WATCH: California Apple Store Video of Palo Alto Robbery Goes Viral

california apple store robbery video

Instagram California Apple store robbery video

A video showing a brazen robbery inside a Palo Alto, California, Apple store has gone viral.

One share of the video on Twitter has had more than 2 million views. The video shows thieves making off with merchandise as people just stand there and watch.

According to Palo Alto Online, the thieves made away with $35,000 from the downtown store on November 25, 2022, during Black Friday shopping. The robbery occurred at 4:17 p.m., the site reported, and iPhones and laptops were stolen. The site reported that one of the robbers made a threat of violence.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Should We Stop Them?’ One Person Asks in the Viral Video

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The video shows the thieves, with masks over their faces, going through the Apple store and shoving merchandise into bags. “Should we stop them?” one person asks in the video, but it doesn’t appear that anyone tries to do so.

The Instagram page @ppv_tahoe shared the video and wrote, “Thieves hit Apple store in Palo Alto on Black Friday. Two people walked into the Apple store on University Ave on Black Friday and began stealing i-pads & phones. All of this occurred as dozens of people watched.”

The site quoted a witness as saying: “police arrived about 20 seconds later. The two suspects ran into an alley way next to the parking garage and cops barricaded it. I was there for 30 min after and they didn’nt end up finding them.”

Police have made no arrests in the Palo Alto robbery, according to Palo Alto Online. The video shows two masked men. No one was injured in the heist, according to Fox5.

According to the San Francisco Standard, “The suspects fled in a red Mazda 3 hatchback, and were last seen by a security guard traveling northbound on Highway 101.”

People weighed in on the Instagram comment thread: “As long as they tolerate it, it will keep happening,” wrote one. “All those ‘men’ in the store. Just make a barricade and don’t let them pass. We are all paying for this nonsense with our hard earned money,” wrote another. “To all the people saying “the display phones won’t work!” The criminals do not care. They are still going to sell these to some naive teenager and won’t tell them they’ll stolen display phones,” another added.

Other Robbery Videos Have Also Gone Viral

The California video is part of a string of robbery videos going viral throughout the country.

The same site @ppv_tahoe also shared a video of an AutoZone store in Detroit, Michigan. “Thief inside Autozone in Southwest Detroit Michigan,” the page wrote with that unrelated video. “He returns on a regular basis and does it over again. The employee says he is tired of it,” the caption states. Detroit Police and AutoZone haven’t commented on the video.

In another unrelated incident, a man in Manhattan was robbed of $95,000 worth of iPhones outside of an Apple Store, according to Apple Online.

The man had just purchased 300 iPhones, according to the site, which said the man was purchasing the iPhones to resell them through his small business when he was robbed.

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