Chuck Clark Not Dead: ‘RIP Chuck’ Trend Isn’t the Ravens Player

chuck clark dead

Getty Chuck Clark is not dead.

Former Baltimore Ravens player Chuck Clark is not dead, despite a viral Twitter trend, “RIP Chuck,” where many social media users have paid tribute to the football star. The player was confused with a fan who used the name Chuck on social media under the handle @PurpleReignEra.

Ravens Nation Live tweeted about the fan’s death on May 20, 2023, tweeting a picture of the fan’s Twitter avatar, and writing, “An icon. RIP Chuck. Mental health is real. Prayers for his family tonight.”

Chuck Clark, the former Ravens player, tweeted about the confusion on May 21, writing, “What’s up everybody I woke up this morning to some misunderstanding that I passed away last night..the words Chuck, Baltimore, purple and ravens lead a bunch of people my way.. I am here to clear up that it was not me and that we can’t run with everything on social media.”

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Clark, a safety, joined the Baltimore Ravens in 2017 after being drafted out of Virginia Tech, according to his biography on the NFL website. He was traded to the New York Jets in March 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Fan Page Using the Name ‘Chuck’ Tweeted, ‘This Will Be My Last Tweet From Me’

A Twitter page called @PurpleReignEra, in the name of “Chuck,” tweeted, “Sorry gang. I hope the Ravens do well but this will be my last tweet from me. Thanks for all the debates and laughs lol.”

That tweet has had more than 14 million views. However, @PurpleReignEra is a fan account; Clark’s Twitter account is @ChuckC36.

Many people commented in the Twitter thread. “I didn’t know you, I didn’t find out your name until it was too late. My heart breaks for you and your family. I know the pain, the places your mind goes when you’re overwhelmed and you want it end. Sometimes it takes all you have to hang on, and sometimes everything you have isn’t enough. Rest in peace now Chuck,” wrote one.

“It’s so important that we value how we speak to people on the internet. This guy gave his testament on Instagram before he took his life. One of the things he said was how someone judged him off his clothes. We sit around and talk about people, making personal attacks on here not thinking how that can impact someone’s thought process when they aren’t feeling good about life,” wrote another.

Chuck Clark Wrote, ‘My Thoughts & Prayers Go Out to the Guy’

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Clark also wrote on Twitter, “My thoughts and prayers go out to the guy and his family. Also for anyone else who may come in contact with this post and needs help to know that the life crisis line is 988 and you are not alone!”

The full name of Chuck from @PurpleReignEra is not clear; according to Sports Tiger, he was on Instagram using the handle @hotboychuckie. That user did post an Instagram story in which he wrote, “anyways this my last post fr. Don’t be sad. I had a fun life like nah fr. lol I kno I lived a great life. Bye y’all.” It could not be confirmed that man died of suicide, however. He indicated on Instagram that he was a barber.

“Not recommending watching his IG story but it was heartbreaking hearing him talk about someone trashing him (on here or IG idk) and how much it hurt him. Sick to think about how cruel we as people can be and how much it can mess with someone’s mental. Rest peacefully Chuck,” a person tweeted.

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