Julius Maddox Bench Press World Record Attempt Fails [VIDEO]

julius maddox benchpress world record

Instagram/Julius Maddox Julius Maddox attempted to break his own benchpress world record. See the video.

Julius Maddox attempted to break his own world bench press record in Chicago, Illinois, but failed in the quest. You can watch video of his world record attempt later in this article.

According to Newsweek, Maddox, a powerlifter, tried unsuccessfully to lift 800 pounds on Saturday, August 22, 2021. He was trying to break his own raw world record for bench press. He’s 34 years old.

“Taking the sport to another level!” Maddox posted on his Instagram page before the attempt. He shared a video of a Cubs jersey with his name on it and the number 800. He frequently posts about powerlifting, as well as inspirational phrases. “World Record Holder: “How Much Can I Bench?” he wrote in one recent Instagram post. The world now has that answer – at least so far.

He is already the world record holder.

Here’s what you need to know:

Maddox Made His Bench Press Attempt at Wrigley Field

Above, you can see Maddox’s attempt.

“Julius Maddox just went for an 800 pounds… raw bench press world record,” the announcer said in one video. “And here’s what happened.”
The video then shows Maddox attempting the bench press but the spotter quickly grabbed it as the attempt failed. The video shows the benchpress world record attempt from multiple angles. “Almost immediately after that first failed attempt, Julius decided to go again,” the announcer said. But that attempt was also unsuccessful.

Generation Iron reported that the attempt was shown on the Marquee Sports Network and was a WRPF Americas sanctioned event. It took place at Wrigley Field in Chicago after the Cubs’ game, the site reported.

The Instagram page BeardedBrawn23 promoted the event writing, “Announcement!!! @watchmarquee and @irregular_strength is happy to announce this coming Saturday August 21st he will be attempting to beat his own world record ON WRIGLEY FIELD, after the Cubs game at 630/7pm! This is a @thewrpf sanctioned event and all are welcome to come watch and be a part of this! @watchmarquee will be televising the event on the Cubs Sports Network. Come out and support Chicago and @irregular_strength and his attempt at yet another huge bench press! Thanks to @thewrpf @ghoststrongequipment @hustlebutterdeluxe @mhpsupps @brokenbarbell_gym @chicagobarbellcompound for making this event happen on short notice! LETS MAKE POWERLIFTING GREAT AGAIN! #julius #cubs #wrpf #powerlifting.”

The event was touted as “The Biggest Lift.”

Maddox Was Trying to Break His Own Record

Maddox already holds the world record. According to Generation Iron, he currently “holds the bench press world record of 782.6 pounds.”

Who is Julius Maddox? According to Generation Iron, he “has become one of the most iconic powerlifters currently competing in the sport.”

What’s his diet? He told that site: “I try to steer away… I like cake. I like snack cakes and stuff. But I don’t eat as much as people would probably assume. But for the most part like… I eat a lot of steak and just baked potatoes. I might have pizza once a week or a cheeseburger once a week. But for the most part like – I don’t eat like what most people think I would eat. People think that I eat five Big Macs then turn around and drink four milk shakes. No I don’t. I don’t at all.”

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