Maui Missing Person List From Fires: Names & Photos

maui missing list

Facebook Some of the Maui missing people on the list.

The official Maui missing person list has been released by County of Maui officials. You can see the full list of 383 names later in this article, in addition to photos and bio information for some people when it’s available. However, some of them have been found.

The missing include an elderly woman who lived in a senior citizens’ complex; a young wife whose husband is desperately searching for her, her parents and other extended relatives; an EMT whose family believes he may have been helping others; and a Japanese man who worked in a Lahaina hotel. Some were disabled or wheelchair bound. Read some of their stories and see photos later in this story.

anthony simpson

Facebook (Mindy Bolo)Anthony Simpson

At least 115 people are confirmed dead in the wildfire, according to NBC News.

“County of Maui releases validated list of names of individuals who remain unaccounted for following Lahaina wildfire disaster,” the Maui County, Hawaii, website says. The Maui missing person list of names was released on August 24, 2023.

michael morinho

Facebook (Joleen Medeiros)Michael Morinho

“The names on the list were compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),” the website says. “The Maui Police Department needs the public’s help in providing information on anyone who is reported unaccounted for and whose name is on this list, but know the person can be accounted for.”

Maui County noted: “If you recognize a name on the list and know the person to be safe, or if you have additional information about the person that may help locate them, please contact the FBI at (808) 566-4300 or as soon as possible.”

“We’re releasing this list of names today because we know that it will help with the investigation,” said Police Chief John Pelletier in the news release. “We also know that once those names come out, it can and will cause pain for folks whose loved ones are listed. This is not an easy thing to do, but we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to make this investigation as complete and thorough as possible.”

A woman wrote on Facebook of the list, “Please check these names some of them are safe! Thankfully!!! Please help us get names off the lists and let your friends and family know your ok!! 😘💪🏽 Some people don’t realize they are on here!!” It’s not clear whom she means, but it should be noted that the people on the list are not confirmed dead and may simply be out of contact with loved ones.

There is also a crowd-sourced Excel sheet tracking the missing. It lists some people as “found” who are on the government’s list.

Michael Perreira

Facebook (Tambra Karns)Michael Perreira

There is also a Facebook page called Maui Fires People Finder.

Here are the people listed as missing in the Maui fires by County of Maui:

Jason Kaneshiro

jason kaneshiro

Facebook (Eric Arquero)Jason Kaneshiro

Eric Arquero wrote on Facebook, “The family of Jason Kaneshiro is desperately searching from him. Mr. Kaneshiro is living in Lahaina and working at a hotel in Lahaina. His family in Japan has not heard from him. Jason is 40 years old. If you have any info. on Mr Kaneshiro’s whereabouts or if you know his place of employment please contact the number on the flyer. Mr. Kaneshiro was living on Maui without family. Mahalo.”

Louise Abihai

louise abihai

Facebook (Melody Aiwohi)Louise Abihai

According to Spectrum 1, Virginia Dofa, 90, and Louise Abihai, 98, “were best friends who lived in the Hale Mahaolu Eono senior housing facility on Lahaina,” according to Abihai’s grandson, Clifford Abihai.

The television station reported that Dofa was found deceased in her apartment, but Louise Abihai is missing.

John Aeohuhu

No information was immediately available of John Aeohuhu.

Seth Alberico & Kalia Alberico: Found Safe

A crowd-sourced Excel sheet says that Seth and Kalia Alberico were found safe and are on the mainland. They are on the county’s unaccounted persons’ list, though.

Public records show Seth Alberico is 47 and lives in San Mateo, California, and he is a soccer club coach. His soccer club confirmed to Heavy that Alberico was found safe.

Jennifer Alviar

Information on Jennifer Alviar was not immediately available.

Generosa Amakata (aka Chun)

Generosa Amakata

Instagram (Generosa Amakata)Generosa Amakata Instagram profile picture.

On Facebook, Amakata’s only visible post is a reel of the famous Lahaina banyan tree.

Online records show that Amakata lived in Lahaina and is 75 years old. Amakata’s Instagram profile picture reads, “God is good.”

