Are Google, YouTube & Gmail Down? Users Report Errors & Site Crashes

Are Google & YouTube down?

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People are reporting an increasing number of errors on Saturday, March 19, while using Google and YouTube. Since Google owns YouTube, the video platform sometimes has issues at the same time that Google does, depending on the source of the problem. Gmail is also experiencing issues for some users, though those are far less pronounced. Here’s what we know so far.

Issues with Google & YouTube Began Spiking in the Early Afternoon

According to DownDetector, issues with Google began spiking early in the afternoon on Saturday, March 19. Some of the issues seem to be related to slow loading of pages or not being able to access services at all.

You can see how the issues began increasing in the chart below.

Google Down

Down DetectorGoogle Down

According to user reports on DownDetector, about 50% of the issues were connected to the website and 40% were encountered while using Google search. Only 11% were connected to logging into Google services. Heavy noticed some issues with Google apps running slower.

You can see that just within a few minutes, the reported issues with Google continued to grow, as indicated in the chart below compared to the one above, which was taken less than 30 minutes earlier.

Google down

DownDetectorGoogle down

YouTube users also noted an increase in errors on DownDetector, but it was less pronounced compared to previous errors than Google’s was.

YouTube down

Down DetectorYouTube errors

They reported 56% of their errors were connected to video streaming, 30% with the website itself, and only 14% with the YouTube app.

Around 1:45 p.m. Eastern, DownDetector first tweeted about the issues with Google services.

People have also begun tweeting about the issue.

Some People Are Having Issues with Gmail Too

Some people are also reporting issues with Gmail too, and noting the services have been running slow since yesterday.

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However, DownDetector notes that Gmail’s issues are far less pronounced than either Google or YouTube.

Is Gmail down?

DownDetectorIs Gmail down?

On DownDetector, people noted that they were having issues with all their Google services not working, including YouTube TV, Google servers, Gmail, and more. Some commented, wondering if this might be a server issue.

DownDetector users were not reporting any issues with Google Hangouts or Google Play. Some issues were being reported with Nest, however.

Google’s Cloud Status Dashboard Is Not Noting Any Issues

At the time of this article’s publication, Google’s Workspace Status Dashboard reported no issues.

Google’s Cloud Status Dashboard also reported no issues, with all of the systems showcasing a green checkmark. However, Google Cloud Networking did indicate it had an issue with a service outage the day before, but was not experiencing an issue at the time of this story’s publication.

TeamYouTube’s Twitter account, however, did acknowledge an issue with CBS access specifically and said they were working on a fix.

They wrote, “We’ve seen similar reports about the CBS issue on YouTube TV, and we’re already working on a fix. Thanks for your patience.”

It’s not clear if the YouTubeTV issue is connected to other issues or separate.

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