7 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods: The Ultimate List

telescopic fishing rod

telescopic fishing rod

Telescopic fishing rods are the ultimate option in portability and versatility when it comes to angling. Although the overall function of telescopic rods is typically inferior to that of traditional fishing poles, there are some solid options on the market worth owning.

If you enjoy hiking into the wilderness and often come across fishable water – you ought to have a highly packable fishing system on your person. If you’re the kind of avid angler who can’t help but pull over on the side of the road when you see a productive looking stream or pond – you better have a telescopic fishing rod ready to go tucked under the seat.

What Are The Best Telescopic Fishing Rods For 2019?

Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Several sizes available
  • 1 year warranty
  • Handle is also telescopic
Price: $58.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Wide array of rod lengths available
  • Stainless steel hooded reel seats
  • One year warranty
Price: $33.68 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Hurricane telescopic fishing rod Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 6-Section fiberglass rod blank
  • Great price point without a junky reel
  • More heavy duty than most telescopic rods
Price: $31.07 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
yongzhi telescopic fishing rod Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great option for the kiddos!
  • Excellent price point
  • Nice array of tackle included
Price: $24.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Nice schematic to the carry case
  • Four rod sizes to choose from
  • Included reel/tackle are decent quality
Price: $60.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
kastking telescopic fishing rod Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Baitcasting and spinning options
  • Impressive angler ratings for sensitivity
  • Available in a variety of lengths and actions
Price: $53.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
okuma travel spinning rod Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Offers impressive sensitivity and feel
  • Cork grips!
  • Includes a nice quality travel case
Price: $44.52 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod/Reel Combos

    • Several sizes available
    • 1 year warranty
    • Handle is also telescopic for different angling styles
    • Ceramic guides and fiber glass/carbon fiber construction
    • Solid customer service
    • Carry case is not designed to accomodate for much other gear
    • Reel quality is adequate but not impressive
    • Issues with quality control - make sure to inspect your new rod carefully for defects or integrity issues

    Here’s a popular telescopic fishing rod option from Sougayilang that will no doubt get the job done. This rod is available in three different lengths; 5.91, 6.89 and 7.87 feet making it a viable option for both fresh and saltwater applications.

    You can purchase just the rod and reel, the combo with a carry a case, or the combo with the carry case as well as a small fishing “kit” including some lures, weights, hooks, and braided line.

    The rod is built from both high-density carbon fiber as well as fiberglass, so the construction is sound. This setup is also built with ceramic guides indicating good attention to detail and long potential life span. The handle or rod butt is also telescopic and therefore extendable, but be careful not to damage this feature – if you blow out the threads on the handle then you’ll be left with a rod that has a free-floating butt and therefore very low sensitivity.  

    For how compact this rod breaks down (the shorter length rods are just 16.5 inches), the carry case is not very low profile. It could be designed far less bulky – but the rod itself is quite packable and great for hikes or for on the go storage. 

    All things considered, the included reel is one of the better options when it comes to telescopic fishing combos, but you’ll still likely want to equip the rod with something of higher quality for optimum performance.

    There are some apparent issues with quality control with this product, but that’s fairly standard for plenty of decent telescopic rods – it’s a sensitive design-type that sometimes makes it out of the factory despite issues with integrity. Good news is, there’s a one year warranty on this setup so if you end up with a less than perfect unit you can have it easily replaced. 

    Nice sensitivity, impressive packed dimensions, a low price tag, and a tough aesthetic; this is a great go-to option from Sougayilang. 

  2. 2. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

    • One year warranty
    • Stainless steel hooded reel seats
    • Extendable rod butt
    • Wide array of rod lengths available
    • Great customer service
    • No carry case included
    • Extendable rod butt although a nice feature has potential to malfunction - go easy on it
    • Reel is adequate, but nothing impressive

    Here’s another collapsible unit from Sougayilang that should be on your radar. I personally prefer this combo to the one previously listed because of the seemingly greater integrity of the collapsible rod butt. It’s a more straight forward, less problematic (in theory) version of the same rod.

