State of the Union Heckler: Who Yelled at Biden & What Did They Say?

Biden SOTU

Getty President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress in 2021.

During the State of the Union on Tuesday, March 1, a heckler could be heard yelling at President Joe Biden while he was speaking about military veterans who died of cancer from burn pit exposure. At that same time, Biden also spoke about his son, Beau Biden, who died of cancer after serving in the military. What did the heckler say and who was it? You can see a video of what happened in the story below.

Media Sources Said Boebert Heckled Biden During the Burn Pit Portion of His Speech

Cristina Marcos of The Hill tweeted that Lauren Boebert was the person who heckled Biden while he was speaking about burn pit victims and the death of his son, Beau Biden.

Marcos wrote, “As Biden described veterans exposed to burn pits developing ‘cancer that would put them in a flag-draped coffin,’ Boebert yelled out: ‘You put them in, 13 of them.’ That drew shocked boos from the Democratic side.”

You can watch that moment in the video below:

One person replied that some of the boos came from the Republican side too.

Jake Sherman of NBC News also tweeted that it was Boebert.

Sherman tweeted, “That was Lauren Boebert who shouted out during the State of the Union to say that 13 people had died in Afghanistan.”

Shortly after he was heckled, Biden spoke about the cancer caused by burn pits. He then announced, “Tonight I’m announcing we’re expanding eligibility to veterans suffering from nine respiratory cancers.” He said he was also calling on Congress to expand benefits to many veterans suffering from burn pit exposure.

Independent reported that Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene also yelled, “Build the wall! Build the Wall!” during the immigration portion of Biden’s speech.

When Biden entered the chamber, they appeared to either turn their back to him or not be aware of what was happening, Independent also reported. One person tweeted, “They just look slightly lost.”

Hecklers Have Yelled at Biden at Previous Events

This isn’t the first time a heckler has yelled at Biden during a political event.

In February 2020 during a Democratic debate, hecklers briefly stopped Joe Biden’s closing statement. The hecklers were yelling about children being kept in cages and they said statements like “Don’t look away!” and “No Kids in Cages!”  They were loud enough that they were able to briefly stop Biden’s closing statement.

That protest was led by the group RAICES Action, according to the group’s Twitter account. They wrote on Twitter, “BREAKING: We are interrupting @JoeBiden at the #DemDebate chanting #DontLookAway and #NoKidsInCages. We need a Democratic candidate to adopt the #MigrantJusticePlatform and commit themselves to improve the lives of migrants and refugees!”

Also in February 2020, hecklers yelled “We are DACA recipients” to Biden after he was asked a question during a Democratic debate.

The Executive Director of End Rape on Campus said on Twitter that the protestors were yelling: “We are DACA recipients. Our lives are at risk.”

Davidson said she was at the debate, in the front row of the side stands as the heckling moment happened. She also wrote: “They also got up on the stage. Solidarity with those brave students who put their bodies on the line tonight — something that is much higher stakes for DACA recipients. We need a #CleanDREAMActNow.” Here’s a video of what happened.

In July 2019, a group of hecklers yelled “3 Million Deportations!” during a Democratic debate. The heckling began after an exchange between Biden and CNN moderator Don Lemon.

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