Joe Rogan Stuns Followers With ‘Satanic’ Filtered Photo of Himself: ‘This IS ME’

Joe Rogan


UFC color commentator and popular podcaster Joe Rogan shared a photo of himself that he says was altered with a filter to make himself appear as a young woman. Rogan first shared the altered photograph, in which he is unrecognizable, and then posted the original photo for comparison.

Here is the first photo Rogan posted:

In the caption, Rogan called the filter “satanic,” writing:

If you wanna know how f***** we are and how bizarre filters are and how distorted young women’s expectations of beauty are, I present you this picture. This IS ME. My 10 year old daughter is laughing hysterically because she took a picture of my ugly chimp face making kissy lips and ran it through some satanic filter designed to steal women’s self esteem through pure deception and f*****y, and this is the result. Protect yourself, my friends. The internet is trying to rob you of your happiness.

Rogan also shared the original picture. See below:

In the caption of the Instagram post, Rogan wrote: “The original [photo] before the satanic filters. The devil is real, ya’ll.”

Rogan did not indicate which app or platform his daughter used to alter the photo.

Rogan’s Followers React to the Filtered Post

Many of Rogan’s Instagram followers were stunned by the filtered photo. Ironman athlete John Joseph wrote: “Daaamn – Welcome to The Twilight Zone.” UFC women’s featherweight fighter Megan Anderson wrote: “This is just weird af.”

Comedian Erik Griffin wrote: “Now I can’t believe s*** on the internet.” News personality Radio Rahim wrote: “I will never emotionally recover from this.”

Rogan Is Planning to Move From Los Angeles to Texas in the Near Future

The UFC commentator is packing his bags and heading to Texas. In the past few months, Rogan has mentioned many times that he plans on leaving his home in Los Angeles for the Lone Star State.

He confirmed his intention to move during July 24’s episode No. 1514 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast when he was chatting with Spartan Race CEO Joe De Sena. Rogan revealed that he was moving to Texas “soon,” but he didn’t give many details about where in the state he would move to, just that he has “ideas.”

Rogan said, “I’m going to go to Texas. I just want to go somewhere in the center of the country, somewhere where it’s easy to travel to both places and somewhere where you have a little bit more freedom.”

He further explained his reasoning for leaving Los Angeles:

Also, I think that where we live right here in Los Angeles is overcrowded. I think most of the time it’s not a problem. But I think it’s exposing the fact that it’s a real issue when you look at the number of people that are catching [COVID-19] because of this overpopulation issue. When you look at the traffic, you look at the economic despair, when you look at the homelessness problem that has accelerated radically over the last [10 years], I think there are too many people here.

He confirmed that his podcast producer Jamie Vernon would be moving with him. Rogan’s work as a UFC commentator would likely not be affected by the move either as he typically travels around the country to commentate events.

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