Lindsay Shiver: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

lindsay shiver

Instagram (Lindsay Shiver) Lindsay Shiver and her husband, Robert Shiver.

Lindsay Shiver is a Georgia woman who is accused of conspiring with her lover in the Bahamas to kill her estranged husband Robert Shiver, according to Bahama Court News.

The Bahamian newspaper naed the suspects as Lindsay Shiver, 36, and her “alleged lover,” Terrance Bethel, 28, as well as Faron Newbold, 29, and said they are accused of having conspired “to kill her estranged husband Robert Shiver.”

Daily Mail reported that Lindsay Shiver is accused of sending a photo of her estranged husband to Newbold with the message, “kill him.” Daily Mail described Bethel as her “barman lover.”

Photos of Bethel and Newbold can be seen here.

Robert Shiver is a former Auburn University football player, and Lindsay Shiver was a cheerleader, according to and her Instagram page. According to WTVY, she is also a former beauty pageant queen.

Lindsay Shiver is also a mother; “Mom to the Shivertrio 💙💙💙 Never basic. Always extra,” her Instagram page reads. She posted many pictures of her husband, kids, and trips to the Bahamas. “Living that soccer mom life,” she wrote on Instagram. She also shared support for former President Donald Trump on Instagram, posting a picture showing her young sons wearing Trump hats.

“I’m a real Bahama Mama,” she wrote on Instagram in June 2022.

According to Fox News Digital, divorce records show the couple was embroiled in a nasty divorce case for “child custody and the family’s multimillion-dollar fortune” as they continued to live together in their $2.5 million home in Georgia. She accused him of abuse, Fox News reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Found WhatsApp Messages Detailing the Plan While Investigating a Bar & Grill Burglary, Reports Say

According to Bahama Court News, police “uncovered the murder plot while investigating a break-in at Grabber’s Bar and Grill on Guana.”

They found WhatsApp messages “detailing the plan” on the break-in suspect’s phone, Bahama Court News reported.

The trio were in court on July 28, 2023, the site reported.

According to the Thomasville Times-Enterprise, a source familiar with the investigation “said the Shivers have a home in the Bahamas, where Lindsay first began an affair with Bethel. Upon Robert finding out about the affair, he filed for divorce.”

Shiver’s Facebook page says she is from Dothan, Alabama.

2. Lindsay Shiver, a Former Miss Houston County Winner Embroiled in a Nasty Divorce Battle, Is Accused of Paying a Hitman to Kill Robert Shiver

Lindsay Shiver “was crowned Miss Houston County in 2005 and finished as the 2nd runner-up in the National Peanut Festival pageant the same year,” according to WTVY.

According to WTVY, investigative sources told the outlet that Shiver is accused of paying a hitman to kill Robert Shiver, who lives in Thomasville, Georgia.

She was arrested in Abaco, WTVY reported.

The Thomasville Times-Enterprise newspaper reported that the source said, after her husband filed for divorce, “that is when Lindsay, Bethel and and Newbold Jr. concocted a plan to murder Robert.”

Heavy has contacted the Royal Bahamas Police Force for more details on the arrests, including mugshots.

Robert filed for divorce in April, citing “adulterous conduct,” Fox News reports, adding that Lindsay Shiver accused him of “physical and mental cruel treatment,” including domestic violence.

According to Fox, Shiver’s dad, Allen Shiver, “served as CEO of Flowers Foods for four decades, before stepping down in 2019 from the bakery company that’s worth more than $5 billion.”

In court filings, according to Fox, Lindsay Shiver denied the affair. “Any extramarital relationship defendant has had was during the parties’ separation and legally condoned by husband,” her lawyers wrote.

“Wife feels unsafe in the marital home and has installed locks on the interior doors of the home for protection,” her attorney wrote, requesting a restraining order, according to Fox.

“Husband has abused the wife in the home in the children’s presence on multiple occasions, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally,” Fox reported the filing says.

3. On Instagram, Lindsay Shiver Filled Her Page With Pictures of Her Husband, Kids & the Bahamas

Lindsay Shiver’s most recent Instagram post was from Easter, when she posted a picture of her husband and their three kids and wrote, “He is RISEN.”