June Anbe

Anbe was a resident at Hale Mahaolu Eono, the low-income senior-living complex, according to the Washington Post.

Her neighbor told The Post that Anbe, who used a walker, was waiting for a relative when the neighbor left the complex.

According to Honolulu Civil Beat, Anbe called her niece and left a voicemail: “I try call your mom to tell her we have to evacuate from here, I think. I don’t know what time. They going take us someplace else. OK? Bye, Terri.” That article includes a timeline on evacuation attempts.

Christopher Anderson

The crowd-sourced sheet lists Anderson as found, although he is still listed on the county’s list.

John (aka Juan) Arquero & Adelina Arquero

They are listed as found on the crowd-sourced list, although they remain on the county’s list.

Rolando Avincula

No information could be found on Rolando Avincula.

Samuel Back

He is listed as found on the crowd-sourced list, but he is on the county list.

Angelica Baclig, Joel Villegas, Angelica Villegas & Adela Villegas

angelica baclig

Facebook (Sherlyne Agmata)Angelica Baclig and relatives

According to Politico, Kevin Baclig has been searching for his wife Angelica and her parents, Joel and Adela Villegas. “Six other relatives who lived next door also remain unaccounted for,” Politico reported.

“I’m not going to give up until I see them,” he said. “Of course I’m hoping to find them alive. … What else can I do?” The family’s roots are in the Philippines, the site reported.

Kevin Baclig has been posting heartbreaking comments about his wife on Facebook, writing, “I wish I could wrap my arms around you, kiss and hug you tightly so you can feel the beat of my lonely heart. My day is not the same without you! I miss you Ica🥹💔, come home please.”

Although the county list lists both Angelica Baclig and Angelica Villegas, it is not clear if that is the same person, with married and maiden name. Joel and Adela Villegas are the missing parents of Angelica Baclig, according to Politico.

Junmark Quijano, Felimon Quijano, Luz Bernabe, Lydia Coloma & Glenda Yabes

They are all listed in the above photo collage with Angelica Baclig as being extended relatives. Salvadaor Coloma is listed on the photo collage, but he is not listed on the county missing person list.

Ediomede Castillo

ediomede Castillo

Facebook (Eli Perez)Ediomede Castillo

“He is Ediomedes pavian castillo (Eddy Castillo) better known as Meye, we have not found him yet please help by sharing and let us know any information he lived in haina,” Eli Perez wrote on Facebook.

Michael Perreira

Michael Perreira

Facebook (Tambra Karns)Michael Perreira

Tambra Karns wrote on Facebook that Perreira is still missing. She said that his family does not know which town he was last in. “Looking for Michael Perreira. Nobody has located him as of yet,” she wrote.

Ellen Bassford

A friend wrote on Facebook that Ellen Bassford was found safe.

Revelina Baybayan & Bibiana Lutrania

maui missing

Facebook (Naomi Toboc)Naomi Tomboc shared this photo.

A relative wrote on Facebook, “Please help. We are asking for information for Revelina Baybayan Tomboc and Bibiana Tomboc Lutriana. They were listed as “Found” by Leaf Van Alstine (collected at Lahaina Gateway, county distribution line). The contact persons tagged haven’t heard from them and relatives went to authorities and at the Lahaina Gateway but can’t confirm their names as found. 🙏🙏🙏”


Facebook (Bibiana Lutrania)Bibiana Lutrania

Naomi Tomboc wrote, “LORD, we are praying, trusting and hoping that we can finally see and talk to our Nanay Rebing and Tita Bibiana Acosta Tomboc even just in video call. 🙏🙏🙏 We miss them so much. 😭🙏❤️❤️ They were listed as ‘Located’ in a list but until now they haven’t been reunited with our family there in Lahaina and we still don’t know their exact location and condition. 🙏🙏🙏 P.S. These photos were taken Nov. 2022 when I visited Maui. It’s a shock to see what it became now. 😭💔.”

On Facebook, Bibiana Tomboc Lutrania wrote, “Studied at Philippine Air Force College of Aeronautics, Basa Air Base Pampanga, Philippines.
Went to Basa Air Base Barangay High School.”

