Jesus Ayala & Jzamir Keys: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jesus ayala

X A scene from the video; Andreas Probst

Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys are the teenagers who are accused in the murder of retired police chief Andreas Probst in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to Las Vegas Review Journal.

Probst was killed when a vehicle struck his bike in Las Vegas, Nevada, a scene captured in disturbing video.

According to the Review Journal, Ayala, 17, and Keys, 16, will be charged as adults in connection with Probst’s death; prosecutors say Ayala was driving the car that police believe intentionally struck Probst from behind, and Keys was the passenger who was filming a viral video of the murder, according to the newspaper.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jesus Ayala, Who Has a Juvenile History, Is Accused of Ramming Into Another Bicyclist Before Killing Andreas Probst

jesus ayala

Clark co JailJesus Ayala booking record

In court, prosecutors said the teens will face charges of “murder with a deadly weapon, battery and attempted murder,” the Review Journal reported. However, Clark County jail booking records show that Ayala is being held on a slew of potential charges, including duty to stop for an accident, murder, battery, attempted murder, reckless driving, possessing a stolen vehicle, burglary and grand larceny.

According to the newspaper, prosecutors revealed that Ayala had another juvenile court case but did not provide details.

The newspaper reported that authorities believe the teenagers struck another elderly bicyclist and a motorist’s car intentionally before ramming into Probst, but they were not killed. Police learned of the viral video when a high school student told authorities about it, according to the Review Journal.

2. The Mother of Jesus Ayala Told the Media, ‘I Don’t Know If God Can Forgive This’

jzamir keys

XA scene from the video.

The mother of Ayala spoke out to 8NewsNow.

“I don’t know why he did this,” she said. “I don’t know if God can forgive this.”

However, Keys’ mother defended him in a text to the television station, writing, “My son’s side of the story will be told, ‘the truth,’ not the inaccuracies the media will try to portray,” according to 8NewsNow.

3. Jzamir Keys Was in the Child Welfare System at Age 8

According to 8NewsNow, Keys comes from a troubled background as he was in the child welfare system at age 8.

In 2016, his mother was charged with child abuse, the television station reported after police found her five children, ages 2 to 9, “home alone without access to food, a knife left on a kitchen counter, and the house in poor condition,” 8NewsNow reported.

Witnesses said the children were left alone “for extended periods of time,” and the mother said she did not have childcare, the television station reported, adding that she was eventually convicted of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

4. The Graphic Video Shows the Moment Andreas Probst Was Struck

andreas probst

LinkedInAndreas Probst

The video is extremely graphic, so Heavy is not embedding it in this story, however it has had millions of views on X.

More video appears to capture the same teens, with one using a racial slur. A slightly longer video run by TMZ shows Probst on the ground after he was struck.

The person police say is Keys records video as the vehicles approaches behind Probst, who is riding his bicycle along the side of the road.

“Yeah, hit his a**,” one of the suspects says as another suspect laughs.

The car then appears to swerve into and run into Probst from behind as bodily fluid from the impact strikes the windshield.

5. Andreas Probst Was a Retired Police Chief Who Worked in Corporate Security

On LinkedIn, Probst described himself as, “Certified Security professional offering diverse accomplishments and experience in Corporate Security across various industries and across multiple facilities throughout the Americas. A technically savvy and financially astute leader with a reputation for transcending business needs, building stronger teams and optimizing capabilities.”

The Review Journal reported that Probst was on a typical morning bike ride. His daughter “got an alert from her dad’s Apple Watch indicating that the 64-year-old man had fallen,” the newspaper reported, and went to the scene with Probst’s wife. When they got there, he had already been taken to the hospital, where he died, according to the Review Journal.

“Being around him, it was like being next to a ray of sunshine,” daughter Taylor Probst said to the newspaper. “He was always laughing, always smiling, offering you support, life advice, career advice.”

Probst’s wife wrote a statement on LinkedIn after his death:

With the heaviest of hearts, I have to announce that my husband – Andy Probst – was killed the morning of Monday August 14th in a hit and run while riding his bicycle. I will attach an article that explains more in detail, because instead of talking about his death, i’d rather talk about his life.

Andy was a great father, loving husband and brother. He dedicated 35+ years to law enforcement and worked his ass off to improve his community. After retiring, he decided to expand his skill set and explore corporate opportunities which lead him to become the Director of Global security at a fortune 500. However, his love for work did not supersede his love for his family and friends. He is survived by not only myself, by his two children, Michael and Taylor.

The silver-lining of this horrifying situation is seeing how far Andy’s reach was and hearing how he had impacted so many peoples lives. Right now, the silence is the worst part. If you have a story or memory with Andy, please share in the comments so we can fill the silence with laughter and remember the good times.

His LinkedIn page said that Probst was director of global security for a company called IAC; worked in global security for Herbalife and FedEx Trade Networks; taught criminal justice for the University of Phoenix; and served as police chief for the City of Bell, California, for 24 years.

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