Phil Mattingly, CNN’s ‘Map Guy’ with Chris Cuomo, Is Married

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The journalists overseeing the voting maps on live TV have become particularly popular on social media ever since Tuesday night’s election. While the MSNBC journalist, Steve Kornacki, has headlined quite a few social media posts, and so has John King of CNN, Phil Mattingly of CNN has also garnered a lot of attention. He and King rotate map analysis, and Mattingly’s banter with Chris Cuomo has been something many viewers have enjoyed watching. As Mattingly’s popularity has grown, so have questions about his personal life. Is Mattingly married? Does he have children?

Mattingly Is Happily Married

Phil Mattingly is happily married to wife Chelsea Carter. They got engaged in 2011 back when he worked for Bloomberg and were married in December 2011, according to The Knot.

Mattingly is a congressional correspondent for CNN based in Washington, D.C. Most recently, he has become affectionately known as the “map guy” who works opposite of Chris Cuomo during many live election broadcasts on CNN.

According to his CNN bio, he’s a lead political reporter in Washington, D.C., often covering Capitol Hill spending, Obamacare, the tax system, and had an exclusive interview with Paul Ryan on the GOP tax bill. He’s been with CNN since December 2015, where he started from New York covering Chris Christie, John Kasich, and President Donald Trump. He worked with Bloomberg Television before joining CNN.

Mattingly sometimes tweets about his wife. He commented on one tweet in April and wrote, “This made my wife so happy.” People were commenting on the books in the background of one of his online reports, and he said the books belonged to his wife.

He joked last December that his wife knew that OSU was doing poorly in a football game because he kept setting off the motion alert on the Nest camera in the baby’s room from doing laundry.

He Called His Wife a ‘Badass’ for Caring for 3 Children Under 5 & Keeping the Family Afloat

In March, he said his wife was a badass who was singlehandedly caring for three children under the age of five.

Mattingly is in his mid-30s and told Men’s Health that in 2016, he was sometimes on the road 20-plus days out of every month. He vowed to get back in shape after the election when his mom called and told him he looked terrible on TV. He said his wife is especially happy that he’s not so grumpy now that he takes better care of himself. He told Men’s Health that his workout routine includes waking up at 4 a.m., going to the gym, making breakfast for his two young boys and taking care of his newborn daughter for a bit before going to work.

Since people have been glued to their televisions and mobile devices watching voting results, Mattingly’s become even better known.

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People have been sharing screenshots about Cuomo and Mattingly.

One person had a survey asking people who their favorite “map guy” was.

Others joked that they are falling in love with Mattingly.

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