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Susan Andrews Carlson, Tucker Carlson’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susan Andrews, in Los Angeles in January 2020.

Susan Andrews is the wife of former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. She and Carlson have been married since 1991 and they have four children. Andrews appears to maintain a low-profile publicly. While she has been spotted at events with her husband, she does not have her own public social media profiles and does not comment on news events or Tucker Carlson’s career.

Tucker Carlson was the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News from 2016 to 2023. The network announced they were parting ways on April 24, 2023. He has not commented about his split from the network. The network did not release details about his departure.

Fox News issued a statement saying, “We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor.” The network announced that Fox News Tonight will air as an interim program in Carlson’s 8 p.m. Eastern time slot until a full-time replacement is named. Various Fox News personalities will sit at the anchor desk on an interim basis, the press release said. Carlson’s final show was April 21, 2023.

Here’s what you need to know about Tucker Carlson’s wife Susan Andrews Carlson:

1. Susan Andrews & Tucker Carlson Met at Boarding School in Rhode Island & He Proposed While in His Senior Year of College

TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via GettyTucker Carlson, Susan Andrews, James Randall and Eleanor Randall are seen on January 14, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson met while they were both attending St. George’s School in Rhode Island, where Andrews’ father was the headmaster, according to a 2000 article in People Magazine. Tucker Carlson told the magazine, “She was the cutest 10th grader in America.: Andrews added, “There was a bounce in his walk. He was in his khaki pants and ribbon belt and I thought, even then, he seemed so optimistic and positive.”

Tucker Carlson asked Andrews’ father for permission to marry her while he was a senior at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and after she said yes, they were married in 1991, according to People. He told the magazine, “All very 19th-century, but a good thing to do.”

Andrews has worked as a school teacher. Before joining Fox News as the co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend” in 2012, Carlson, a Trinity College graduate, worked at MSNBC as a host from 2005 to 2008 and previously worked at CNN, Fox News said. He is also the co-founder of the conservative political news site The Daily Caller, but sold his stake in the company in 2020, according to the Fox News release.

2. Susan Andrews & Tucker Carlson Have 4 Children: a Son, Buckley Carlson, & 3 Daughters: Dorothy, Lillie & Hopie Carlson

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have four children together: a son, Buckley Carlson, and three daughters, Dorothy Carlson, Lillie Carlson and Hopie Carlson. Like their mother, the Carlson children have maintained a low public profile and have not commented about politics or their father’s career at Fox News and in the media.

In a 2014 newsletter published by Camp Wawenock, a Maine children’s camp that the Carlson’s kids attended and that the family has supported financially, Andrews, under the name Susie Andrews Carlson, gave an update on what their kids were up to at the time, “Lillie Carlson is at UVA, Buckley is a junior at St. George’s, Hopie Carlson is in 8th grade and Dorothy is in 5th grade. Time passes too quickly. I think of you all often.
How grateful I am for your energy, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm in spreading Wawenock spirit. Wawenock Spirit never dies!”

Since that update, Buckley Carlson also went to the University of Virginia, according to The Washington Post, which reported on Tucker Carlson’s effort to have President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter biden, write a letter to help Buckley get into Georgetown University.

Buckley Carlson has worked in Republican politics after graduating from UVA, according to LegiStorm. He was a communications intern at the White House during the Trump administration in 2017 and has worked as a congressional staffer in communications for GOP Representative Jim Banks of Indiana since 2019, according to LegiStorm. According to Politico, Buckley Carlson is engaged to Kelsey Kilgore, who worked in the Trump administration.

Andrews told People about Carlson’s parenting style in 2000, “He’s so imaginative with them.” She said he taught their children about July 4th, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with Tucker Carlson adding, “It’s good not to take our freedoms for granted. Patriotism is so uncool, but they don’t know that.”

3. Susan Andrews’ Father, Reverend George Andrews, Now Runs a Company That Episcopal Schools Find Chaplains

Susan Andrews’ father, Reverend George E. Andrews, was the headmaster at St. George’s School from 1984 to 1988, according to his website. He was also the chaplain at University Liggett School in Grosse Point, Michigan, from 1974 to 1984 and the headmaster at St. Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, Florida, from 1989 to 2007. He founded his company, G.E. Andrews & Associates in 2008 to help Episcobal schools find chaplains.

