Israeli Hostage Videos: Missing Israelis Seen in Videos After Hamas Abductions

israel hostage video

Getty/X Scenes from photos and videos of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas.

A series of viral Israel hostage videos show Hamas militants abducting and abusing missing Israeli citizens. You can see some of the videos throughout this article, but be forewarned that some of them are extremely disturbing.

The Israeli hostage videos emerged in the wake of the surprise attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, 2023.

According to NBC News, Hamas claims that it has taken “dozens” of Israelis hostage, including Israeli soldiers.

Some families of missing Israeli hostages believe the government is not doing enough to rescue them, according to The Times of Israel.

“Nobody has told us anything. Nobody is helping us. It’s chaos,” Ora Kuperstein told 12 News of her missing nephew Bar, according to Times of Israel. “His parents know nothing.”

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An unverified TikTok video showing children in cages appears to have been posted before the recent attacks.

Here’s what you need to know:

Israeli Hostage Is Led Into a Truck by a Hamas Militant in a Viral Video

NBC News reported that it had verified the video, reporting that it “shows what appears to be an Israeli being taken hostage by a Hamas fighter in a Gaza border town on Saturday.”

On YouTube, NBC wrote that it would not verify what happened to the missing Israeli after the video was taken. CNN also aired the video, describing her as a “barefoot woman,” and said the jeep had an Israel defense forces plate, indicating it may have been stolen.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, added that there were “hostage situations” in multiple location, including at in the city of Ofakim and a nearby kibbutz called Beeri, NBC News reported, quoting him as saying, “There are special forces there with senior commanders and live fire fights are going on there,” he said.

The Israeli in the video has not been identified publicly.

Hostages Were Beaten as They Were Driven Through Gaza in the Back of Pickup Trucks, According to Other Videos

The Wall Street Journal published a series of videos it says shows hostages being driven through Gaza in the backs of pickup trucks. The video montage starts with the above video of the woman but then shows scenes of other hostages being driven through crowds in pickup trucks.

You can see some hostages being beaten with boards as crowds jeer and surround the trucks.

The Wall Street Journal identified the hostages as both citizens and soldiers.

A Photo Shows a Kidnapped Elderly Woman

NewsNation posted a video that shows a photo it says depicts an elderly Israeli woman who was kidnapped.

“This is an elderly woman that has been kidnapped,” the anchor says in the newscast. He said the militants are holding the hostages in “unthinkable conditions.”

According to the NewsNation video, elderly women are being used as “human shields” as Israel launches a counter-offensive.

Adva Adar wrote on Facebook that the elderly woman is her grandmother:

That’s my grandma right there! Kidnapped without bothering the Gaza strip.
Her name is Yaffa Adar, she’s 85 years old!!
My grandmother who founded the kibbutz with both her hands, who believed in Zionists, who loved this country that abandoned her, was kidnapped.
Probably thrown where it is, suffering from severe pain, no medications, no food and no water, dying of fear, alone.
Nobody talks to us, doesn’t know how to say anything, all the information we have we discovered from the videos that were distributed.
I want this picture to regret all the cut offs in this disgraceful government. Understand that there are people here, elderly and children, women and men, with names and families. I wish they would not sleep at night and turn over every piece of land until these people get home.
Please share the post. I hope it will reach people that maybe can help us.

One Video Shows Shani Louk, a Missing German National, Being Paraded in a Pickup Truck by Hamas Militants

shani louk

Instagram (Shani Louk)Shani Louk

One of the most disturbing videos shows Shani Louk, a missing German national, being paraded in the back of a pickup truck by jeering Hamas militants, who wave weapons around.

The video is too graphic to embed, but it is widely available on X, where it has sparked international outrage. Use extreme caution when deciding whether to view it.

Her body appears lifeless, and one leg is disfigured. According to the Washington Post, Louk, a tattoo artist, holds dual German and Israeli citizenship.

The Washington Post spoke to Louk’s cousin, who confirmed that Shani Louk was missing after “militants overran an outdoor dance party near Kibbutz Urim on Saturday morning,” October 7, 2023.

Her mother spoke in a video. “This morning my daughter, Shani Nicole Louk, a German citizen, was kidnapped with a group of tourists in southern Israel by Palestinian Hamas,” she said in German, according to Daily Mail, which posted the translation. “We were sent a video in which I could clearly see our daughter unconscious in the car with the Palestinians and them driving around the Gaza Strip. I ask you to send us any help or any news. Thank you very much.”

Missing Israeli Couple Noa Argamani & Avi Nathan Are Seen Being Abducted by Hamas Militants

Noa Argamani and Avi Nathan are a young Israeli couple who were seen in a viral video being abducted by Hamas militants at the same music festival. Nathan’s brother, Moshe Or, first unearthed the video on Telegram, according to Israel National News.

The video shows Argamani being driven away on a motorbike as she pleads with the militants not to harm her. Her boyfriend, Nathan, is unable to help her because he is seen surrounded by militants who march him down a dirt road at gunpoint. He too is missing, Israel National News reported.

Another video later emerged that appears to show Argamani sitting on a couch after being abducted. Her father has spoken to Israel news media.

Yaacov Argamani, her father, told Israel’s 12 News, according to a translation by Daily Mail, “I was hoping this is a mistake that it’s not true. And then in the hospital a guy asked me if I wanted to see. I said yes and then I know for sure it is Noa… she was so petrified, so scared.”

One Video of a Captured Israeli Family Shows 2 Children Crying About a Deceased Sibling

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Another viral video appears to show an abducted Israeli family as two children cry about a deceased sibling.

India Naftali, whose X page describes her as a journalist correspondent in Israel, shared the video and wrote, “Israeli family heartlessly paraded on camera by Hamas terrorists while being taken hostage. One daughter ruthlessly executed, leaving her siblings in traumatic disbelief. This is beyond a sick act of cruelty. The world must know and put a stop to this!”

Israel National News reported that the video shows a family that was taken hostage in a town near the Gaza Strip, but more details of the family were not immediately known.

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