How to Buy Anderson Silva Fight Tonight

Getty Images Anderson Silva.

Buy Silva vs Chavez Jr

MMA legend Anderson Silva shifts from the octagon to the boxing ring as he takes on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. live on pay-per-view from Mexico on Saturday.

The PPV fight card (in order: Omar Chavez vs Ramon Alvarez, Chavez Jr vs Silva, Chavez Sr vs Hector Camacho Jr) starts at 9 p.m. ET and can be purchased and watched via Fite PPV.

You may be able to order the PPV through your cable provider, but if you don’t have cable or you want to watch the fights on your computer, phone, Roku, Firestick, Apple TV or other streaming device, you’ll need to buy it through FITE. The PPV costs $39.99.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy and watch Chavez Jr vs Silva and all the fights on Saturday night:

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How to Buy Chavez Jr vs Silva Fight

Note: You need to sign up for a FITE account (it’s free) before you purchase the PPV, and you can only sign up for FITE through their app on your phone or other streaming device (and not on your computer)

  1. 1) Go here to buy the PPV
  2. 2) Select “Buy $39.99”
  3. 3) Sign in with your FITE account credentials
  4. 3b) If you don’t already have a FITE account, download the FITE app on your phone or streaming device and sign up for free
  5. 4) Enter your payment information to purchase the PPV
  6. 5) You can then watch the fights on the FITE website or FITE app

How to Watch Chavez Jr vs Silva

Once you’re signed up for FITE and have ordered the PPV, you can watch Chavez vs Silva and all of the fights on the card via the FITE app on any of the following devices:

Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick
Roku or Roku TV
Apple TV
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Android TV
iPhone or iPad
Android phone or tablet

You can also cast the fight to select smart TV’s through the app on your phone, or you can watch on your computer via the Fite website.

More information and all of FITE’s compatible streaming devices can be found here.

Chavez Jr vs Silva Preview

Anderson Silva is hoping that putting on some boxing gloves can get him back in the win column after a tough run in the UFC. Silva will be taking on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., a polarizing figure in the sport of boxing who rarely goes by the book

Silva once went unbeaten over a six-year span in the sport but has won just one of his last nine fights in the UFC. Will boxing be different?

“Everything is connected — entertaining the people, winning the fight and showing my respect for boxing,” Silva said, per CBS Sports. “As of right now, I’m just going to try to do my best. I don’t need to prove anything to anybody. I’m an athlete and I train to win and anything is possible. I accepted this challenge but I don’t like to do anything that would disrespect the boxing community. I’m trying to do something special in the ring on Saturday for my fans.

“Listen, everything is possible in this sport right now in terms of entertainment. I don’t know if I will fight boxing again very soon or if I will fight in jiu-jitsu. But I am looking to do my best on both sides.”

Chavez Jr., the son of the legendary Mexican boxer, missed weight on Friday and will have to forfeit $100,000 of his purse to Silva.

Chavez has lost three of his last five fights and comes in with a 52-5-1 with one no-contest. He has missed weight multiple other times in his career, including before a bout against Daniel Jacobs where he had to forfeit $1 million.

Silva was not happy about Chavez Jr. missing the mark, hinting at a feeling of disrespect.

“I made my weight and I’m very professional,” Silva said. “My work with my team for six months was to respect the boxing here in Mexico.

“I think different situations happen for different fighters, but when you don’t make the weight, you prove you don’t respect the people and the promoters and everybody. But this happened.”

Chavez Jr. is the younger fighter and comes in as a significant -550 favorite. He has respect for Silva but feels like he’s going to come out victorious because of his experience and skill in the ring.

“He is quite a good athlete, you know, and he know what he’s doing. He’s not a great boxer but he know boxing,” Chavez Jr. said. “So, he’ll try to pressure me, put his weight, and throw hard punches, but I think I am too skilled for him. So, I’m expecting a hard fight for the first 3 or 4 rounds, but after that, I think the UFC fighters don’t have the [capacity] for making a disciplined fight.”

Full Card
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Anderson Silva, cruiserweights
Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. vs. Hector Camacho Jr., exhibition fight
Omar Chavez vs. Ramon Alvarez III, middleweights
Damian Sosa vs. Abel Mina, junior middleweight title fight
Johan Alvarez vs. Erick Hernandez

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