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11 Best Hunting Pants: Compare, Buy & Save

hunting pants

Having a warm, dry and quiet lower half is just as important as the rest of your body when you’re trying to remain comfortable and concealed out in the field chasing game.

There are a ton of great hunting pants options on the market that focus on various details like odor control, waterproofing, camouflage, silence stalking, toughness against wilderness hazards and of course staying warm and highly breathable.

Experienced hunters and newcomers to the sport alike have a TON to gain from researching what hunting pants are tailored to their needs.

Our top list has tracked down the best quality and value hunting pants on the market. We’ve selected options for every style hunter — whether you’re chasing waterfowl out in the wetland, sneaking through the deep woods scouting for deer or bush-whacking through the field flushing upland game, we’ve found some great under and outerwear options for you!

Make sure to check out our list of the best waterproof hunting pants if you’re a wetland or wet weather sportsman!

Keep dry, keep silent, keep warm and keep hunting! Good luck out there this season from all of us at Heavy!

What Are The Best Hunting Pants?

scent-lok baseslayer pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Odor controlled base layer
  • Sporty, low profile fit
  • Moisture wicking treatment
Price: $85.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Scent-Lok Men’s Recon Thermal hunting Pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • High rise back
  • Carbon alloy scent technology
  • Very quiet for stalking
Price: $79.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
browning wasatch hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Highly affordable
  • Adjustable waist tabs
  • Deep front pockets
Price: $39.46 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
orvis lolo briar hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Exceptionally tough
  • Very quiet
  • Great pocket schematic for gear storage
Price: $269.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sitka mountian hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Versatile temperature range
  • Articulated fit
  • Removable knee pads
Price: $199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sitka equinox hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Perfect tree stand pants
  • Four-way stretch nylon construction
  • Highly breathable
Price: $199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
mossy oak cotton mill hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Excellent budget option
  • Nice selection of camouflage patterns
  • Six pocket design
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
frogg toggs pro action pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Super packable
  • Polymer zips and clips won’t rust
  • Highly breathable
Price: $29.94 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
guide gear hunting bib Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Thinsulate Insulation
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Double reinforced knees
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Krumba hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Loose fit for comfort trekking
  • Elastic cuffs enhance heat retention
Price: $58.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
scent-lok cold blooded hunting pants Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Carbon alloy scent technology
  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Deadly quiet
Price: $154.87 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Scent-Lok Men’s BaseSlayer Lightweight Pants

    • Odor controlled base layer that effectively traps your scent — great for use with non-odor controlled garments
    • Sporty, low profile fit that won’t slow you down
    • Built with a moisture wicking treatment so you don’t become wet, sweaty or overheated
    • Limited sizing available
    • Should not be worn as an outer layer
    • Fairly expensive for a base layer - but this isn't your average base layer

    We thought we’d start this list off with our favorite pair of long underwear for hunting. If you need some serious protection against the cold or you just want to ensure you’re effectively trapping your scent, this is a great base layer to hunt in.

    The BaseSlayer hunting bottoms by Scent-Lok are the perfect long-john option because they are both exceptionally warm and also are built with carbon alloy technology in order to keep your scent trapped. The most important layers for odor absorption are the ones that are in direct contact with your skin, so this is the layer to start with if you’re looking to acquire some odor controlled hunting garments this season.

    These pants are suitable for literally any style hunting, but are a particularly solid wardrobe addition for the mid to late season deer hunters out there.

    These pants are 100% polyester and have a wicking treatment for moisture management. There are long-johns you can be highly active in without getting too overheated.

    Paired with just about any outer layer the BaseSlayers will keep you seriously warm in the coldest of conditions.

  2. 2. Scent-Lok Men’s Recon Thermal Pants

    • Employs advanced Carbon alloy technology to effectively trap your odor
    • Waist elastic can be easily adjusted so you can add/remove layers without having to buy two different sized pairs of pants
    • High rise back covers your major organs to minimize heat loss and eliminate drafts while zippered legs allow you to regulate your temperature
    • External materials used are exceptionally quiet for use stalking
    • Fairly expensive option
    • Only one camo option available
    • No small sizing

    The Recon Thermal Pants by Scent-Lok are the ideal companion for the early to late season hunter. These are pretty toasty on their own, but can also be used without a base layer for warmer days of hunting.

