John Fleming, Boulder, Colorado: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

john lee fleming

Boulder PD John Lee Fleming

John Fleming was named on the police scanner in connection with the standoff in a Boulder, Colorado home on Broadway Street on November 28, 2022. The situation ended with a suspect in custody and multiple hostages rescued, Boulder Police said on Twitter.

Online jail records show John Lee Fleming was booked into the Boulder County Jail at about 7:20 a.m. on November 29. Details about the charges Fleming could face were not immediately available.

A man was barricaded inside the home in the active standoff situation, and there were early reports of a booby-trapped house, according to scanner reports. At one point on the scanner, police said they were advised that there were four dead bodies in the basement. But police have not confirmed any deaths or injuries, according to the Boudler Daily Camera. The suspect was described as wearing a baseball cap. Police later denied any deaths occurred.

The suspect was “armed with guns and explosives,” police said on radio transmissions streamed live on the scanner website Broadcastify. Officers gave John Fleming’s name early on in the police response and said at another point that he was in a door. Online records say John Lee Fleming is in his mid-50s and is tied to the home in the 3300 block of Broadway, the site of the standoff, an address given on the scanner and, generally, in a police tweet.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Asked People to Avoid the 3300 Block of Broadway in Boulder

Officers discussed the location of the suspect inside the house.

Shortly after 10 p.m. on November 28, 2022, Boulder police tweeted, “Please avoid the 3300 block of Broadway near Iris. We are currently responding to a man barricaded inside a residence. This is a very active scene and more information will be coming shortly #boulder #bouldercolorado.”

Just before 1 a.m., police said, “UPDATE: Suspect in custody. Please continue to avoid the area while we process the scene. We will tweet when the intersection is back open.”

At 6:30 a.m., Boulder Police said, “We have reopened the road to all traffic and anticipate sharing more information about this incident today in a news release.”

At one point on the scanner, officers described a male on the north side of the house.

They said they were in contact “with Fleming” through the door. Police have not formally identified the suspect nor named the suspect as Fleming. “The party shut the window and went back inside the house,” police said at another point.

2. The Man Inside the House Is ‘Anti Law Enforcement,’ Officers Said on the Scanner

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On the scanner, officers discussed a large law enforcement response to the scene, including SWAT officers.

They also discussed that the man in the standoff is “anti law enforcement” and possibly was in possession of hand-held flood lights and green lights.

Early on in the standoff, police said all victims were outside, and only the suspect remained inside. That was before the bodies in the basement report, though. Officers discussed getting the suspect’s cell phone number from victims who escaped the home.

3. Officers Discussed Evacuating Nearby Houses & Described a ‘Pulsating White Light’ From the Home

Officers described seeing a “pulsating white light” through a window of the home. Officers discussed evacuating houses adjacent to the home where the man was barricaded. Officers also said that a female hostage had escaped out a window.

At another point, they discussed ambulances arriving to the scene to ferry victims away from the home. They were trying to confirm whether anyone was still inside the home other than the suspect.

On Twitter, Boulder Police said, ” This incident began when Boulder Police received information from @LafayettePolice about a possible hostage situation inside the city. Officers responded to the scene & rescued two people from inside the home.”

Boulder Police added, “During the rescue, 1 officer fired their gun. No one was struck. Tho the victims were rescued, the suspect then barricaded himself inside the home. He is believed to be armed with multiple firearms. Officers are evacuating people nearby & working to take him safely into custody.”

4. The Motive Is Not Clear; Officers Referenced a Female Hostage

The motive was not clear. Officers discussed trying to force entry at one point. The reports were preliminary and the details subject to change.

At one point, officers said a female hostage was escaping through a window. The suspect was “using pepper spray,” police said on the scanner. An officer was sprayed in the face by pepper spray.

Officers said at another point that three dogs were inside the home and “all humans” were “out” of the house.

5. Fleming Is From a Long-Time Boulder Family

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An obituary for Fleming’s father said he was the son of William Van Alstyne Fleming of Boulder, Colorado, who passed away April 17, 2014 in Boulder.

“William was born December 11, 1933 in Los Angeles, California. He worked as a machinist and enjoyed working with special effects. He is survived by his wife, Gloria Jean; son John Lee Fleming and three step-children…” the obit says.

Property records show the home in question was listed to Gloria and John Fleming.

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