Maison Des Champs Video: ‘Pro Life Spiderman’ Climbs Oklahoma City Devon Tower

maison des champs video

Instagram/Twitter Maison Des Champs

Maison Des Champs is a Nevada man known as the “pro life Spiderman” who climbed the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You can watch videos of the stunt later in this article.

“Great teamwork today by all of our first responder partners who helped with the climber at Devon Tower,” Oklahoma City police wrote on Twitter.

“Maison Des Champs was arrested at the top of the building after scaling it. He will be booked on complaints of trespassing and disorderly conduct…Update: Des Champs will only face trespassing complaint.”

The incident occurred on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. The Devon Energy Center skyscraper stands 50 stories tall, according to WFAA-TV.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Des Champs Recorded Himself Climbing the Tower, Asking People to Donate to Anti Abortion Causes

“Out here at Devon Tower, Oklahoma City,” Des Champs says in a video showing his ascent up the tower. In that video, he makes it clear that his goal is to impart a message against abortion.

“Let them live,” he said at another point. He asked people to donate to help “save a baby.”

Videos show Des Champs clinging to the side of the building and slowly climbing it. One video showed Des Champs climbing from the vantage point of someone inside the building.

Here’s more video:

Des Champs posts videos on his TikTok page, which is under the handle @prolifespiderman.

2. Des Champs Climbed to the Top of the Building, According to Police

Oklahoma City police tweeted, “We are aware of an individual climbing the Devon Tower downtown. Please avoid the area, as a precaution our officers have closed streets near the site.”

Captain Valerie Littlejohn said in a news conference that, just after 8:40 a.m., police received a report of a subject climbing on the side of the building. Safety features were put in place as far as shutting down the streets. Officers and firefighters tried to talk Des Champs into coming down. He climbed to the top of Devon Tower, and he was taken into custody.

She would not confirm the motive. “It was difficult watching someone especially at that height,” she said. “Luckily, he was able to make it all the way up without falling and hurting himself.”

Several years ago, someone else climbed up the Devon Tower after it was still being built and base jumped off of it, Littlejohn said.

3. Des Champs Recently Climbed Towers in New York & San Francisco

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Des Champs has climbed towers in other cities.

According to NPR, in early May 2022, Des Champs climbed to the top of the New York Times Building in Manhattan.

Two days before that, he was arrested “after solo climbing the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco,” the site reported.

In New York, the police did not respond, and he ran 52 flights down the stairs to escape after completing the climb, during which he hung a banner on the building that read, “Abortion kills more than 9/11 every week!” NPR reported.

He was also arrested climbing the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, to protest COVID-19 restrictions, NPR reported.

4. Des Champs Is a College Student Studying Finance Who Is a Rock Climber

@prolifespiderman Pro-Life Spider-Man Strikes Again!!!!! Susccesful ascent of the 700ft New York Times Building! Go to to donate to his prolife charities #prolife #roevswade #justiceforthefive #climbing #skyscraper ♬ Yankee Doodle – American Classics

According to NPR, Des Champs is a “22-year-old finance student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas who enjoys spending his free time hunting and rock climbing.”

He has a website, where he urges people to donation to anti-abortion groups. He is also on Instagram.

“My name is Maison Des Champs,” he wrote on that website. “I am a rock climber that has recently started climbing Skyscrapers to protest abortion. The goal is to raise $1,000,000 for Pro-Life Charities and inspire young people to speak out against abortion. I have always wanted to climb for Pro-Life charities, but after hearing news of Dr. Cesare Santangelo I felt called to action.”

Des Champs provided some biographical information:

I was born and raised in Hartland, Michigan. Growing up my dad would take me “Up North” to go hunting and and fishing. I quickly developed a love for the outdoors. When I was 16 I moved to Santa Clarita, California and started rock climbing. I instantly fell in love with the sport. On the last day of my senior year of high school, I skipped my graduation and I drove to Yosemite National Park to start my life of ‘dirt bagging’ ( jargon for rock climbing bum). There I fell in love with big wall rock climbing and met Brad Gobright, ‘The Dirtbag Samurai,’ who taught me how to climb boldly and with your heart. In August of 2021 I climbed the 600ft Aria Hotel to protest Nevada’s Covid-19 Mandates. ​I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am a finance major at UNLV.

He added:

Last month I began climbing skyscrapers in protest of Dr. Cesare Santangelo and his involvement in the abortions of 5 late-term babies, in Washington D.C. Within one week I scaled three towers in three cities across the country. My goal has been to raise awareness about the injustice of abortion. Now that I’ve partnered with Let Them Live, awareness can turn into action.

Who is Santangelo?

National Catholic Register reported that “pro-life advocates continue to call for an investigation into the deaths of five aborted babies whose bodies were recently obtained by pro-life activists Lauren Handy and Terrisa Bukovinac.”

The site reported:

The women, who are with the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAUU) group, say that a Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services driver gave them one box, containing the remains of 115 aborted babies, which he alleged came from the waste left outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic in the District of Columbia. Dr. Cesare Santangelo, a known late-term abortionist, appears to be the only doctor licensed at the clinic.

Some Republican members of Congress have demanded an investigation, writing,

Last week, DC Metropolitan Police recovered the remains of five preborn children apparently from the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington, DC, a facility operated by the late-term abortionist Dr. Cesare Santangelo. Instead of ensuring that the horrific deaths of these children were properly investigated, Metropolitan Police made the assumption that each child died as the result of a legal abortion. It is our understanding that the Metropolitan Police made this assumption without conducting any medical evaluations. We also understand from press reports that the D.C. medical examiner does not plan to perform autopsies on the children. This is completely unacceptable.

5. Des Champs Maintains That Skyscrapers Are Easier to Climb Than Rocks

Des Champs answers some common questions on his website. He wrote:

I would never recommend or encourage another person to climb without a rope. There are definitely dangers involved. However, most Skyscrapers are significantly easier to climb than rock. The large rails and positive windows sills are ginormous in comparison to the credit card sized holds found on rock. As an experienced climber, I see climbing skyscrapers as a safe and creative/effective way to peacefully protest.

Of donations, he noted,

To get involved you can donate using the link above and spread the word! All proceeds go towards helping abortion-minded pregnant women who are in need of housing, medical care, food, or adoption services. Truly the most special thing about this mission is being able to help others and save the lives of innocent babies.

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