According to the company’s website, “G.E. Andrews & Associates’ mission and purpose is to serve Episcopal schools in chaplaincy search and placement. We assist each Episcopal school in identifying and hiring the person most qualified and best prepared to serve effectively and positively as School Chaplain. We work with each school to discern the role, responsibilities, personal qualities and characteristics of the chaplain that the school seeks; and we assist, guide, and lead the school through the search process. G.E. Andrews & Associates is committed to identifying the best qualified candidates who possess the desired combination of faith, spiritual leadership, knowledge, skills and experience which each Episcopal school seeks.”

He said on the website, “Our commitment at G.E. Andrews & Associates to providing this service is based upon our belief in the critical role of the chaplain as the spiritual leader in a school community and in the importance of a meaningful relationship between the chaplain and the Head of School in order to maintain, articulate and preserve the Episcopal identity of the school.

Andrews was investigated by an Episocopal diocese in Florida in 2016 aafter he was accused of failing to report sexual abuse by a teacher while he was working at St. George’s School, according to The Associated Press. The AP wrote, “The Diocese of Southeast Florida opened an investigation into Andrews earlier this year after news broke that dozens of students had been abused at the $58,000-per-year school in Middletown.”

The article added, “According to the report, Andrews, headmaster from 1984 to 1988, fired a choirmaster for inappropriate sexual contact with a student. The investigator found that Andrews, on the advice of a school lawyer, never reported the abuse to authorities. It also concluded that under Rhode Island’s reporting laws, his inaction didn’t appear to break the law.

His lawyer, Michael J. Connolly, told the AP, “Does he regret what happened? Does he wish he had done more? Of course he does. He is sickened by what he read in that report. Clearly, not enough was done, but most of the information in the Murphy report was not known to Rev. Andrews or his staff.”

4. Andrews Called 911 in 2018 After Protesters Came to the Couple’s Washington D.C. Home

In November 2018, shortly after election day, protesters gathered at the home Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews owned at the time in the Kent neighborhood of Washington D.C., according to The Associated Press. Andrews was home alone at the time, according to the AP report. On Fox News, Carlson called the incident “chilling” and “upsetting.”

According to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, about 20 protesters went to the home and some chanted, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at nigt,” the AP reported. The New York Times wrote about the incident, “Carlson was not at home, but his wife, Susie Andrews, was. According to the Carlsons, someone banged on the door. Panicked, she locked herself in the pantry and dialed 911.”

Tucker Carlson told The Washington Post in 2018 shortly after the incident, that he heard something was happening in his neighborhood, “I called my wife. She had been in the kitchen alone getting ready to go to dinner and she heard pounding on the front door and screaming. … Someone started throwing himself against the front door and actually cracked the front door.”

He added, “It wasn’t a protest. It was a threat,. They weren’t protesting anything specific that I had said. They weren’t asking me to change anything. They weren’t protesting a policy or advocating for legislation. … They were threatening me and my family and telling me to leave my own neighborhood in the city that I grew up in.”

5. Susan Andrews & Tucker Carlson Lived in Virginia While Their Kids Were Young & Now Own Homes in Maine & Florida

At the time of the 2000 profile in People, the magazine wrote that Susie Andrews and Carlson were living together in Alexandria, Virginia. They later moved to Washington, D.C., where they were living at the time of the protest. That home was sold for $3.95 million in July 2020, according to real estate records.

Now, they own several properties, including homes in Maine and Florida, according to public records and reporting on the couple. The New York Times and The Sun Journal have both reported about Carlson spending time in Maine, where he built a studio near his home.

According to the real estate news website Dirt, Carlson and his wife bought a $5.5 million home on Gasparilla Island in Boca Grande, Florida, in 2023. They also own a $2.9 million home next door, Dirt reported.

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Susan Andrews is a former school teacher and the wife of former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. She and Carlson have been married since 1991 and have four children.