    The overall design, collapsible schematic, and materials used for the rod and guides are all the same as the other Sougayilang rod listed – as is the one year warranty. This rod simply has a slightly different aesthetic and includes stainless steel hooded reel seats for better defense against saltwater corrosion.

    This rod is furthermore offered in a wider array of sizing ranging from 5.9 to 10.8 feet in length with corresponding reel sizes in the 2000 to 5000 range. Some of the larger sized rods could be what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for a collapsible fishing rod to target larger saltwater species.

    The longest length rod still breaks down to just 20 inches when collapsed – impressive stats for an almost 11-foot fishing rod!

    There is no carry case included with this combo, but Sougayilang’s travel cases are not very impressive anyway. If portability is your priority then you’re better off coming up with your own carry system. 

    The reel is better than the typical standard when it comes to telescopic fishing rod combos, but once again, nothing special. If you want a collapsible fishing setup that is truly badass, purchase a higher quality reel or pull one off of one of your existing setups.  

  3. 3. Hurricane Mako Telescopic Fishing Rod

    • More heavy duty than most telescopic rods
    • Great price point without a junky reel
    • 6-Section fiberglass rod blank casts well and has impressive sensitivity
    • Reel seat is simple and effective, a good sign of long term durability
    • Ceramic guides
    • Doesn't collapse as small or as lightweight as a lot of the competition - this is a more heavy duty unit that's closer to a traditional fishing pole
    • No reel included (pro or con when balanced with cost depending on what your needs are)
    • Some might not like the chunky aesthetic

    Here’s the no-frills, all business telescopic fishing pole you’re looking for if you already know you don’t want to bother with a junky. limited lifespan included spinning reel.

    The Mako Telescopic Rod by Hurricane is a bit more of a heavy-duty option than most of the competition that is better built to handle bigger fish. Its inherent design is also likely to hold up to wear and tear better than most alternatives in the long run. 

    There are no added extras, no travel case and no unnecessary features with the Mako. This is a quality telescopic fishing rod and nothing else. This is your best option if you’re a more experienced angler who wants to avoid paying for low quality tackle and for a reel that will only last a season.

    If you’re new to spin fishing and don’t own much gear, are shopping for a child or simply want an all-in-one setup, then look towards the other options listed here. 

    I like the Mako because its all-fiberglass construction coupled with ceramic guides. The reel seat is furthermore built with stainless steel hoods and the connections between blanks are engineered to be both simple and robust. Like I said – all business.

    This unit is available as either a seven or eight foot option, so it’s not really geared towards smaller freshwater species. This is an awesome largemouth bass, carp or saltwater telescopic pole.

    Check out this 5.5 foot telescopic fishing rod from Quantum for another no-frills option that’s lighter weight and more geared towards smaller freshwater species.


  4. 4. YONGZHI Kid’s Telescopic Fishing Rod

    • Great option for the kiddos that's a perfect introduction to fishing
    • Excellent price point
    • Nice array of tackle included for the beginner angler
    • Three different color options available
    • 60 inch (5 feet) length is super compact when collasped at just 14 inches long
    • Included tackle is great for those who are new to angling (especially for the cost) but the quality is not impressive
    • Shorter length of the rod makes this unit suitable for smaller sized fish only (rated up to 11 pounds)
    • Reel quality is poor - consider this unit for the portability of the rod or for an up and coming young angler

    Here’s a super budget option that’s great for the kids. Toss this little unit into an up and coming anglers knapsack and they’ll never be without some fishing gear!

    The quality of the reel and fishing tackle is on the lower end of the spectrum, but we’ve included this combo here because of the quality and design of the fishing pole as well as the cost.

    Don’t get us wrong, this is an awesome little set up by YONGZHI that can be used as-is for the right type of angler or fishing context – it’s just not what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for a higher-end collapsible fishing setup. 

