• Benjamin Torre: Dawsonville, Georgia Man Arrested in Capitol Siege

    Benjamin Henry Torre, of Dawsonville, Georgia, was named as one of the most recent arrests related to the U.S. Capitol siege. He was arrested and charged today.

  • Pennsylvania Woman Stole Pelosi’s Laptop to Sell It to Russians: Feds

  • Peter Stager Charged: Arkansas Man Accused of Beating D.C. Cop

  • Thomas Baranyi Arrested, Describes U.S. Capitol Shooting in Video Interview

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  • Larry Brock of Texas Arrested, Identified as Man in Tactical Gear on Senate Floor

    Larry Brock of Grapevine, Texas turned himself in after he was identified in photos as a man wearing tactical gear on the Senate floor during a siege of the US Capitol.

  • Robert Keith Packer Identified as Man in ‘Camp Auschwitz’ Shirt at Capitol

  • WATCH: Police Officer Viciously Beaten by Capitol Rioters in Graphic Video

  • Yogananda Pittman Named as New Acting US Capitol Police Chief

  • Howard Liebengood: A Tribute to the Capitol Police Officer Who Died

  • Eugene Goodman: Heroic Capitol Police Officer Led Mob Away From Senate Chamber

    Eugene Goodman is a U.S. Capitol Police officer who is being hailed as a hero for luring a mob of protesters away from the Senate chamber as they breached the Capitol.

  • Adam Johnson Arrested: Man Seen Carrying Pelosi’s Podium Identified

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    How many people were at the latest MAGA march in D.C.? See crowd size photos of the 'Stop the Steal' event for December 12 and how it compared to November.

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  • Notre Dame Employee & PhD Student Charged With Murdering Ex-Boyfriend

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    Has the clock run out on a second round of COVID-19 stimulus checks before the presidential election?

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    The prospect of another shutdown looms large as The Washington Post reported a potential deal fell apart Friday, September 18.