Kentavious White, Moultrie Shooting Suspect: Amia Smith Was Victim

kentavious white, amia smith

Facebook (Kentavious White/Amia Smith) Kentavious White and Amia Smith.

Kentavious White was named as the suspect accused of shooting his mother, grandmother, and a McDonald’s manager to death named Amia Smith in Moultrie, Georgia, on May 4, 2023.

White filled his Facebook page with pictures showing him holding firearms.

“The GBI is investigating the deaths of four people in Moultrie, Georgia. The early investigation indicates that the suspected shooter is Kentavious White, 26, of Moultrie, GA,” a press release from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says. According to GBI, authorities believe White took his own life at the McDonald’s.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kentavious White Got His Manager at McDonald’s, Amia Smith, to Come to the Restaurant Door & Then Shot Her, Authorities Say

According to the GBI press release, on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at around 5:50 a.m., Moultrie Police Chief Sean Ladson “requested assistance from the GBI in connection to a man and woman who were found dead at a McDonald’s restaurant at 506 1st Ave. SE, Moultrie, GA.”

As agents were headed to the scene, Ladson “called back and stated his officers had responded to a home in the 1100 block of 6th St. SW where they found a woman who had been shot but was still alive. She was taken to a local hospital where she later died,” the release said.

“Chief Ladson called a third time to report an additional woman was found dead at another home next door. At this point, GBI agents are now investigating deaths at three separate scenes,” the release noted.

“After reviewing the surveillance footage, agents saw that White arrived at the restaurant, got his manager, Amia Smith, to come to the door. White shot Smith, killing her. White is then seen entering the restaurant where he takes his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot,” the release adds.

“The two other female victims, both in separate homes, were related to White, according to interviews with witnesses,” it says.

According to WALB-TV, the relatives were Smith’s grandmother, 74, and his mother, 50.

“The GBI Crime Lab will perform the autopsies in this investigation,” GBI wrote. “This is an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the GBI Thomasville Field Office at 229-225-4090 or the Moultrie Police Department. Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling 1-800-597-TIPS (8477), online at, or by downloading the See Something, Send Something mobile app.”

2. Just Hours Before the Shootings, Kentavious White Wrote on Facebook That He Had Been Molested by 2 Relatives, although 1 Quickly Denied It

On the morning of the shooting, White wrote on his Facebook page that he was molested by two relatives. He added in the post, ” sorry for y’all lost blame yourself.”

It’s the last post visible on his page and was written at 2:08 a.m.

One of the people he tagged in that post responded in his own Facebook post, writing:

Being in prison for 2 years and hearing that your own flesh and blood has done the impossible to family is killing me, literally. I don’t know where my little brother’s mindset was, if he was on anything, or what he was going through but I know this wasn’t him at all. I’ve NEVER molested or even touched my brother in any way and to believe otherwise is beyond foolish on whoever part, and I can honestly say I can careless who believes me or not, and thats on my soul. I had more love for him than anybody but my mother and grandmother. And no matter how much distance I put between us to protect everyone against my rage when our father died, I always let him know I loved him regardless.

The pain I’m feeling is unbearable and I swear I never thought I’d feel it twice so soon in my lifetime, let alone 4. Im in shock, numb, confused. Neither my mother, my grandmother, or my little brother deserved this shit. I’ve shed so many tears and still have a lifetime more to go, even as im typing this my eyes are swollen and blurred. I’ll never be the same so keep all the fake concerns and questions away from me. Because I have NO MORE FEELINGS. NO MORE REMORSE. AND NO MORE BEARING ON MY TONGUE.
I’ve lost my angel, my guardian, my lifeline today and this shit will haunt me every day of my life for not being there to stop it, and I deserve it for abandoning those who truly needed me most. And for all you mfs who have an opinion, I’m venting to myself to avoid turning a few more months into 30, it’s never for you mfs benefit

Until I find out what really went tf on, and what really set this shit in motion, LEAVE ME TF ALONE.

3. Kentavious White Filled His Facebook Page With Pictures of Guns

Kentavious White’s Facebook page shows him holding guns.

One post shows him sitting on a sofa holding a handgun with a long gun beside him.
Another picture shows him pointing a gun at the camera.

Other pictures on Facebook show him flashing tattoos, wads of cash, and drinking alcohol.

4. Victim Amia Smith Had Worked as a Nanny

On Facebook, Amia Smith wrote that she had worked as a live-in nanny, studied at Moultrie Technical College, and went to Cairo High School. She was single and lived in Moultrie, Georgia.

Brianna Moore wrote of Smith, “💔💔😭😭 she was so amazing and so caring she always love seeing my kiddos I just can’t believe this. We will miss you so much my heart breaks for your family 💔”

Kiley White wrote on Facebook, “Next time someone is shot, don’t use the word ‘slain’ it’s disrespectful, maybe say she passed away in an unfortunate circumstance’ and Amia Smith has never picked up a gun in her life.”

5. A Woman Who Knew Kentavious White Wrote, ‘Kentavious White Whyyyy’

Olivia Thompson, a former girlfriend of White’s, wrote on Facebook:

Kentavious White Whyyyyy 💔💔💔 , you the one kept me from going off the edge , you kept me from giving up , you told me we ain’t need nobody they would need us when the time came … stinka why 💔💔💔💔 whyyyy , I’m so hurt . We were so young , didn’t know the first thing about love but we was deep in it 🥹 Kentavious why 💔 you told me not to give up 💔💔 I’m going thru it already & this just hurt me 1000x more whyyyyyyy 💔💔💔

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