Kylie Strickland Video: Georgia TikTok Influencer Arrested

kylie strickland video

TikTok/Twitter Kylie Strickland

Kylie Strickland is a TikTok influencer from Georgia whose controversial pool video is under investigation by authorities because it involves minors. Strickland was arrested on the afternoon of June 30, according to a Facebook post from the Troup County Sheriff’s Department. The announcement was posted around 3:15 p.m. Eastern time.

Heavy has reached out to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department in Georgia for additional details. That agency confirmed to WTVM-TV that it was investigating Strickland’s video. The Troup County Sheriff’s Department wrote in a news release that it had referred the case to Pike County, which issued a warrant for her arrest, according to Troup County.

Strickland’s TikTok page is now set to private. She posts using the name @kylie.strickland3. She has more than 263,000 followers. According to LaGrange News, she has used her platform to speak out against domestic abuse.

In that interview, she discussed making $1,000 a month through her TikTok videos. LaGrange News reported that she grew up in Georgia and is the daughter of a man who owns a pizza restaurant. She told the news site that she also makes $80,000 a month through an OnlyFans account, which has a sexually explicit cover photo.

This version of the Strickland pool video contains Strickland’s controversial video with the nudity and boys’ faces blurred out. Be forewarned that some of the language is graphic if you choose to watch it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sheriff’s Officials Say They Were Made Aware of the TikTok Video Involving ‘Young Boys in a Swimming Pool’

In a news release, the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, in LaGrange, wrote that it had commenced a “TikTok video investigation.”

“On June 28th, investigators with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office were made aware of a TikTok video that had been circulated which appeared to show an adult female expose her breast to two young boys in a swimming pool,” the Sheriff’s Department wrote in a news release posted to its Facebook page.

“Other people can also be heard in the background and seen in the video. After a diligent investigation, it has been determined that this act occurred in another county outside of our jurisdiction, specifically Pike County, Georgia.”

The department noted, “Our investigators have spoken with Pike County Sheriff’s Office investigators and will continue to work with them for any information they require from our team. While we understand the emotions that this video caused, we always take our time when investigating any case, especially of one originating on social media. Any further questions or concerns you may have, you can direct those to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.”

Strickland Is Accused of Flashing Two Boys in a Pool

According to the television station WTVM, Strickland, of LaGrange, Georgia, is accused of exposing herself to minors.

The video showed her “flashing what appeared to be two boys while in a pool,” the television station reported.

“The woman asked the children if they wanted to see her breast and then proceeded to lift her swimsuit top,” the station alleged.

According to Distractify, Strickland initially posted a video in her defense, arguing that they were not her children and she could not control what they do. That response angered some people on social media, according to Distractify. The video is no longer publicly available on her site.

Distractify pointed out that the boys’ ages is unclear, and people on TikTok and Reddit brought attention to the video.

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