Denver Pride Hub Active Shooter Reports Are False Alarm


Reports of an active shooter at the Denver Pride hub spread wildly on social media, but they ended up being a false alarm.

“PSA: the security incident at the Center on Colfax Pride Hub has been resolved, no arrests were made, and no one was injured. (Long story short: protesting does not give you the right to damage property.) Thank you to our security team for their quick response,” wrote The Center On Colfax + Denver Pride on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Center Says There Were ‘No Gunshots’

Panic spread as people initially thought there was a shooting or active shooting. “security incident.? weren’t people hearing gunshots??” someone wrote on the comment thread of the Center’s tweet.

The Center responded, “No, there were no gunshots, and no gun.”

The Center has not provided further details.

Mikayla Ortega, desk editor with the Denver Channel, wrote on Twitter, “No active shooter at #DenverPride per DPD. Police investigating if this this may be deliberate to cause fear. As of now no shots fires, no active shooter. @DenverChannel.”

That didn’t stop social media reports about a possible shooting that didn’t actually occur. “we literally pulled up to Denver Pride as someone yelled shooter and they all ran. im f***ing shaking, i cant believe the world we live in,” a woman wrote on Twitter.

The Center Is a ‘Safe, Brave Space’ for Colorado’s LGBTQ+ Community

That page describes the center as “A safe, brave space for Colorado’s diverse LGBTQ+ community to find empowerment & enrichment. At The Center, you’ll be affirmed & accepted, heard & understood.”

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