Ken Beebe

Ken Beebe is listed as found in the crowd-sourced list, but remains on the county missing list.

Julian Bellin

Julian Bellin is listed as found in the crowd-sourced list, but remains on the county missing list.

Michael Morinho

michael morinho

Facebook (Joleen Medeiros)Michael Morinho

There is a missing person’s poster for Morinho.

It says he lived in Lahaina and was last seen at home, where he rented a room. He rides a bike and was working in cleaning and gardening at the shops on Front Street and condos/vacation properties.

Jean (aka Jeanne) Eliason

jean eliason

Facebook (Maui People Locator)Jean Eliason

Eliason’s Facebook page contains photos of her and the Hawaiian landscape.

Eileen Caero wrote on Facebook, “My💔is heavy PLEASE IF ANYONE , ANYONE SEE HER PLEASE LET US KNOW 🙏🏼 WE WILL NOT LOSE HOPE😔Jean Eliason. Few weeks ago we text for hours. She always so kind to me🖤”

Leila Torgerson wrote on Facebook, “The fact that I have to go in and give my DNA to help them with identifying the bodies because they got burnt so badly on the day I was suppose to have my baby shower is just mind boggling. My mind physically can’t process this.” She added,

It’s been 5 days and no word from my mom. I have hope and faith she is okay but right now like what? I can’t process it. My mind is going all over the place. She’s so strong and smart and I know she would do anything to be there for me, mick and her grandson on the way. I’m happy that I have a good mindset if the worst is to happen. My mom introduced me to the book, embraced by the light and I can’t help but know if you’re not on earth anymore, heaven isn’t a bad place to be either. I love you mom so much Jean Eliason The things I would give/do to see you again. Keep the positive thoughts and prayers everyone. God is a miracle worker 🙏🏽

Johanna (aka Jopie) Bergman

Johanna Bergman of Lahaina was once a finalist for Maui County’s 2010 Outstanding Older Americans, according to Maui Now.

She was also honored by a local senior citizens’ club in 2022, which said she was 90 years old.

Julie Bernades

No information could immediately be found on Julie Bernades.

Dorothy Best

No information could immediately be found on Dorothy Best.

William Fink

william fink

Facebook (Nicole Sorel)William Fink

Nicole Sorel wrote on Facebook, “William ‘Billy’ Fink Anyone see/know him? He and family ok? Kula area more than likely….”

She described his work as, “Construction kind of thing…..has experience in disaster work. Wrote estimates. Ran jobs. Some Custom work.”

Larry Botelho

larry botelho

Facebook (Mwsk Soares)Larry Botelho

A relative, Mwsk Soares, wrote on Facebook, “Please Help us fi d my nephew Lawrence aka Larry boy BOTELHO we don’t know where he was exactly but since the maui fire we haven’t heard from him since…”

Charlie Boy

No information could be immediately found on Charlie Boy.

Karrol Britton

Britton is 73 years old, according to public records.

Akili Bryant

No information was immediately available about Akili Bryant.

Jennifer Buasert & Angelica Buasert

Both were found, according to the crowd-sourcing sheet.

Maurice Buen

maurice behn

Facebook (Kim Berly)Maurice Behn

Kim Berly wrote on Facebook, “Still trying to find my Dad. His name is Maurice Buen but locals know him as Shadow 80yrs old next month. Disabled and unable to drive. Lives off of Wainee St and I heard it was completely destroyed over there. If anyone has any information please reach out.”

Travis (aka Kawai) Bulawan

No immediate information could be found for Travis Bulawan.

Justin Recolizado, Victoria Recolizado & Eugene Recolizado

recolizado family

Facebook (Mindy Bolo)Recolizado Family

A post on Facebook says the family members were last seen at their home.

Joseph Lara

joseph lara

Facebook (Mindy Bolo)Joseph Lara

Joseph Lara was described in a missing person’s poster as always being with his white dog and last being seen at a market.

Anthony (aka Tony) Simpson

anthony simpson

Facebook (Mindy Bolo)Anthony Simpson

In posts on Facebook, people who knew Simpson said that Simpson is an EMT and might be helping others.

