WATCH: ‘Brainwashed’ Song by Tom MacDonald Hits Internet

brainwashed song tom macdonald

Twitter/Tom MacDonald Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald is an independent Canadian rapper whose new song “Brainwashed” and music video just hit the internet.

MacDonald wrote on Twitter, “GUYS! The new video ‘Brainwashed’ is at 500k views & #1 in iTunes Hip-Hop already!!! We’re #5 in all genres but we can DEFINITELY hit #1 if we keep downloading!!!”

According to HipHop24x7, MacDonald has been releasing new singles each month, most recently “Withdrawals.” He produced “Brainwashed,” which is a song that hits on hot-button topics like politics and the media, accusing the media and others of brainwashing the public.

“Dude just summarized almost everything that’s wrong with American society right now…in a single track. Like him or not, ya gotta admit it’s impressive,” one fan commented on the YouTube video for the song. “It’s like every song after his last is his best until the next banger. He just keeps topping himself. Every word of this is fire,” wrote another.

Here’s what you need to know:

MacDonald Asked the Internet to ‘Blow This Up’

MacDonald has tweeted about the song. “Y’ALL SEE ‘BRAINWASHED’? The internet mad at the truth again. BLOW THIS UP,” he wrote on Twitter, sharing a link to the YouTube video:

He also tweeted, “So, WHO SAW THE NEW VIDEO ‘Brainwashed’?! What y’all think?!”

The new song includes a call for unity with the lyrics, “Not every Liberal is dumb, not all Republicans are racist. The government wants everybody fighting with their neighbors. ‘Cause they know that if we get along, we’ll probably go against ’em.”

Fans Filled MacDonald’s Twitter Thread With Positive Comments

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On his Twitter comment thread, fans shared their reactions, and they were generally positive, with people saying that the lyrics fit the demands of the times. Here are some of them:

“The most truth I have ever heard come out if someone’s mouth Dogg! I had this on repeat ALL DAY at work and showed it to some and they started listening to you for the 1st time! Very proud of the work you are doing my guy! Love it, you and Nova are a power couple for sure! #HOG.”

“I’m a 61 year old woman who always hated rap. Never listened to it and yet here I am, watching your older videos and always anxiously waiting for the next new one to drop. Love it! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

“The sheep are hopeless at this point. We’ve had so many opportunities to come together, nothing is working.”

“Another great message. Keep them coming. Also enjoyed yr Canadian horror story telling video. My son n I would watch yr videos together, he would have loved yr new one.”

“Tom, you’re like that fire and brimstone preacher, the sermon might hurt but you’re bringing tough love and facts!”

“Just as real as everything else you spit. How can so many of us get it but so many more CHOSE not to get it. They rather be stubborn than say what is going on is wrong. Everyone knows all this shit is wrong, so speak up, everyone!! Be consistent, both sides, it might get better.”

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