Daniel Kotzin, Jennifer Sey’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty/Instagram Chief Product Officer, Levi's Karyn HIllman and CMO, Levi's Jennifer Sey attend the Levi's Times Square Store Opening on November 15, 2018 in New York City./Daniel Kotzin, Jennifer Sey's husband.

Daniel Kotzin is the husband of Jennifer Sey, the former Levi’s president who stepped down to speak publicly about her controversial COVID-19 opinions. Sey is a former U.S. national champion gymnast and mother of four.

Sey wrote a lengthy post about her resignation, which she shared on social media. The post was retweeted by her husband. Sey wrote about her time competing in Moscow at the 1986 Goodwill Games and said that becoming president of Levi’s was her dream. She wrote that as a mother of four, she felt free to advocate politically for her children in the time spanning her two decades at Levi’s until the coronavirus pandemic. Then, she said, she was attacked online and others in the company asked her to be careful about what she posted online. She was ultimately offered a $1 million severance package, but asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement, she said. Sey wrote that she turned down the money.

“…today I’m trading in my job at Levi’s. In return, I get to keep my voice,” her article concluded.

Like Sey, Kotzin has been vocal on social media about coronavirus restrictions. Unlike his wife, he did not hold a high-level corporate position.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kotzin Is a Stay-at-Home Dad & Says He Is Not a COVID Denier But a ‘Lockdown Denier’

Kotzin describes himself as a stay-at-home dad on his Twitter account.

“Stay-at-home dad. Human rights advocate. My freedom protects you; your freedom protects me,” his Twitter bio says.

Kotzin pinned a tweet at the top of his page saying he does not deny the coronavirus, but stands against lockdowns.

The tweet says:

I am not a Covid denier. I am a lockdown denier.

I deny the right of the government to lock down healthy people.

I deny curfews, and travel bans, and business closures. I deny shuttered churches.

I deny dying alone. I deny cruelty to children. I deny forced family separation.

2. Kotzin Is Against the COVID-19 Vaccine & Says His Young Children Will Not Be Vaccinated

Kotzin wrote on Twitter Monday, February 14, 2022, the day his wife announced his resignation, that his young children will not be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“I have 2 children under the age of 12. They will be vaccinated against covid over my dead body. Retweet if you support my decision,” his tweet said.

The tweet had more than 460 retweets within 30 minutes, and nearly 1,000 likes.

Kotzin regularly shares photos of his children on his Instagram page, including bike rides, trips, sports and fun outside. He shared a photo of himself holding his two children on his back on Father’s Day in 2020.

“Father’s Day Ride,” he captioned the photo.

3. Kotzin Has Also Posted About Keeping Schools Open on Social Media

Kotzin shared a photo on his Instagram account of a young child holding a sign that says “We are not the spreaders.”

Kotzin captioned the photo, “Open schools now.”

He posted the image on December 8, 2020.

He posted about the coronavirus vaccine on Twitter February 13, 2022, writing, “2021 was the year of the vaccine. 2022 will be the year of vaccine remorse.”

4. Kotzin Is Sey’s Second Husband & They Were Married September 25, 2017

Kotzin and Sey were married September 25, 2017, he wrote on his Instagram account. He shared a photo of his wedding ensemble as he received the finishing touches before he walked to the altar.

“Last minutes as a bachelor!” he captioned the photo.

Sey wrote that she had been divorced and had two children from her first marriage, and two children after her divorce.

“Over my two decades at Levi’s, I got married. I had two kids. I got divorced. I had two more kids. I got married again,” Sey wrote in the post about her resignation from Levi’s. “The company has been the most consistent thing in my life. And, until recently, I have always felt encouraged to bring my full self to work—including my political advocacy.”

5. Sey Wrote in Her Statement That She Was Ridiculed Online for Her Husband’s Political Views

Sey wrote in the post about her resignation that she was also criticized for the political views Kotzin shared on social media.

“They also castigated me for my husband’s Covid views—as if I, as his wife, were responsible for the things he said on social media,” Sey wrote.

Kotzin posted often about the vaccine for young children after its development was announced. On February 9, 2022, he shared a video and warned parents about the vaccine.

“The U.S. government has already purchased over 50 million doses of Pfizer’s as-yet-unauthorized covid vaccine injections for very small children,” he wrote. “American parents get ready — they are coming for your babies.”

Kotzin had 28,400 followers on Twitter February 14, 2022, and 131 followers on Instagram.

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