Karen Askounes posted on Facebook, “STILL MISSING in Lahaina, Maui – Have you seen Tony? Tony (Anthony) Simpson, EMT, Might be on a yellow motorcycle. Last Seen on Keone Street in Lahaina near his home at about 2pm on 8/8/23. My Cousin, Have you seen him? Local Lahaina Resident and EMT, may be helping? No contact with him since fires started.”

Bob Burgelhams

No information was immediately available about Bob Burgelhams.

Linda Vaikeli

linda vaikeli

Facebook (Mandy Haney)Linda Vaikeli

Mandy Haney wrote on Facebook, “Still looking for my beautiful sweet auntie Linda. We will continue to post until you are home w us . You will not be forgotten, you will not be overlooked! So many family members , friend’s and complete strangers are looking for you . Prayers to everyone missing someone , searching for someone or just completely lost after this devastation.
People on the mainland don’t understand the Maui life and aloha💔”

She was last seen at her apartment, which was destroyed in the fire.

Juan DeLion

Information about Juan DeLion could not immediately be found.

Alfred (aka Alfie) Rawlings

alfie rawlings

Facebook (Riley Riley)Alfie Rawlings

He also lived at an assisted living center for seniors, according to a missing person’s poster.

According to, Rawlings is a grandfather from Australia. “In his 80s, Alfie Rawlings was living in an assisted living complex in Hawaii,” when it caught fire, according to the site.

“What keeps me up at night is the fact that he was by himself and he was stuck in his wheelchair and he couldn’t get out,” his daughter Shirley McPherson said to the Australian news site.

“There’s nothing left of the apartment complex. It’s completely flattened, it’s just turned to ash, so I presume that he’s died.”

Marilou Dias

marilou Dias

Facebook (Riley Riley)Marilou Dias

Marilou Dias lived in Lahaina, according to a missing person’s poster.

Kacie Dias

Kacie Dias was found, according to the crowd sourcing sheet.

Gwendolyn (aka Kanani) Puou

gwendolyn Puou

Facebook (Riley Riley)Gwendolyn Puou

Brenda Keau wrote on Facebook:

We went yesterday and did our own sacred ceremony at the site of the NINE 40 ft containers of bodies. NINE CONTAINERS is not 100 bodies. Inform yourselves!!!!!!”

My husband just had to give DNA samples late last night to possibly identify his mother if found. My husband is now sick with sinus drainage from breathing while driving through Lahaina doing his job. He said ll we can do is volunteer and give back. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

This is Gwendolyn Kanani Puou – 83 of Lahaina. We are searching for her, my husband‘s mother. Please contact Tony Keau with any information 🙏🏼🌺

Donald Burgess
Dove Burgmen
Andy Burnt
Haden Burt
Florina Cabales
Adelino Carbae
Caresse Carson
Buddy Joe Carter
Mark Wayne Carvalho
Joel Case
Rene Castillo

Poerava Cemigh
Cedrick Ching
Lani Chow
Lilian Christe
Liz Chun
Jayson Clarke
Chris Clayton
Patricia (aka Patsy) Clifford
William K. Collins
Christine Delora Collins
Lydia Coloma
Sarah Connelly
Allen Constantino
Stephen Cooper
Riley Copeland
Vance Corpuz
Jordan Cortinez
Randy Costa
Dorothy Costa
Liliana Coundrey
Rosemary Cummings
Stéphane Cuvelette
Chris (aka CJ) Delacruz Jr.
Krystal Delapinia (or Delapina)

Jerry Beth Demelo
Ruth Deodna
Dave DeProsse

Mitchell Dombek
Moises Domingdil
Busaba Douglas
Maurice Duen
Robbie Dunn
Joseph M. (aka Lil Joe) Durante Jr.
Herman Edlao

Robbie Elliott
James Kimo Elliott
Barbara Essman
Timothy Esty
Timmy Ferguson
Bob Fields

