Tanner Hoang: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tanner Hoang was a missing Texas A&M student who was last seen in Caldwell, Texas.

There was a Facebook group devoted to finding him.

On December 27, 2022, Austin police wrote that Hoang’s body was discovered.  “APD can confirm the body of 22-year-old Tanner Hoang, was found on December 24, 2022, in the 5200 block of N. Capital of Texas Highway,” police wrote in a Twitter statement. “No foul play is suspected. This case remains active. APD does not have additional information to share at this time.”

Hoang’s mom, Alisa Hoang, wrote on Facebook on December 18, 2022, “Please help me find my son…he went missing yesterday before meeting up with us before lunch. We need your prayers and eyes looking out for him.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hoang Was Supposed to Meet Family to Celebrate His Graduation From Texas A&M, But He Wasn’t Expected to Actually Graduate

A missing person’s poster shared by Hoang’s mother says that he disappeared Friday, December 16, 2022, at noon.

He was last seen in Caldwell, Texas.

Hoang is 6 foot tall. He is 22 years old. People with information are asked to call College Station police at 979-764-3600, according to the missing person’s poster.

The Facebook page devoted to finding him provided more details:

Tanner was last heard from on Friday 12/16 at 8:30am. Family was coming to town Friday to celebrate his graduation from Texas A&M; however, he was not expected to actually graduate. Only he knew this. On Friday morning he turned his phone off around 8:30am and left his apartment around 11am. He got gas at Johnson Shell at 200 N. Green (Hwy 36) in Caldwell, Texas at 12:08pm on Friday 12/16. He got 10.204 gals for $27.54 and put it on his debit card. We don’t know what direction he went when he left the Shell. Family tried to get any video footage but the outside cameras were inoperable. He has not been seen or heard from since.

He was driving a 2009 silver Lexus 4 door sedan bearing Texas LP# BS2C737, according to the Facebook page.

2. Hoang’s Mom Wrote That Lives Are ‘Being Transformed by God’s Loving Kindness’ as a Result of the Search Efforts

On December 20, 2022, the Facebook group shared a post from Hoang’s mom that said he is still missing.

“My son is still missing. We miss him dearly and want more than anything another chance to hold him tight and tell him he is deeply loved,” it read.

“This has been a gut wrenching 4 days for our family, but God had already brought good out of this. Lives are being transformed by God’s loving kindness. God’s love for Tanner and our family has been so evident and overwhelming.”

The post continues:

When we made the difficult decision to push this through social media, we had no idea the depth and width of support, care, concern and prayer that would follow. It has been a firestorm of love for an
‘average Joe’ young man. God’s hand and favor have brought the needed people and resources to come along side of us to help us locate our son. We are in awe of the power of our God at work on Tanner’s behalf through family, friends, the Aggie network, law enforcement and concerned strangers throughout Texas and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone involved in blanketing Texas with prayer and help. With all of your help and the power of God at work, we have no doubt our son will be found.

3. Police Have Tracked Some of Hoang’s Movements to Gas Stations

The Facebook page posted a chronology of updates in the missing person’s case.

Here is the most current information: “College Station Police have an open Missing Persons case 2022-0101994. They can be reached at 979-764-3600,” the page administrators wrote.

On December 20, 2022, they wrote: “Nothing new to report at this time. Family will meet with DPS in the next couple of hours to discuss leads that developed overnight and formulate a plan for the day….Please be looking for Tanner’s vehicle today! Thank you all!!”

On December 19, there were “a couple of leads…One was a possible sighting in Giddings and one in San Antonio at a hospital. There is quite a bit of media coverage tonight in several markets. Tuan Hoang did a great job representing the family and his faith. We are thankful for the media coverage and those who have shared it as it reaches additional people who will be looking for Tanner tomorrow.”

They noted:

DPS has verified he made it to near Bastrop on 21. They are still working on a direction once he got into Bastrop. We have had a lead of a possible sighting at the College Station Target yesterday that was provided to CSPD for follow up. We had a group member post about seeing a vehicle parked on 86/80 between Red Rock and Kenedy. We have people driving that area right now. No activity on his phone or accounts. DPS continues to work hard on the case with support from CSPD and all of you. Keep looking for the vehicle!!

The page further noted: “DPS has confirmed he went west of Old Dime Box on 21 towards Bastrop. Keep looking for the vehicle as you are out and about. Any leads about possible sightings in or around College Station should be given to CSPD.”

He was also at a Shell Station in Caldwell, the page wrote.

DPS has determined based on video evidence that Tanner left the Shell station in Caldwell and the headed Westbound on Hwy 21 towards Old Dime Box and Bastrop.

The page says his phone was turned off:

“Law enforcement was able to start pinging his phone, but as suspected his phone has been turned off. No useful location data has been obtained at this point. Keep looking for his vehicle!”

4. Hoang, Who Is Described as ‘Personal…Very Humble,’ Was Studying Mechanical Engineering

According to KHOU-TV, Hoang, who is from Flower Mound, Texas, was studying mechanical engineering.

“We want him back, we want him back home with us,” his uncle, Tuan Hoang, told the television station. “He is a fun-loving, kinda quiet but personable young man and very humble. Any parent would love someone like Tanner to be their son.”

He noted to KHOU-TV: “We are just asking everybody to continue to pray, we believe in the power of prayer, and we are asking God to bring Tanner back to us.”

5. Experts Say the Missing Car Was the Biggest Clue

Experts told KHOU-TV that people should watch out for Hoang’s car.

“The biggest, most visible thing is going to be the vehicle – a silver Lexus with a specific license plate (BS2C737). That’s something people can be looking for,” said Chuck Fleeger, with Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley, to KHOU-TV.

“Bottom line, it’s somebody’s loved one who is not where they are supposed to be, so we want to do everything we can to get the word out to the public and help bring that loved one home,” Fleeger said to the television station.

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