Jim Sciutto’s Wife, Gloria Riviera: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Jim Sciutto and wife Gloria Riviera.

Gloria Riviera is an ABC News correspondent and the wife of CNN chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto. He anchors the morning program CNN Newsroom alongside Poppy Harlow.

Riviera and Sciutto have been married since 2006. They have two sons, Tristan and Caden, and a daughter named Sinclair.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Riviera Is an Emmy Award-Winning Journalist & Has Been With ABC News for More Than 2 Decades

gloria riviera jim sciutto wife

TwitterABC News Correspondent Gloria Riviera.

Riviera earned a master’s degree in journalism from New York University in 1999, according to her LinkedIn profile. She went on to a lengthy career with ABC News as a producer and on-air reporter.

According to Press Forward, Riviera served as an executive producer during the attacks of 9/11 and won an Emmy for the breaking news coverage. She was also part of the ABC News team that produced the 9/11: Answering Children’s Questions special in 2003, according to her ABC News profile. The program won an Alfred I. DuPont Award.

According to her ABC bio, Riviera covered John Edwards’ campaign during the 2004 election. The following year, she became an on-air correspondent for ABC’s affiliate news service Newsone.

In 2006, Riviera was named as the network’s London correspondent. She spent the next four years based in England. Her ABC News tenure has also included time spent as the Asia correspondent based in Beijing before returning to the United States in 2014. She has been based in Washington, D.C. ever since.

On her LinkedIn account, Riviera highlighted a few assignments that stood out to her: “Assignments of note include a year+ investigation into the online sex trafficking of minors via Backpage.com (2017 nominee for Best Investigative Story), police protests in Baltimore, MD and Ferguson, MO, a 9-month investigation into the pro-life movement in the U.S. and high-altitude, back-country speed riding with the Red Bull Extreme Ski Team.”

2. Sciutto Is Riviera’s Second Husband & They Met While on Assignment in Baghdad

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Getty Jim Sciutto and Gloria Riviera attend the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 28, 2018.

Riviera and Sciutto first crossed paths because of their respective careers. According to a Washingtonian profile published on him in 2014, the couple met for the first time while they were both in Baghdad on assignment.

It’s unclear exactly when they started dating or if Riviera was still married when she first met Sciutto. Riviera tied the knot with her first husband, William Francis Hughes III, in August 2002. According to the wedding announcement in the New York Times, Riviera was an associate producer at ABC News and Hughes worked for a New York investment firm. The outlet reported they had met at a Lower East Side bar in 1998.

Riviera’s first marriage ended in divorce but her union with Sciutto has proven lasting. They got married in October 2006 at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in New York, according to the Times announcement. Riviera and Sciutto were both ABC News correspondents in London at the time.

3. Riviera Gave Birth to Her & Sciutto’s 2nd Child at Their Home in London

Riviera and Sciutto are the proud parents of three children. Their two sons, Tristan and Caden, were both born in London, as Sciutto confirmed to The Cut.

Caden’s arrival was one for the record books. As The Hill reported, the baby boy was ready to come out fast once Riviera went into labor. Sciutto ended up delivering his son at their London home as an emergency worker told him what to do over the phone.

Their daughter, Sinclair, was born in 2015. “Sinclair” is Riviera’s middle name and her grandmother’s maiden name, Sciutto explained to Fatherly.

Sciutto posted a photo of Riviera and their three children on Mother’s Day in 2019 along with a sweet message: “On Mother’s Day, here’s to the super mom who brings so many easy smiles to our faces and so much light to our lives.” He tagged Riviera in the post; her Instagram account is private.

4. Sciutto Works in New York City But the Family Is Based in Washington, D.C.

gloria riviera wife Jim sciutto

InstagramGloria Riviera.

Riviera has been based in Washington, D.C. with ABC News since 2014. But in September 2018, Sciutto was named the co-anchor of CNN Newsroom. The program, which airs weekdays from 9-11 a.m., is produced from New York City, as the Hollywood Reporter noted at the time of the announcement.

On his Twitter bio, Sciutto has both Washington., D.C. and New York City listed as his home locations. According to Amtrak, the average train ride between the two cities is about 3.5 hours, therefore it’s unlikely Sciutto makes that commute on a daily basis.

The family decided to keep Washington, D.C. as their home base for raising their children. Property records indicate Sciutto and Riviera have made improvements to their house over the last few years. Records suggest they bought their 5-bedroom house in 2014 for $1.37 million and that it is now worth more than $1.7 million.

5. Riviera Played Women’s Varsity Ice Hockey at Princeton University

Riviera grew up on the west coast in the Seattle area, as she noted on Twitter. But according to her LinkedIn account, she spent part of her teenage years living in New Hampshire. She attended Phillips Exeter Academy, a boarding school founded in 1781, according to its website.

Riviera went on to Princeton, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature in 1996. Riviera was also an athlete on campus. She played on the varsity women’s ice hockey team. According to Princeton’s athletic website, Riviera was on the team that won an Ivy League Championship in 1995.

Riviera comes from a large family. Her father, Daniel John Riviera, was married three times and had six children in total, according to his obituary published in the Idaho Mountain Express. His second wife, Charlotte Stevens, was Riviera’s mother, according to the New York Times.

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