MGM Active Shooter Reports ‘Unfounded,’ Police Say

mgm grand active shooter

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Police say reports on social media of a possible active shooter at the MGM casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, are unfounded, but they caused quite a scare on the strip.

“Reports of a shooting near the MGM tonight are unfounded. Initial reports are a glass door shattered causing a loud noise which startled people in the valet area,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tweeted.

MGM Resorts retweeted the police statement and wrote, “Operations at MGM Grand and all Strip properties are continuing as usual.” The MGM Grand tweeted the same statement.

A witness wrote, “The scene in Vegas was wild! Someone panicked in the MGM grand saying they heard gunshots when it was rocks breaking glass. Hysteria on both sides. I was at NYNY concert and people ran both ways. Back inside. Was wild! Zero calmness.”

The reports broke at 11:30 p.m. on the west coast. Sometimes active shooter reports can be wrong or false panics, and in this case many people erroneously believed there was a shooter or shooting. “Active shooter in vegas when was sat in a bar down from MGM. Nothing compared to the scenes of everyone just running over tables through doors and windows off the strip I’ve just seen,” tweeted one person.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Someone Broke a Large Plate Glass Window,’ a Person Tweeted

One Twitter user quickly tried to douse fears. “Someone broke a large plate glass window/door at MGM Grand, NO shooting, just a lot of panicked guests, etc…” tweeted that person.

Another person alleged, “Best info on my feed says it was rocks being thrown at windows at mgm (per someone who witnessed it). Folks thought it was a gun and stampedes outta Mgm.”

Some people tweeted that the scare was at the MGM Grand, but others said it was at the Park MGM, a sister resort.

“Me and my family were hiding right next to that elevator. Park MGM staff hide us in the Cafeteria room,” a person tweeted.

But panicked people tweeted about the active shooter reports that were later proven false.

“Friends just text from Vegas and said there was a shooter at MGM Grand and they had to run. I am going to lose my f****** mind,” wrote one man on Twitter.

“My brother just called me … shooting on the casino floor at MGM Grand??!!! What is going on!!??” wrote another.

One person tweeted at police, “Bartenders called out ‘Active Shooter.’ Told to run. Friend heard gunshots. Hope you’re right….”

The Panic Was Captured on Video

Intel Point Alert shared a video of the panic and tweeted, “There are unconfirmed reports of a shooter near the casino. Patrons can be seen running for the exits. No word on injuries. More information as it becomes available.”

“We’re literally seconds from leaving the house to go to the club, but apparently there’s an active shooter at the MGM Grand,” tweeted another person. “I have zero interest in leaving the house now. And I’m very excited to be leaving America.”

A man wrote, “…My fiancé and I were outside between Park MGM and NYNY. People starting running, it was chaos. We got out of there but saw people getting locked in back rooms and restaurants. False alarm or not, that was scary.”

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