David Flading
Kalani Frey
Kenyero Fuentes
Tante Galang
Phyliss (aka Penny) Garett
Mark Garnaas
Charles Garrett
Michael Ray Garvin
Michael Craig Gatlin
Junmark Geovanie Villegas
Gary Gillette
David González
Michael Gordon
Rebecca Gordon
Sidney Greene
Robin Gross
Michael Hammerschmidt
Adam Hanson
Chase Daniel Hanson
Morris Haole
Remy Selim Hart
Jay Vaughn Hartman
Allen Hashimoto
Zach Hawley
Billie Hazel
Chris Hazel
Yazmine Heermance
Arturo Gonzalez Hernandez
Maureen Ho
Larry Hogan
Mark Hoshino
Haydn Huntley
Stephen Hyun
Pacita Ibanez
Fallen Ildefonso
Rafael Imperial
Richard Iona
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Kai John
Don Johnson
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Jon Kaaihue Jr.
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Norman Kaiaokamalie
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Norman Kamaka
James Kanekoa
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Paul Kasprzycki
Michael Kearns
Conrad Kekoa Johnson
Leana Kekoa Johnson
Lynda Kenney
Barnaby Kenney
John Keohuhu
Barbara Kerrbox
Jason Khanna
Sue Kidney
Michael Kidney
Gary (aka Duffy) Kiel
Mark King
Lulu King
Sabree Koch
Imee Koike
Hannah Koltz
Ronald Kristy
Mike Kushner
Joyce Kushner
Theresa Kuzianik
Aliavu La
Margie Laborte
Jarend Lacuesta
Patricia Lanphar
Rick Laoonetti

Ric Larsen
Joseph Laura
Rich Ha (Nina) Thi Le
Bich Ha (Nina) Thi Le
Tim Lee
Jimi Lee
Gail Leiby
Jay Lein
Tony Leon-Guerrero
David Lewis
Colleen Liggett
Sky Liggett
Mora Lohaina
Ned Loomis
Sabree Lopez
Eduardo Lopez
Wendy Lou Rose
Sharon Loveland
Kenneth Loveland
James Lusk
Michael Mahnesmith
Sabina Makaiwi
Malou Mallison
Barry Maloy (aka Malloy)
Alex Manno
María Mansur La Valva
Vaughn Mariani
Brad Marquez
Leroy (aka Le) Marsolek
Eliza Martinez Cota
Joel Martinez Cota
Carlos Martinez Cota
Emilia Martinez Cota
Brian Masano
Tevita (aka Noa) Mataele
Douglas (aka Doug) Matsuda Boucher
Heidi Mazur
John McCarthy
Michael Francis McCartin
Michael McCartney
James McDonald
Joseph (aka Joe) McKibben
Gerald (aka Jerry) McLain
Brandon Chase McLaughlin
Harry McMeen
Kelly McMullen
Eileen Medcev
Carter Mejia
Visitacion Mercado
Anna Merva-Driscoll
Fallen Miles
Michael Misaka
Dwayne Jose Moore
Jordan Moore
Donald Moral
Christopher Moral
John Mosley
Sean Musko
Kevin Nacua
Timmy Nakamoto
Edyngton Naki
Ben Namoa-Hanusa
Anaya Nand
Angela Nee Thompson
Tammy Jo Nelson
Lianna Nespor
Paterna (aka Patti) Neuse
David Nuesca
Johnny (aka J.O.) Olson
Matsuyuki (aka Matsu) Osato
Barbara Osurman
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Beverly Powers
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Farrah Pu

Glenz Q Sabay

Kathy (aka Cathy) Racela
Richard (aka Rick) Rashon

Santa Maria Raymond

Ken Redstone
Kawika Regidor
Elisha Joy Remi Elloui
Sandra Keiko Reyes
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Catherine Richardson
Trevor Richmond
Dale Ritcher
Jose Luis Roa
Raúl Alfonso Mancera Rodriguez
Colin Rogers
Sundance Roman
Midira Rosado
Reuben Rosado
Cathy Russell
Kimberly Russell (or Russel)
Mike Ryan
Jay-are Sabalo
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Elvis Saint Hilaire
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Floyd A. St. Claire
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Matthew Swift
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Evangeline Tiu
Talati Tofa
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Terry Tomas
Rebeng (aka Revelina) Tomboc
Bibiana Tomboc Acosta
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Jayzen Tumamao
Tongo Tupou
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