Target’s ‘Gay Nutcracker’ Christmas Decoration Is Trending


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A gay pride nutcracker being sold by Target stores for Christmas is causing debate on the Internet.

Target is selling a “Kurt Adler 12-Inch Wooden Gay Pride Nutcracker.”

“This 12-Inch Wooden Gay Pride Nutcracker is a fun and unique addition to any holiday décor or nutcracker collection. The nutcracker is adorned in a beautiful sequin jacket with blue with glittery stripes. He holds a rainbow flag and wears a red and gold crown with jewels. He stands on a gold base,” the website says.

The star ratings on the gay pride nutcracker are completely polarized, with the item either getting all 5 star ratings or all 1 star ratings, with nothing in between. Target also sells a “Pride Christmas Nutcracker Figure.”

According to NPR, a backlash by some against Target’s LGBTQ merchandise during June’s Pride Month resulted in “substantial losses” to sales and profits.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Gay Pride Nutcracker Is Generating Polarized Reviews on the Target Website & on Social Media

One person who gave the nutcracker a five-star rating wrote on the Target website, “Absolutely love this pride nutcracker that shows inclusivity and love for all during the holiday seasons!! It’s amazing I get so many compliments on it every year.”

Another person wrote, “Bravo to Target for their continuous support of the LGBTQIA community and for showing Christmas is for everyone! It’s a shame so-called Christians forget that Jesus loved everyone.”

A person who gave the nutcracker a one-star reviewer wrote, “Did they not learn from last time? Apparently not.”

“Ridiculous and garish,” declared another one-star reviewer.

The debate on social media was equally polarized. “It’s amazing how every little thing offends the small minded bigots at Fox News. This year it’s gay nutcrackers and Santas in wheelchairs 🤦‍♂️” wrote one person on X.

“Just another reason not to shop at Target. Who needs a gay nutcracker?” wrote a man who identified himself as a reverend.

According to the Washington Examiner, Erik Thompson “is Target’s latest leader for multicultural merchandising.” Thompson set his Instagram page to private after publicity about his Target partnership.

“Honored to get to start a new body of work and lead Target’s LGBTQIA+ multicultural merchandising strategy and Pride businesses for the company and the LGBTQIA+ & Allied communities across the the [sic] nation,” Thompson wrote on Instagram, according to the Washington Examiner. “Time to whip out the … Glitter & Hellfire … flamethrowers and rip that old world to shreds darlings.”

A Fox News Host Provoked Controversy By Criticizing the ‘Gay Nutcracker’ & a Disabled Santa in a Wheelchair

According to Mediaite, Jesse Watters, the Fox News host, said on “Jesse Watters Primetime”:

We sent one of our producers to Target and they found this: gay nutcracker, complete with a rainbow hat, a trans flag. Full price, $12, but right now it’s on sale for eight. Target also sells Santa ornaments, but Target Santa is in a wheelchair and is Black. And it’s a good thing our chimney is wheelchair accessible so Jesse Jr.’s gonna get all the gifts he wants. Gay nutcracker and wheelchair Santa might be the only items in Target that don’t get looted.

Watters also said, Mediaite reported, “The gay nutcracker, I mean, this appeals to children. The Christmas spirit. You decorate the house, you put nutcracker up there. Is this sexualizing Christmas for children?”

However, the site The Pink News criticized the criticism, writing, “Nothing quite says ‘season’s greetings’ like the first cries of “go woke, go broke” from right-wing trolls who combust at the sight of inclusive Christmas marketing.”

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