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Raymond Spencer: Washington D.C. Active Shooter Person of Interest

Metropolitan Police Department Raymond Spencer has been identified as a person of interest in a shooting in Washington D.C. that injured 4 people, police say.

Raymond Spencer was the person of interest in the Washington, D.C., active shooter incident in which a gunman opened fire on people from an apartment window on April 22, 2022, according to police.

Police tweeted that he was 23 and from Fairfax, Virginia. They later wrote, “The suspect has been located deceased inside of a residence in the area of Conn Ave and Van Ness St, NW. The shelter in place has now ended. Thank you to our community for your cooperation and thank you to our DC government and federal partners for your assistance today.”

According to The Washington Post authorities are investigating whether Spencer wrote on 4chan during the shooting and updated a nearby school’s Wikipedia page about it.

Metropolitan Police DepartmentRaymond Spencer.

Four people were shot in the active shooter situation, police said in a news conference on April 22, 2022. One of those shot was a 12-year-old girl, according to Fox5 DC.

Here’s what you need to know:

Video Shows Gunfire Out a Window & Photos Show the Sniper’s Equipment

Video emerged showing what appeared to be shooting from the gunman’s perspective, with a red target in the middle of the screen as gunfire erupted out of a window near a school. Police said they believe it’s authentic. Two of the victims, adults, are in critical but stable condition, police said in the news conference. A juvenile is in stable condition with a minor gunshot wound. Police believe some vehicles were damaged. They don’t know whether there are any relationships between the victims, they said.

“Multiple firearms and a large quantity of ammo were recovered inside the fifth floor apartment where the suspect was found deceased,” police wrote, sharing photos.

Police do not have a motive yet, they said.

Authorities Are Investigating Whether Spencer Wrote on 4chan About the Shooting, Saying, ‘Waiting for the Police to Catch Up With Me’

According to the Washington Post, authorities are investigating whether Spencer wrote about the shooting on 4chan.

A user named Raymond Spencer wrote, “Dear God please forgive me” at 3:24 p.m., according to the Post, and wrote six minutes later, “They’re in the wrong part of the building right now searching XD.” At 3:36, he wrote, “Waiting for police to catch up with me,” the Post reported.


Witnesses described a barrage of gunfire. One witness described five shots and then they stopped, and then five more, and then five more yet, according to TMJ4.

Spencer Updated a Nearby School’s Wikipedia Page to Say There Was a Shooting

According to the Washington Post, Spencer updated the nearby Edmund Burke School’s Wikipedia page to say there was a shooting. His Wiki user profile said, “I’m an AR-15 aficionado.”

At 3:20 p.m. on April 22, Washington, D.C., police responded to the scene, they said in the news conference. Police said they were conducting a search for a suspect or suspects. They were asking the public to stay away from the area.

It’s a very “early point in our investigation,” authorities said in the news conference.

They said they are still trying to figure out a motive as well as what exactly transpired.

Asked by a reporter if the police had recovered a tripod connected to the shooter, police did not confirm or deny the account.

Police said several people ran from the area, so they conducted witness interviews with them. They said those people would be released if they were determined not to be linked to the shooting.

No officers were injured during the incident.

There’s information on social media about the shooting, but police said they had not been able to verify yet whether it was related to the incident. Police said some buildings in the area are large and were taking time to go through. The Secret Service, the FBI and other agencies were assisting with the investigation.

Police Were Conducting ‘Active Sweeps’

The Metropolitan Police Department wrote on Twitter: “MPD is responding to the 4100 block of Connecticut Avenue, NW for the report of at least 2 shooting victims. There is a large police presence in the area. Updates will follow.”

They later updated, “4:18 PM Update: The location of this incident is 2900 block of Van Ness Street, NW. Police are in the area conducting active sweeps. Residents in the Cleveland Park and Van Ness area should shelter in place.”

“The Van Ness campus is on lockdown. Active shooting incident near student housing located on Van Ness Street/Connecticut Avenue NW. The suspect remains on the loose. Law enforcement is on the scene. Take shelter and stay in place until further notice,” the University of the District of Columbia tweeted.

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Raymond Spencer was a person of interest in the Washington, D.C., sniper shooting on April 22. Authorities are looking into 4chan posts and whether he updated a Wikipedia page.