On June 11, she wrote, “Just dropped my hearts off at IMG for their first time away at camp. Soccer and Basketball camp they are all yours. Miss you already my little loves.” She also wrote about soccer tournaments and playing tennis.

She also shared a picture of former President Donald Trump with Michael Flynn and wrote, “Cue the scene from The Longest Yard (where the real athletes came to join the football team) “HERE COMES THE BOOM!” 💥🇺🇸💥 #fightlikeaflynn.”

In 2020, Lindsay Shiver wrote, “God. Family. Country. #trump2020 #boatparade @erictrump @realdonaldtrump @ivankatrump.”

On April 3, she shared a photo of a beach and wrote, “May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace. #springbreak #bahamas #bahamaslife.”

She also wrote about how her son celebrated his birthday in the Bahamas, writing, “Bahamian style. No shoes, no shirts, no problems.”

In one photo in the Bahamas with a friend, she is wearing a baseball cap that says “bad influence.”

In February, she wrote, “When the girls trip finally makes it out of the group chat! #girlsnight #girlstrip #beachlife #bahamas @bakersbayclub.”

In September 2022, she wrote that she spent Labor Day at the Bahamas, and in July 2022, she won a golf cart decorating contest.

She also posted pictures showing her with her husband and kids at Auburn football games.

On Facebook, she also wrote about supporting Trump. One post, in 2020, read,

Democrats I’m really worried for you if you truly believe Joe Biden is the right choice for POTUS. The level of corruption is so deep and disturbing. Disturbing bc there are millions of you who believe this. Why would the Big Tech Corp feel the need to ‘Censor’ content? They didn’t mind ‘censoring’ content when it came to Brett Kavanaugh and dragging him and his family thru the mud now did they? Biden wants you to sit in your homes and hide from the virus. Why would that be? Bc he cares about you? No! Bc that shuts down our economy and guess what that does and who that benefits? It benefits HIM and the left wing liberals who have all gotten so wealthy and from what?! Corruption! Shutting our economy down benefits China bc with President Trump we had a booming economy and they (left wings hated it). They hated it and wanted him gone bc they won’t to control us and they are doing a great job of controlling YOU! WAKE UP!

According to WTVY, Lindsay Shiver’s maiden name is Shirley and she also attended Auburn University.

Robert Shiver’s Instagram page is private. His profile reads, “Dad to the trio!”

4. Robert Shiver, Who Was the Long Snapper for the Auburn Tigers Football Team & Is Now the Vice President of a Life Insurance Company

robert shiver

Instagram (Lindsay Shiver)Robert Shiver

Robert Shiver was the Tigers’ long snapper on Auburn’s 2008 roster, WTVY reported.

He is now senior vice president of Senior Life Insurance Company, according to the company’s website.

His company bio says:

Robert Shiver has served Senior Life Insurance Company since 2009. An avid athlete in high school, his passion for football led him to be a walk on for Auburn University, where his determination and talent would ultimately earn him a three-year scholarship for the Auburn Tigers. By his senior year, Robert was named team captain. After graduating, he earned the opportunity to advance to the NFL and play for the Atlanta Falcons. Robert’s ambitions brought him here to Senior Life where his persistence and commitment has made him an integral part of the company’s operations. Today, he focuses on agent development, recruitment, and the strategic growth of Senior Life.

According to WTVY, Robert Shiver “briefly played for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons until the team cut him in his first year, 2009.”

5. Lindsay Shiver & Robert Shiver Met in Fitness Class, According to Her Instagram

Lindsay Shiver wrote about her love for her husband on Instagram, sharing a wedding photo of the couple.

In 2020, Lindsay Shiver wrote on Instagram, “The key to a perfect marriage, is having two imperfect people, who refuse to give up on each other.’ So thankful for that fitness class 13 years ago that brought us together and all of the love, laughter, and life we have created ever since! I love you babe 😘 Cheers to many more 🥂”

In 2018, she shared a photo of the couple and wrote, “8 years in love with my best friend! 💘💑”

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