Richard Allen Photo: Delphi Man & Wife Sat Near Sketch of Possible Killer

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Facebook Richard Allen

Richard Allen, who is is being held in connection with the high-profile Delphi murders, appeared in a photo just last year with his wife, and there is a police sketch of the possible killer behind him.

His wife, Kathy Allen, shared the photo via her Facebook page to the page of a local bar and grill.

A probable cause affidavit in the case was unsealed on November 29, 2022. It says that police knew since 2017 that Allen admitted being at the bridge that day. They also have a ballistics match and eyewitness accounts.

The two girls, Abigail Williams and Liberty German, were killed near Delphi, Indiana, in 2017, after going for a walk on a bridge. The bridge is located about five miles from the house in Delphi that Richard Allen, 50, shares with his wife.

In a news conference on October 31, 2022, police revealed that Richard M. Allen is being held on two counts of murder in the girls’ deaths.

Allen is a pharmacy tech and father. In fact, in another chilling photo, his own daughter posed on the same bridge where the girls were murdered. That picture is also on his wife’s Facebook page.

richard allen

FacebookRichard Allen’s daughter on the bridge. Heavy blurred out her face

But it’s the photo with the police sketch that is getting a lot of attention online. It was of a person police wanted to investigate as the possible killer.

Fox59 broke news on October 28, 2022, through sources, that he was being held in connection with the Delphi killings. Allen is also known as Ricky Allen and Rick Allen. His full name is Richard Matthew Allen.

Allen’s attorney released a statement proclaiming his client’s innocence and saying that Allen is confused by he has been accused of the crimes.

How did it take so long to identify Allen as a suspect? According to Fox59, an investigative source claims a 2017 interview with Allen, in which he volunteered that he had been on the trail that day, “was overlooked due to a ‘clerical error.'”

The television station reported that “someone mislabeled or misfiled tip information in the system, which means it didn’t show up in the correct location during a data search,” but added that the FBI insists that agency “correctly followed established procedures.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Photo of Richard Allen & His Wife Was Taken in December 2021 at a Delphi Bar & Grill

Richard Allen


According to the wife’s Facebook post, Allen and his wife Kathy were at the bar and grill to play pool.

Richard Allen

FacebookAllen with his wife

They were at JC’s Bar and Grill in Delphi, Indiana, where they live. The wife wrote:

So many things I could say…what a great group of fellow pool players, teachers of the craft, and friends who were and will always be my other family. So much fun & laughter. Sometimes tears. Best of all people who treated you with kindness and love even when not playing the game. This special place will be missed. To those we may or may not get to see as often or ever again we love you and thank you for taking us under your wings to help us learn and appreciate not only the game but your memorable friendships. I loved this bar. Nothing fancy. That is what made it my kind of place to be. If you didn’t join in on the good times with good people here you have lost your chance and will never know what you could have experienced with my peeps. Your loss. Love you JC family. ❤

Daily Beast spoke to the bar owner, Bob Matlock.

“He would come in and we would always talk about the girls and everything,” Matlock told Daily Beast. ‘We would carry on conversations about it, he would say, you know, it’s such a tragedy, and we’d say we felt sorry for the families and all that, but we tried not to talk about it too much because we all knew the families.”

People online noticed the sketch behind him.

They say it was of a man one of the girls was talking to online that police wanted to find to investigate in the murders.

People Have Noted That Richard Allen Resembles Another of the Police Sketches

There have been multiple police sketches in the case. Some people believe Richard Allen resembles one of them most closely.

The case is one of the most famous unsolved homicides in the Midwest. One of the girls recorded a snippet of video of the suspected killer, and he could be heard mumbling “down the hill.” The case has spawned true-crime groups and podcasts.

Allen lives on Whiteman Drive in Delphi, Indiana, in a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home, according to property records. That’s about five miles from the bridge.

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FacebookRicky Allen

Before the news broke on Richard Allen, Liberty’s sister said on social media that there was a break in the case.

On October 28, 2022, Liberty’s sister, Kelsi German, tweeted, “Just know how grateful I am for all of you. No comments for now, any questions please refer to the Carroll county prosecutors office. There is tentatively a press conference Monday at 10am. We will say more then. Today is the day💜.”

Indiana State police have confirmed there will be an October 31 press conference, according to JCOnline.

Fox59 cited multiple sources as indicating that “a man named Richard Allen was booked into the Carroll County Jail Friday in connection with the Delphi murder investigation.”

Allen, 50, “has been moved to a state facility for his safety,” the television station reported on October 28.

Authorities have also released Snapchat video from Libby’s phone of a man walking on a bridge toward the girls before they were killed. Libby also captured audio of his voice saying, “Down the hill,” according to WRTV.

The full video has never been released to the public. The warrant says it is 43 seconds long.

The girls were followed by the suspect on the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi, according to the warrant.

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