Southlake Mall Shooting Reported in Morrow, Georgia


There are reports of a shooting at Southlake mall in Morrow, Georgia. The reports are preliminary and have not been confirmed by authorities, but photos and videos on social media showed a large law enforcement response to the scene.

“I pulled up to Southlake to get some lunch and I see everybody running out the food court… someone in there shooting Persevering face Thank God for protection!! I was still in my car,” a woman wrote on Twitter on June 10, 2021.

Another person tweeted, “They shootin at Southlake mall if anybody cares.”

Here’s what you need to know:

One Person Claimed the Shooting Was in the Parking Lot

“HOLY SH**!” wrote another Twitter user. “A shooting at the Southlake Mall parking lot right behind my job. I’ve seen 3-4 ambulances leave & more coming! Cops everywhere.”

A woman wrote on Facebook, “I just got off the phone with someone that is inside Southlake Mall where they’re shooting inside the mall as we speak😩😩😩”

Police haven’t officially commented on the shooting. In some shooting reports, especially involving mall panics, it turns out to be a false report. In the case of Southlake Mall, that’s not yet clear.