Cecil Gilbert: Man Accused of IU Bloomington Hostage Claims

cecil gilbert

Mugshot Cecil Gilbert

Cecil Gilbert is the suspect accused in the IU Bloomington hostage claims and standoff at the Biddle Hotel in Indiana.

That’s located in the Indiana Memorial Union on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington, Indiana. The standoff took place on January 3, 2022. According to an email from Captain Ryan Pedigo of the Bloomington Police Department, Gilbert’s claims were false. “He did not have a hostage and no weapon was located inside the room once he was taken into custody,” Pedigo told Heavy.

However, the incident caused quite a scare on campus. According to VINE Link, Cecil Lamar Gilbert, 58, is in the custody of the Monroe County Jail in Indiana.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gilbert Is Accused of Saying He Was Armed With an AK-47 Rifle & Claimed to Be Holding a Family Member Hostage, Both False Claims

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The Bloomington Police Department wrote in a statement emailed to Heavy: “BPD has received several inquiries about our involvement in the situation on the Indiana University campus last night. Below is a summary of BPD’s involvement.”

On 1/3/2022 at approximately 9:00 p.m., the Indiana University Police Department contacted the Bloomington Police Department and requested that the BPD Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) respond to the Indiana Memorial Union. IUPD stated that a man had barricaded himself inside an unsecured guest room at the Memorial Union and was claiming to have family held hostage inside the room. Further, the man had reportedly advised officers that he was armed with an AK-47 rifle.

BPD’s CIRT did respond to the scene along with the BPD Hostage Negotiation Team. Negotiators were able to eventually make verbal contact with the man, but the man refused to exit the room. He again advised officers that he was armed with an ‘automatic weapon’ and continued to make threats about using the weapon. Non-lethal techniques were eventually utilized at approximately 1:36 a.m. and the man then exited the room and was taken into custody without injury. The scene was secured and turned over to custody of the IUPD. CIRT members cleared from the scene with no further involvement. All questions about criminal charges should be directed to the Indiana University Police Department.

The police did not reveal whether there was actually a hostage. According to the Herald-Times, Gilbert’s most recent address is the Shalom Center, and he is facing preliminary charges of resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass and presenting false ID. The Shalom Center is a day center that provides meals and other resources.

The Biddle Hotel’s website describes it this way: “No matter what brings you to Bloomington, the Indiana Memorial Union’s Biddle Hotel and Conference Center is the perfect place to stay during your visit. As a guest here, you’ll enjoy upscale accommodations and first-rate amenities in the heart of the Indiana University campus—and you’ll be steps away from some of Bloomington’s best dining, shopping, arts and entertainment, and nightlife.”

Campus Police Said Gilbert ‘Barricaded Himself in the IMU Hotel’

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The Indiana University Police Department wrote a string of tweets the evening of the standoff:

“IUB FINAL update: The situation at the IMU has ended without injury. Subject is now in police custody. Police remain on the scene to complete the investigation.”

“Subject is contained in an IMU hotel room. Continue to stay away from the area. Further updates will be shared on IU social media as needed.”

“A subject has barricaded himself in the IMU hotel. Police are talking with the individual. Stay away from the area. Follow official instructions.”

“A dangerous situation continues at Indiana Memorial Union. Police are at the IMU. Stay away from the area. Follow official instructions.”

“IU Bloomington Alert! A dangerous situation is occurring near the Indiana Memorial Union. Stay away from the area. Update to follow. Call 911 with any info.”

Heavy has contacted the campus police for more information as well.

Gilbert Has a Criminal History

According to the Herald-Times, Gilbert has a criminal history that includes a 2020 resisting police conviction and dismissed charges for residential entry and battery with injury that same year.

He is due in court on January 6, 2020, in a felony battery with deadly weapon case from June 2021, the newspaper reported.

“He is accused of beating a man and woman with an aluminum baseball bat,” the Herald-Times reported.

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