Inaki Bascaran Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

inaki bascaran

Facebook Inaki Bascaran

Inaki Bascaran is a missing Illinois man who disappeared on Halloween 2021 after leaving a bar in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

A website was created to help find the missing Bascaran. “Iñaki Bascaran is a 23-year-old who went missing on Saturday, Oct. 30. He left the bar Celeste in Chicago’s River North neighborhood and told his roommate that he was heading home to their apartment in Wrigleyville, which is located about 4.5 miles from the bar,” it says.

“Iñaki was last seen wearing a gray long sleeve shirt, blue pants, and black shows with a white stripe,” it says. The website directs people to various social media platforms, including a Reddit thread.

There is a major effort to find Bascaran, who has vanished seemingly into thin air. Anyone with information is urged to call 312-744-8266.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Bascaran Was Last Seen at a Bar Called Celeste

inaki bascaran

Inaki Bascaran

According to the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce, Iñaki Bascaran, a 23 year old from Lakeview, “went missing October 31st and was last seen at Celeste in River North. If you have any relevant information or possible details related to this event please contact the Chicago Police Department as soon as possible. We are wishing for a safe and immediate return, and for Iñaki to be reunited with family and friends soon.”


The Chicago Police Department gave this information about Bascaran:


First Name INAKI

Age 23

Gender MALE

Height 509

Weight 165



Complexion LIGHT


Last Contact 31-OCT-2021

Last seen in the area of the 800 Block of W. Newport,If located please contact the Chicago Police Area 3 SVU at 312-744-8266. Known to visit the 100 Block of W. Hubbard.

His website says, “He was last seen at Celeste in River North at 11:39 PM. He was wearing a gray long sleeve shirt, blue pants, and black vans with a white stripe, and an Apple Watch.”

2. Bascaran FaceTimed a Friend, Saying He Was Outside Walgreens

inaki bascaran

Bascaran websiteInaki Bascaran

According to his website, the last contact with Iñaki “was at 12:04am on 10/31/2021. After leaving Celeste, Iñaki FaceTimed a friend and stated that he was outside of a Walgreens. This could be any Walgreens within walking distance of Celeste.”

It continues. “He then said he was on his way back to his apartment in Wrigleyville. It is approximately a 4.5 mile walk from Celeste to Wrigleyville. His iPhone and Apple Watch are dead. His last Uber was to Celeste. There have been 0 charges to his credit, debit, or public transit (Ventra) cards.”

The website adds, “There are police, detectives, and a private investigator working on the case, full-time. The police have searched the river, and so far, nothing has been found.”

His father Jose Bascaran told ABC7 Chicago that his son “got separated from his friends and ended up outside the bar after 11 p.m.” He then texted the friends that he was trying to get back in twice, the last time at 11:50 p.m.

3. Bascaran Works in Advertising

inaki bascaran

Bascaran websiteInaki Bascaran

Jose Bascaran told ABC7 Inaki is “a University of Illinois graduate and advertising professional.” On Facebook, Bascaran wrote that he lives in Glenview, Illinois, and graduated with a degree in economics. He wrote about travels and posted photos with friends and of graduation.

“We are trying to get as much information as possible from anyone that might have seen anything that can help us find him,” Jose Bascaran said to the television station.

“Everyone loves him, knows he’s really very outgoing guy, he’s a really good kid; this is not something that he will do.” It’s not clear whether he tried walking home or called an Uber, and hospital checks have turned up nothing.

4. A Vigil Was Held for Bascaran, Who Was Described as the ‘Life of the Party’

A friend wrote on Facebook, “While I haven’t seen Iñaki in years, he still remains the life of the party. I’m lucky to know him and his close friends. It was a really special turnout for the vigil last night.”

Bascaran’s website said, referring to November 3, 2021, that there was a “gathering near Inaki’s apartment to say a prayer and wish for his safe return. Please come to support his friends and family.”

5. A GoFundMe Page Has Raised More than $100,000 to Help Find Bascaran, Who Was Described as Being ‘Loved by Everyone’

There is a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the search efforts. It has raised more than $100,000. The GoFundMe is being organized for Jose Bascaran.

“Please help us find Inaki. He is an amazing son and brother. He is loved by everyone. His parents have been desperately looking for him since Saturday 10/30/21 at midnight. Please send your love and help to Lucia and Pepe Bascaran,” it says.

On November 3, 2021, the organizer wrote, “We don’t have the right words to express our gratitude. Thank you for being there for Inaki. It is your love and support that are helping us go on. Our hearts are broken, but we will continue to search everywhere until we find our boy. With your help yesterday, we hired a private investigator and crisis management service. Please keep praying and supporting his safe return.”

A friend wrote, “Praying for a safe return for a wonderful friend from high school. And praying for his family during this difficult time ❤️.”

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