Kenosha, Milwaukee, Port Washington Active Shooter Threat

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Police/Port Washington Schools Kenosha police and a scene outside Port Washington High School earlier in the month.

A string of active shooter scares erupted throughout Wisconsin, including in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Franklin, and Port Washington on the morning of October 20, 2022.

However, authorities say they are false reports. Bradford High School was among those schools receiving an active shooter threat, but Kenosha police say “no active shooters or threats of any kind were found during the sweep of the building.”

According to WTMJ-TV, there was also an active shooter threat to LakeView Technology Academy in the Kenosha Unified School District, but it as false.

The other schools with false active shooter threats are Rufus King High School in Milwaukee; Rawson Elementary School in South Milwaukee, Park High School in Racine; Franklin High School, and Port Washington High School.

Here is a round up of the Wisconsin active shooter scares:

Kenosha Active Shooter Scare

The Kenosha Police Department wrote around 10 a.m. that Bradford High School was among them receiving the active shooter threat. “Below is message from Kenosha Unified School District that has been sent to families of Bradford High School,” they wrote:

Hello, Bradford families. This is Kenosha Unified calling to share that we have received the all clear from the Kenosha Police Department. No active shooters or threats of any kind were found during the sweep of the building. We understand how this incident may have impacted our students, and as such, parents/guardians may pick up their child from the fieldhouse at this time. This is not required, but is an option for parents/guardians who wish to do so. Please use door 2 or 3 and come prepared to show an ID. In addition, our counselors are prepared to support students who may need someone to talk to about today’s events.

We’d like to take a moment to share our genuine appreciation for the quick response of the Kenosha Police Department this morning. We can never be too cautious when it comes to the safety of our students and staff and we appreciate the partnership and support we receive from our local law enforcement agencies in doing all we can to keep everyone safe while in our schools.
Lastly, we appreciate your support in telling your child that any form of threat against the school, staff or students will be taken seriously and disciplinary action will be imposed if they are guilty of such threats. Thank you.

Milwaukee Active Shooter Scares

Rufus King High School in the Milwaukee School District had an active shooter threat.

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson tweeted, “I deplore the false reports of school shootings in our region today. These calls for emergency responses are a form of terrorism, frightening students and families. They also endanger our first responders. I hope those responsible are held accountable for their malicious actions.”

Port Washington Active Shooter Threat

Port Washington High School in the Port Washington-Saukville School District also had an active shooter threat.

Port Washington police wrote, “At this point TJMS, Lincoln and Dunwiddie are no longer on lockdown. Lincoln and Dunwiddie already had an early release and students will be released at this time. TJMS students will be released at their normal time that was scheduled for today. PWHS should be cleared shortly.”

They also wrote: “Again there have been no signs of a shooter and no students or staff have been injured.”

Franklin Active Shooter Threat

Franklin High School also had an active shooter threat. “Franklin Police received a threat about FHS this morning and immediately acted. This situation is happening in many local communities today. We are very thankful for the FPD and their quick call to action,” Franklin High School wrote.

They wrote:

This is a follow up message to the text message and email we sent earlier about a situation at Franklin High School. As our message stated earlier, the Franklin Police Department (FPD) received a call today that stated a threat of safety to our high school. This threat message was also received by many other area police agencies in regards to their local high school(s). The FPD immediately notified the HS and the administrative team put the school on a hold as they learned more. The FPD arrived momentarily and the team swiftly moved into our lockdown procedures to sweep the halls and all classrooms.

A sweep means every classroom, hallway, restroom, and area was checked by a police officer or
administrator. The FPD and Administration found no credible threat. The Administrative team has
released all classes to their next class hour at this time and will continue our school day as normal.

Throughout the hold and lockdown this morning at FHS, there was not a threat of safety to your child or children. This threat that was received by Franklin Police was similar in each affected community and has been identified by us and other districts as a hoax. This is an unfortunate situation and a pattern seen by other districts in the state and country this school year. We will always take any threat seriously and follow our safety plans to ensure the safety of your child or children.

Racine Active Shooter Threat

Park High School in the Racine Unified School District also had an active shooter threat.

South Milwaukee Active Shooter threat

Rawson Elementary School in the South Milwaukee School District also had an active shooter threat. The police department also wrote that it was a hoax.

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