Corsicana Mass Shooting Victims in Texas: Family Photos, Names

corsicana shooting victims

Facebook Corsicana shooting victims Connie Mimms (l), Bill Mimms (top r) and Joshua Milazzo.

These are the four deceased victims in the Corsicana mass shooting in Texas. Kevin Milazzo is a Corsicana, Texas, man who police say shot multiple members of his own family, wounding three and killing four of them.

In a February 5, 2022, press release, Corsicana Police Chief Robert J. Johnson wrote that, at 12:06 a.m. that day, the Corsicana Police Department received a 911 call reporting that a “known suspect had killed his (suspect’s) family members.”

Milazzo later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, police say. He had a lengthy criminal history, which you can read more about here.

Below you will find names of each deceased victim, including photos when available. Police have not released the names of the wounded victims.

William (Bill) Mimms

William Mimms

FacebookWilliam Mimms

William Mimms, 68, was Milazzo’s stepfather. According to his wife’s Facebook page, he was married to Milazzo’s mother, Connie Mimms, for more than 38 years.

Upon arrival at the first residence, officers “located an adult male and adult female, deceased in their residence in the 2900 block of W. 2nd Avenue. Both subjects had suffered gunshot wounds. A search of the residence revealed two additional gunshot,” victims, who were taken to the hospital, police wrote. CBS Dallas wrote that these deceased victims were William and Connie Mimms, the mother and stepfather of Milazzo.

“They’re just really good people. They didn’t deserve for this to happen to them,” neighbor, Kim Felix, told Local12.

Felix told the Corsicana Daily Sun that the Mimms had a son who moved back in with them recently due to mental health struggles.

“The father just rode his lawnmower over here and brought us homemade cookies the other day,” she said. “They were really good people.”

Connie Mimms

kevin milazzo

FacebookKevin Milazzo with his mother

Connie Mimms, 61, was Milazzo’s mother.

On her Facebook page, Connie Mimms wrote that she went to Navarro College, lived in Corsicana, and was from Dallas, Texas. She filled her Facebook page with family photos, including on Christmas, and with graphics about politics and religion. In 2021, she wrote, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BILL MIMMS 38 YEARS.. HEY YR TO OLD FOR ME LOL..NAH LOVE 💘 U.”

In December 2020, Connie Mimms wrote on Facebook, “Please pray for all of us!!! Especially Kevin..he is in bad place.” A friend asked, “What is wrong with him, Connie?” She replied, “Satan.” To another friend, she responded, “on antibiotics. Kevin needs God … Satan torments him.”

In 2014, she wrote, “33 years ago I gave birth to my only son Kevin. It’s been a ride to remember. Some up some down but I wouldn’t give u up for nothin.”

In one post, Connie Mimms wrote that her son, Kevin, had made her brisket and loved her. “I love when I wake up and see sunshine. Truly a gift from God,” she wrote in 2020.

Joshua Milazzo

joshua milazzo

FacebookJoshua Milazzo

Joshua Milazzo, 21, was Kevin Milazzo’s son.

The Navarro County Sheriff’s Department responded to a second location near the intersection of Garrity and Stroud Streets in Frost, Texas, police wrote.

There, they found the bodies of an adult male and a child, who both died from “fatal gunshot wounds.” CBS Dallas reported that these victims were Joshua Milazzo and Freeman.

A third adult female was also found “with multiple gunshot wounds” and was taken to a Dallas area trauma center. Her condition is unknown.

A man wrote on the comment thread of the police news release post, “I knew one of the victims out of all these people I went to school with him very great friend of mine very angry and sad at the same time we’ll see each other again someday my friend Joshua Milazzo.”

Connie Mimms wrote on Facebook in 2019, “To the most awesome grandson Joshua Milazzo, He is 19 today. Happy Birthday !. U make me proud. Ur heart is soft, ur love for God is awesome. I love u.”

Hunter Freeman

Hunter Freeman, 4, was the son of Milazzo’s former girlfriend. A picture of Hunter could not immediately be found.

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