reports turn out to be false panics or reports, and that was the case in Georgia on November 20, the airport said. But it caused a widespread panic as word of a possible active shooter spread quickly on social media. People on social media revealed they were stuck on planes, evacuated, running, and so forth; we are working to get more information from authorities.

Video showed things knocked over at the airport. “Stuck on a plane in ATL because of an active shooting at the airport. Hope everyone is safePleading face #activeshooting #atl #atlantaairport #BeSafe,” a woman wrote on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Active Shooter Reports Terrified Many People at the Airport, as People Boarded a Plane & ‘Started to Scream’

The reports on Twitter were frightening.

“I’m at the Atlanta Airport just boarded my flight to New York and we had to close our doors because of an alleged active shooter in the terminal. @Delta is managing this as professional as always. We are hearing sirens but can’t verify anything. Will keep you up tp date. Pray!” wrote one person. She added: “We are still waiting to confirm story. Our doors have closed. @Delta is doing everything possible to calm people down. Some were boarding and started to scream.”

“Was walking towards security in Atlanta airport when folks told me to stop walking. Unconfirmed reports of active shooter. 50-60 gathered at my end of airport. Was calm for 5 mins, then everyone started running and screaming. Took train one stop north. Haven’t received info. #ATL,” a man wrote.

“Praying for everyone at the Atlanta airport right now. Was sitting in my car trying to get out of the baggage claim area as a shooting was going on in the inside. I saw hundreds of people running and screaming,” a woman wrote on Twitter.

“There is an active shooter at Atlanta airport. Please be safe everyone,” another person wrote.

People Described People ‘Rushing’ as False Active Shooter Reports Spread

The reports broke out on social media around 1:30 p.m. on November 20, 2021, eastern time.

“I’m at the Atlanta airport. I was waiting for tram below the escalators after security. There was yelling and people rushing down the escalator from the security area. Then rumors of an active shooter. Train came, we all got on. That’s what I know. Terminal is peaceful,” another person wrote.

“My friend just called me she is in Atlanta airport scared there is an active shooter,” a woman wrote on Twitter.

Another woman wrote: “The one time I’m at the airport going to pick up my grandma’s. THERES A F***ING ACTIVE SHOOTER. if you are at the Atlanta Airport hart-field jackson PLEASE BE CAREFUL!”


Stay away from Atlanta airport

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An author wrote, “I was evacuated from the Atlanta airport a few minutes ago because of an apparent active shooter situation. I’m in no danger but don’t really have any more information. Hope no one is hurt.”

A woman wrote, “Landed at atlanta airport and immediately heard screams of active shoot upon deplaning. Everyone was running through the terminal and we’re on tarmac now. Shooter rumor is NOT CONFIRMED but we have not received any information this far.”

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