Destiny Benedict Now: Where Is the Cam Girl Today?

destiny benedict

Netflix/Twitter Destiny Benedict now. Where is she today?

Destiny Benedict is a cam model and sex worker who is interviewed in the new Netflix documentary series, “The Most Hated Man on the Internet.”

The series tells the story of Hunter Moore, who created a “revenge porn” website called “Is Anyone Up.” The website was eventually purchased by an anti-bullying activist who rerouted it to a page against bullying. Moore was indicted on hacking crimes, and he served time in prison. Today, he lives in Miami, Florida.

Benedict’s story of what happened when she met Moore has gotten a lot of attention. Be forewarned that it’s very graphic.

Where is Benedict today? What is she doing now?

Here’s what you need to know:

Benedict’s Twitter Page Says She Does Sex Work & Feels ‘Empowered & Free’

Benedict creates adult content to share online today. She is also on Twitter. She now goes by the name “Destiny Brat” as well. She has written about the Netflix series on that page. In one tweet, she wrote, “To clear up the many questions about the kind of phone ‘butt hole girl’ used. It was an og Galaxy S. ❤️ .”

“The bhg from the most hated man on the internet Netflix docuseries ✨poly/pan/enby 🌈neurodivergent s’work positive 18+➡️@destinybxxx,” her profile reads. The Twitter page links to a second very sexually graphic Twitter page that includes porn.

On that page, she explains, “Guys, I did webcamming before I ever was on IAU. I was a sex worker BEFOREHAND. Your comments don’t make sense. y’all are coming on here acting confused & shocked that I do sex work still? Of course. I feel empowered and free in my body & ITS CONSENSUAL.” (Heavy is not linking to the second page due to the very graphic content.)

She added, “Being a sex worker does not directly determine what kind of parent or affect someone ability to be a good parent. Yes —some sex workers have kids to support and they deserve your money just as much as non adult workers, but especially for their children.”

She is also on TikTok. Benedict also has an OnlyFans page.

Benedict Wrote That She Is Hoping to Reunite With Three of Her Six Children

In another tweet, Benedict explained that in her childhood “I was exposed to a lot of manipulative men and people…” She said that her family on her dad’s side and her dad “distanced themselves from me because of the butthole girl stuff and formed an alliance with my children’s fathers helping raise them.”

She said that she began using alcohol and then met a guy at what she called “IAU,” Moore’s revenge porn website. That stands for “Is Anyone Up?”

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She posted a lengthy essay about her life to Twitter. “I fell in love with him and flew to another state to be with him. When I got there it turned out he lived with his mom and I wasn’t allowed to be there til she said it was okay,” she wrote of Moore. She eventually went home with him and kept webcamming.

Their relationship “got really toxic” because she had “openly complimented another person’s attractiveness.” She decided to leave, called a friend, and went out to live in Las Vegas, where she found out she was pregnant.

On July 29, she tweeted, “I’ve had 6 children. I was alienated from my first 3 kids lives- all connected to the IAU incident. I haven’t been able to reconnect with my children. It’s been 9-12 years without them. I’ve offered a backstory about this. Not sure why the articles are claiming otherwise.”

Where is she now? She wrote that she has a heart condition, and is “coming from a place of poverty, abuse, trauma and at the hands of most people I fell in love with…being called butt hole girl sucks a little…I never wanted my kids to go through anything I went through, but I had to survive myself with very little to no support system.”

She added, “I never want anyone to go through what I’ve been through. This is why I participated in the documentary, to be an example of what not to do. I feel like that’s been my purpose on earth, maybe? I ‘m a survivor so I can live to tell my own stories and hopefully guide others onto a better path or health myself by learning from these experiences.”

She said she hoped to meet her kids one day. “My current children I’m raising know about them, they want that too. I’d love to be a mom to all my kids and chase my passions. I’m allowed to do both, even if people disagree with my endeavors. I do love being openly expressive and vulnerable, truth and raw reality are just so fascinating and beautiful to me.”

Graphic Images of Benedict Were Posted to Moore’s Website

Benedict also tells her story in the Netflix documentary. She says that she met Moore when she was only 19, and she was drawn to him at first. Be forewarned that the details of her story are very graphic and will disturb some.

She was hoping to leave her mother’s house, and a friend suggested she try being a cam girl. She found this somewhat lucrative, but she believed that Hunter’s website “Is Anyone Up” could drive traffic to her cam modeling page.

According to Cinemaholic, Benedict “inserted something in her anus” during a “webcam chat with friends” and an image ended up on Moore’s site. Some images included pictures of her children. She decided to post more pictures in the hopes he would remove photos of her kids, the site reports.

A video of her doing a similar act went viral. but she didn’t end up with any money from it.

She ended up drinking and depressed, the site reported.

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