    Despite this being a fishing combo for kids, the included rod is quite decent. The total length is just five feet and the pole breaks down impressively compact (closed length of 14 inches). The guides are ceramic and the blanks are carbon fiber – YONGZHI hasn’t cut any corners in terms of materials when compared to the competition. 

    The spinning reel can be easily converted from left to right hand retrieve and is more than adequate to learn how to fish on. It won’t last for long, but certainly long enough to get a youngster hooked on fishing and ready for an upgrade! The same goes for the included tackle, it’s lower quality stuff but will absolutely still catch fish in the right body of water.

    All in all, a great value telescopic fishing rod that’s perfect for the kids or as a back-up/emergency setup.





  5. 5. PLUSINNO Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo

    • Included reel/tackle are decent quality
    • Nice schematic to the carry case
    • Ceramic guides
    • Aluminum reel seat
    • 1 year warranty
    • Rods are a bit longer than most of the competition when broken down (shortest rod is 16 inches)
    • Seems to be poor quality control (fortunately there's a solid 1 year warranty)
    • Issues with the rod blanks turning while in use

    This little collapsible fishing setup from PLUSINNO is one of the best options for grab and go portability. I particularly like the way the carry case is designed, it utilizes space well making for an exceptionally portable fishing system.

    If you’re looking to own a highly packable telescopic fishing rod and keep it handy with some tackle, this is a great choice. 

    All four rod sizes in this series may be a bit longer than a lot of the competition, but the effectiveness of the carry case in my opinion, makes up for this. You can always secure the rod to the side of a backpack if you want to be hands-free and leave the carry case behind.  

    The rod is carbon fiber reinforced with fiberglass composite and the guides are ceramic. The reel seat is also corrosion-resistant aluminum which is a nice touch. It has a soft action and therefore high sensitivity if that’s what you’re into. 

    The 3000 reel is well reviewed for smooth function and accurate drag adjustments, but it’s a bit large for the smaller sized rods in my opinion. As with all the other rods and combos here, we suggest using your own, trusted spinning reel. That being said, the included reel here is actually a practical back-up reel or perhaps will pair nicely with another rod in your gear locker!

    The included tackle here is also of better quality than what you typically see included in these telescopic combo deals. The lures and soft baits, as well as the hooks and weights, appear to be pretty decent. You can never have enough tackle!

    All in all, this setup offers a reliable and affordable telescopic fishing rod with a reel, carry case and set of tackle that outperforms the other budget options.

  6. 6. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

    • Available in 14 lengths and actions including baitcasting options
    • KastKing KastFlex Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank has impressive angler ratings for sensitivity
    • EVA handle and reinforced reel seat
    • One year warranty
    • Guides are stainless steel and not ceramic coated - be mindful fishing braid with this setup
    • Farily expensive option compared to the competition, but you get what you pay for
    • No included reel or tackle

    If you research telescopic fishing poles, you’ll come across a ton of reviews that state something along the lines of “I like this rod, but I still prefer my telescopic KastKing”. The brand is mentioned for its superior feel and longterm durability in a plethora of product reviews for other collapsible rods, so we went ahead and tracked down the Blackhawk II

    This purchase is just for the telescopic pole. There’s no included reel or tackle – similar to the Mako by Hurricane previously listed, this rod is geared towards more serious anglers looking for a quality collapsible setup. There are 14 different available lengths and actions for this model rod, including baitcasting options so you can effectively match whatever style of fishing you have in mind.

    A variety of options is a beautiful thing when it comes to telescopic rods, you’re MUCH more likely to be thrilled with your new rod if you can select your desired size, action and rod type.

    KastKing’s KastFlex Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank has impressive angler ratings for sensitivity and also casts quite well. There are lighter weight, more dainty poles available as well as more heavy duty options for casting heavier tackle to bigger fish.

