Kalao Restaurant Shooting Reports in Bloomington, Indiana


There are reports of an active shooter or mass shooting at Kalao restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana.

According to 13News, a shooting occurred inside Kalao, with “multiple rounds” fired. People were found with gunshot wounds in “two separate locations,” but the number of victims was not clear. It’s not clear whether there were separate shootings, though.

The reports broke out in the early morning hours of April 23, 2022. The information is preliminary. Social media reports indicated as many as five people might be shot, but police have not verified that information yet.

Kalao Restaurant is a Rum Bar & Night Club. There were also unconfirmed reports of shots fired near the University of Indiana – Bloomington library.

People raised concern that the university did not immediately put out an alert.

“@IUBloomington what a major failure by the university to leave everyone on campus in the dark about what’s happening right now. #bloomington,” a person wrote.

A Twitter user who monitors the scanner wrote, “shooting in the general downtown area. Started with 3 gunshot victims reported near Kalao bar. 2 more reported near Library (not sure if they overlap with the original).”

The motive and suspect or suspects are not yet clear.

Here’s what you need to know:

People Wrote About Shots Being Fired at or Near Kalao Restaurant

People wrote about shots fired on Twitter. “Shots fired at Kalao, 6th and Lincoln and Briscoe,” wrote one person.

“What is going on tonight. Just picked up two of my fraternity brothers that saw the shooting at Kalao. Hearing reports of one or even two or more shootings one possibly at briscoe. Cops are everywhere this is insane #iu #iubloomington,” wrote another person.

“apparently there was 3 shots reported near Kalao and then 2 more reported near the library,” wrote another person.

Police have not yet confirmed those details.

People expressed concern about the lack of information. “IU’s lack of information at time where misinformation is going to spread like wildfire is very frustrating. I understand not wanting to panic people but a simple “active shooter. Stay inside” would’ve been fine until they had more info. #iu #bloomington,” wrote one.

The university’s Twitter page was silent as another person wrote, “Bar shooting in Bloomington with the shooter still not in custody and @IndianaUniv has still not used their notification system to alert students. Gross.”

People Wrote That Their Friends ‘Experienced a Shooting’

Kalao is located at 320 North Walnut Street in Bloomington.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Mfs shooting at Kalao. Damn that’s how y’all coming for lil 5???? Nuts and a shame!!! Stay safe out there yall

A man wrote, “i never thought i’d be recieving texts for the SECOND time asking if i am safe by friends who just experienced a shooting in Bloomington. We really live in a time where is is our life????? i shouldn’t have to worry if my friends are alive if they go to a club.”

An Uber driver wrote, “Bloomington, IN? I’m ubering and just picked up people that were at a bar where two people got shot.”

Many people just wanted information. “What’s going on in Bloomington?” wrote one Twitter user.

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