Is Putin Dead? Zelensky Isn’t Sure, But Kremlin Says He’s Alive

putin dead

Getty Putin (l) and Zelensky (r).

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sparked a flurry of questions after he said on video that he’s not sure if Russian President Vladimir Putin is dead or alive. However, according to Fox News, the Kremlin says Putin is still alive.

According to Fox News, Putin was seen the day before Zelensky’s remarks at a St. Petersburg World War II memorial. However, Fox News noted that Putin has withdrawn from the public stage more in recent weeks.

Putin was seen on video at the war memorial ceremony on January 18, 2023, according to a video posted to YouTube by World News.

According to video posted by Daily Mail and several Twitter accounts, Zelensky suggested that Putin could be dead to a group of world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday, January 19, 2023.

“Kremlin spokesman Peskov says: ‘Kyiv and Zelensky better believe, Russia and Putin are alive and well,'” tweeted Danny Armstrong, a freelance journalist based in Moscow, Russia.

Here’s what you need to know:

Zelensky Said He Is Not Sure Whether the President of Russia Is Still Alive, Video Shows

Daily Mail posted video of Zelensky’s comments, which you can watch above.

According to the Scottish Daily Express, Zelensky made the comments as he asked for more weaponry to fight the Russian military.

The comments are being filtered through a translator in the Daily Mail video, which shows the translator quoting Zelensky as saying: “I don’t really understand today who to talk to and what to talk about.”

In the video, Zelensky is speaking about negotiating peace with the Russians.

“I don’t quite understand that he is the guy. I don’t quite understand that he’s still alive or that it is him particularly making decisions,” Zelensky said, referring to the president of Russia, according to the translator.

He also quoted Zelensky as questioning who is in the “circle of people making these decisions? I really don’t have that information now.”

The translator quoted Zelensky as saying:

I don’t understand how can you promise the European leaders one thing and then the next day you start the full-fledged invasion in the country. I don’t really understand clearly who are we dealing with here. So, when we are talking about negotiations … I don’t quite understand with whom.

He added, according to the video translation, “I think Russia has to first find someone and then propose something.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov insisted Putin was not dead, saying to Russian media outlet RBC, “It is clear that both Russia and Putin are a big problem for Ukraine and for Zelensky. And it is clear that, purely psychologically, Mr. Zelensky would prefer that neither Russia nor Putin exist,” Fox News reported.

Putin’s Absence From the Public Stage Has Fueled Rumors About His Health

According to The Daily Mail, “Putin failed to appear for his annual dip into Russia’s freezing waters to mark Orthodox Epiphany,” sparking more speculation about his health. In 2021, Putin immersed himself in the icy water for the Epiphany, according to Reuters.

In 2023, according to the Moscow Times, The Kremlin said Putin “took part in the yearly tradition — but did not release photos or videos of his icy dip as it has done in the past.”

Fox News reported that Putin also missed his annual press conference “which lasted some four hours in 2021 but was canceled last month.”

In November 2022, The Sun reported that leaked emails showed Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer, but this account is not verified. The Sun reported that a puffy face, possible tremors, and IV marks on his hand may also point to concerns about the Russian leader’s health.

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