    An EVA rod butt and reinforced reel seats add to this rods durability but the rod guides are unfortunately not ceramic. Fishing braided line may damage the guides so be mindful of that. This is the weak point of the Blackhawk II that ought to be considered, otherwise a solid telescopic pole option that claims a whole lot of honorable mention.

  7. 7. OKUMA Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

    • Offers impressive sensitivity and feel performing more like a trditional spinning rod
    • Includes a nice quality travel case
    • Tackle box included
    • Ceramic guides
    • Cork grips!
    • Not technically a telescopic rod - but still highly portable
    • Reel quality is not impressive
    • Have to keep a close eye on rod connections to ensure they don't come apart

    Ok, so this technically is not a telescopic fishing rod, but this setup from Okuma is almost just as portable and offers a far superior action to most collapsible alternatives.

    This is a five-piece, six foot long light action travel rod that comes with a decent spinning reel and a handy dandy travel case. If you’re willing to sacrifice just a bit of portability for a travel rod that feels a lot closer to a traditional spinning rod, give this unit a look.

    Having a five-piece rather than a telescopic rod creates a highly comparable level of portability, but eliminates the potential issues that come with a collapsible rod. I personally prefer traditional rod connections rather than a rod that might get stuck together due to salt or corrosion. It’s a matter of personal preference.   

    The travel case measures 17 by 9 by 3 inches, so all things considered, it’s still quite a compact fishing setup. The padded travel case furthermore has a slot for fitting a small tackle box so you can bring along everything you need for a fishing excursion. 

    One realm where this rod gets BIG points is the fact that it has cork grips! Cork over foam really makes the combo feel like a real fishing pole and not a tacky fishing toy. No serious quarells with foam rod handles (they’re fine and honestly hold up better than cork in the long run), but any serious angler appreciates the feel of cork.     

    The included reel is sized for targeting species like trout, bass, panfish, and walleye, and is actually fairly well reviewed. This unit should fish nicely for at least a season or two, but like all the other options listed here, consider pairing the telescopic rod with even just a slightly higher quality reel (in the 1000 to 3000 size range) and you’ll be thrilled with the results. 

    Segments over telescoping blanks? That’s for you to decide, but the Okuma Voyager Travel Kit certainly gets a thumbs up from us!

A Unique Fishing Tool!

A collapsible fishing pole is an excellent tool for all sorts of angling contexts and also a great introduction to fishing for kids and adults – stick to our top list for the best quality and value options on the market!

Keep in mind that most telescopic rod and reel combos are not equipped with high-quality spinning reels that are often quite prone to malfunction/failure. Although the included reels can be adequate for beginners and for casual fishing, this post is more focused on the listed rods rather than reels – plan on utilizing (or purchasing) a nicer quality reel that you’re familiar with if you’re a more serious angler looking for a telescopic setup.

Things To Consider While Selecting A Telescopic Fishing Rod:

-Construction Materials: Be wary of aluminum and corrosive metals implemented anywhere in the rod's construction - especially if you're a saltwater angler. Due to the nature of the telescopic design, it's important that the rod is built to last, otherwise, there are bound to be issues with all the blank connections. Ceramic guides are also highly recommended over cheaper alternatives for better long term durability.

-The Reel: Unless you're shopping for a child or for some really simple, laid back fishing - use your own spinning reel. The quality of most every included reel with these telescopic combos is adequate, but by no means impressive. Avoid frustrating malfunctions by using a reel you know and trust.

-The Hardware/Overall Design: Most telescopic rod setups are built more or less the same way, but be wary of extra features or unique reel seats, guides or blanks. In our opinion, simple is better. Less frills, less potential for mechanical or cosmetic failure.  

Spinning Reels

Selecting the right reel for your telescopic rod combo shouldn't be very challenging. These rods do not have enough feel to really warrant springing for a top-quality reel option, so consider something reliable, but not too fancy.   

A few solid affordable options we know and trust include:

Make sure to Check out our list of the best value spinning reels for some great alternatives that will pair perfectly with a new telescopic rod

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