Cat Fakes Limp for Sympathy in Funny Viral TikTok Video [WATCH]

cat fakes limp for sympathy viral video

TikTok/ Watch as a cat fakes a limp for sympathy and then switches the "hurt" paw in a viral TikTok video.

A video of a cat faking a limp to get sympathy from his owner went viral on TikTok. The video of Edward pretending to limp while on a counter in front of Lauren, a 22-year-old Kentucky resident, has more than 10 million views on the @hotclownwing account.

The video shows the mischievous cat quickly forgetting about the limp to stretch and get attention, switching to lift up his other paw instead of the “hurt” one. The funny video was posted on August 29, 2021. Edward and his owner now have more than 36,000 fans on TikTok after the video caught the attention of social media in September 2021. Lauren captioned the video, “He’s a drama queen 😭😭 #catsoftiktok #orangecat #dramaqueen.”

You can watch the video below:

Edward’s Owner Says the Cat Is OK & ‘Just Didn’t Get Attention All Day!!’

The video shows Edward sitting on a counter with his left paw raised in the air with the words “Watch my cat fake a limp and then switch paws” written above him. As Lauren talks to the cat, saying, “Not this again, honey,” Edward hops on one leg to get pets and attention.

Edward then gets back onto both paws and stretches. When he returns to get more attention, he suddenly lifts up his other leg, raising his left paw. As Lauren is petting Edward, the laughing owner says, “Oh my God! You just switched paws.”

Edward’s owner, Lauren, said in the comments on the video that “he’s OK” and said the 3-year-old cat is not declawed and recently received a “clean bill of health from the vet.” Lauren said Edward, “Just didn’t get attention all day!!”

On Reddit, commenters shared stories of pets pulling similar tricks. One Reddit user wrote, “My female dog used to do that because she once limped and my dad gave her a treat to ‘feel better.’ She tried it once more a few weeks later, it worked and boom. We got a dog limping for treats.”

Another wrote, “My cat does this. He’ll walk right up to the edge of my vision, pick up a paw, then hobble past me, and as soon as he thinks I can’t see him he goes back to walking normally 😹”

Edward & His Sister, Franny, Were Rescued From Outside of a Waffle House

Lauren revealed in another TikTok video that Edward is one of two sibling cats that the recent University of Kentucky graduate owns. Lauren showed off both of the cats in a “cat tour” video. Franny, whose full name Franny Butter, is gray with white splotches and is “chunky,” Lauren said. Edward, Franny’s biological brother, whose full name is Edward Pickles, is also “chunky.”

Lauren said Edward and Franny were found together outside of a Waffle House. Lauren often posts videos of the cats, including a recent video of Edward pulling plastic bags out of a kitchen cabinet. Lauren wrote in the caption, “He would leave me for a plast ic bag if he could.”

In another video, Lauren and Edward thanked their new fans. Lauren wrote in the caption of the video of Edward, “Thank you from the most affectionate cat on earth!”

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