MU5735 Video: Chinese Plane Crash Death Plummet Captured

mu5735 video

Chinese state media Photos following the crash of MU5735

A video has captured the crash of MU5735, a Chinese domestic flight, revealing the plane went into an almost vertical dive as it plummeted to earth, killing 132 people, all on board.

You can watch the video later in this article. According to Reuters, there are no survivors. The news service reported that the aircraft fell on “a sudden descent from cruising altitude,” and “descended at 31,000 feet a minute.” It crashed into a mountainous area in China on March 21, 2022.

“Usually the plane is on auto-pilot during cruise stage. So it is very hard to fathom what happened,” said Li Xiaojin, a Chinese aviation expert, to Reuters.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Video Shows the Plane in a Near Vertical Dive to Earth

The video shows that the plane plummeted to earth in a nearly straight vertical drop.

CGTN reported, “On-site reporter from China Media Group learned the crash site is in a mountain area with limited access and poor connection.” That site, which is affiliated with the Chinese government, reported that, ‘Before the plane crash in China’s Guangxi on Monday, the Boeing 737-800 model was involved in 22 accidents, according to Aviation Safety Network (ASN).Ten among those incidents were fatal…”

People scrutinized screenshots from the video to spot clues as to the plane crash cause.

Photos from the scene showed the focused nature of the crash.

According to CNN, the plane was a China Eastern Airlines jetliner that “crashed in the mountains in southern China’s Guangxi region” on the afternoon of Monday, March 21, 2022.

Chinese state media released some pictures of the wreckage.

It was a Boeing 737 that was headed from Kunming to Guangzhou, according to CNN. “The cause of the plane crash is still under investigation. The company expresses its sorrowful condolences to the passengers and crew members who died in this plane crash,” the airline said in a statement obtained by CNN.

Reuters described the aircraft as a “China Eastern Airlines (600115.SS) Boeing 737-800.”

According to Reuters, video footage, which the site did not verify, showed the plane “at an angle of about 35 degrees off vertical.”

Chinese Authorities Say 132 People Were on Board the Doomed Aircraft

The Civil Aviation Administration of China, known as CAAC, confirmed that the plane, Flight MU5735, had crashed with a total of 132 people on board, including nine crew members.

You can find tracking information on the jet and flight via FlightRadar24.

According to BBC, the plane caught fire upon impact with the ground. BBC reported that the Chinese airline has not had a previous crash for 12 years, and that the Chinese government has ordered an investigation into the crash’s cause.

This video showed firefighters rushing to the crash scene.

According to CGTN, “The China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 crashed in Tengxian County in the city of Wuzhou, causing a mountain wildfire…China Eastern has canceled and grounded all flights using Boeing 737-800 planes.” That’s the type of plane that was involved in the crash.

Boeing has been under increased scrutiny because of the crashes of several of its planes, which were also featured in a recent Netflix series.

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