Gina Aiello Video: Woman Dubbed ‘Karen in Fresno McDonald’s’

gina aiello

TikTok (@Kevin_parra1) Gina Aiello

Gina Aiello was identified as a California dental worker who is accused of being the woman who made a racist comment in a video TikTok video recorded at a Fresno McDonald’s, according to Your Central

Aiello is accused of being the woman who was captured in an August 17, 2023, TikTok video called “Karen in Fresno’s McDonald’s.” The video is captioned, “Only in Fresno.”

The dental office that employed Aiello wrote on Instagram that she no longer works there. Your Central Valley reported that the dental office confirmed the employee in question was Aiello.

The video has accrued more than 9,000 comments.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gina Aiello Is Accused of Using an Expletive While Calling a Man a Mexican, a Scene Captured on Video

According to SFGate, Aiello yelled at restaurant workers “about a soda,” when a customer named Luis Aceves intervened to defend the employees.

“Don’t come in here and try to degrade people,” Aceves says in the video.

That’s when Aiello is captured yelling, “F*** you, you f****** Mexican!”

2. An Extended Version of the TikTok Video Shows Luis Aceves Telling Gina Aiello, ‘You Should Have More Respect’ before Telling Her to Go to Chick-fil-A Instead

@thatdaneshguy Replying to @berlypeanut Here's the extended version thanks to @Jay Megan ♬ Satie "Gnossiennes No.1" (piano)(1118396) – Akira Orihata

In an extended version of the video, Aiello is accused of saying, “You guys are f****** McDonald’s okay.”

“But they’re human, though,” says Aceves. When she appears to say she doesn’t care, he says, “Well, you should care. You should have more respect.”

“Who are you?” she says.

“It doesn’t matter. You come in here cussing at everybody,” he says, later adding, “You come here f****** yelling over a God d*** Coke.”

He added, ‘Wake the f*** up. It’s the new world, woman.”

She responded, “I live in the new world.”

He told Aiello that “down the f****** street there’s Chick-fil-A for people like you.”

3. Gina Aiello Is Also Accused of ‘Cussing at’ Employees Through a Drive-Thru Window

Your Central Valley reported that Aceves’s friends recorded the viral TikTok video.

“Employees were already explaining that someone was cussing at them through the window, the drive-thru window. We overheard them too,” he said to the news site.

“For me, it was like alright that’s none of my business, but then once she started sitting there telling people who are you look at where you work, look at what you’re wearing, you’re at working at McDonald’s, you can even hear it on the video,” said Aceves to the site.

4. The Dental Office Where Gina Aiello Worked Says Racism ‘Has No Place in My Dental Practice Nor in Society’

The office of Dr. Jack Ohanesian released a statement that said, “When a video was shared with us of our employee making rude and racist comments in a fast food restaurant, we were shocked. This employee is now on administrative leave until we complete our investigation.”

The statement continued,

Racism has no place in my dental practice nor in our society, and goes against our core values. We have built our dental practice by providing exceptional care and service to a very wonderful – and diverse – population of patients.

We believe everyone belongs, and our diversity is our strength. Our diverse community is what makes the Valley a great place to call home.

The statement does not use her name.

5. In an Updated Statement, Gina Aiello’s Employer Confirmed She Made ‘Offensive Comments’ & Said She Was ‘No Longer a part of Our Team’

In a subsequent statement also posted to Instagram, Ohanesian said :an employee who was seen on video making offensive comments is no longer a part of our team.”

Ohanesian wrote that his great grandfather faced “racism and closed doors to opportunities” when he immigrated to America from Armenia.

“He and other members of my family since, have worked very hard to become contributing members of American society, paving a way for success for me and generations of my family. Our diversity is our strength. It’s a cornerstone of our lives here today, and of my dental practice,” he wrote.

Again, the actual statement does not use her name.

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