    The odor containment technology built into the Recons is what gives it the edge over other similar hunting pants. A micro tricot outer shell coupled with some softshell panels around the knees furthermore make these pants seriously stealthy quiet.

    If you’re a mobile stalker rather than a blind or stand hunter then you need to own a pair of hunting pants like this.

    The Sherpa inner fleece lining is what effectively insulates these pants and creates such high warmth stats. The polyester exterior to the Recons also breaks light rain and wind nicely so a little added weather to the already freezing temps you are used to hunting in won’t get to you.

    The most pivotal feature of these pants (aside from the stealth features) is the high rise back that gives you coverage over your kidneys. It’s a simple feature that comfortably covers your essential organs that makes all the difference in how your body handles the freezing cold. The high rise back also eliminates chilly drafts when layering up with you hunting jacket.

    The 21-inch zippered leg openings are there when you need to offload heat adding even more to the versatility of these hunting pants. Scent-Lok has even mindfully built the Recon Pants with six pockets for stowing all sorts of gear on your person.

    The inherent ruggedness and quality of construction of these pants will ensure they last through lot of hunting in their lifetime — definitely a solid investment for the serious sportsmen.

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  3. 3. Browning Wasatch Pants

    • Highly affordable product from trusted outfitter, Browning
    • Polyester material is highly reviewed for comfort and stealth
    • Adjustable waist tabs allow for comfortable layering on colder days
    • Includes deep front pockets and oversize cargo pockets for gear storage
    • Dry quickly, but not waterproof
    • These pants will not keep you warm in super cold temperatures on their own — you’ll need a base layer
    • No odor control technology

    Here’s a quality pair of hunting pants made for warmer days in the field. The Wasatch pants built by trusted hunting outfitter Browning have more of a focus on stealth and toughness than heat retention. If you’re an early-season hunter that specializes in quiet hunting tactics then definitely consider the Wasatch Pants.

    These are a great value pair of hunting pants that have a surprisingly low price tag. The materials used and quality of construction that’s expected with Browning makes these an awesome buy.

    These polyester pants are highly reviewed for both comfort and ruggedness. Hunter reviews insist that even after some heavy days in the field trekking through gnarly landscape these pants show very little sign of wear. If you cover a lot of ground while chasing game then you’ll appreciate how these pants feel and how they hold up.

    Adjustable waist tabs allow you to comfortably add a base layer (see #1) so you can utilize these pants for colder hunts when and if you want to. The cuffs cinch tight around your boots as well so you can really lock these pants down either for warmth or defense against wilderness hazards like briars.

    The ability to layer up with these pants makes them far more versatile than comparable early season pants.

    The Wasatch Pants are a good choice for upland game hunting as well as for stalking or sitting for deer in warmer conditions. They dry quickly and are resistant to wrinkling but are not waterproof enough for use in wet conditions or landscapes.

    No doubt an excellent value option for budget hunters of all kinds!

  4. 4. Orvis Lolo Upland Briar Pants

    • These are seriously tough pants - good luck damaging this suit of armor
    • Built to be very quiet so you don’t flush game until you’re ready to
    • Resistant against water so wet brush/vegetation won’t make you damp
    • Great pocket schematic for gear storage
    • Quite a high price tag - fortunately you get what you pay for with Orvis
    • Customer complaints that these pants won’t necessarily stand up to cacti needles — if you’re a desert hunter consider reinforcing these further
    • Resistant to water but not waterproof - these are not a good rainy day option

    Here’s a serious pair of pants for the serious upland game hunter. Orvis is renowned for their supreme quality hunting apparel, and the Lolo Upland Briar Pants are no exception.

    This is an expensive piece of gear, but you’ll hunt in these bad boys for many a season with the proper care.

    If your passion is upland game – these pants were made for you. They’re water-resistant for moving through damp vegetation, double-faced for defense against puncture and articulated at the knees for high mobility. It’s everything you want in a pair of upland hunting pants.

    Orvis knows you’re going to be highly active in the field, so these have been built with intense treks in mind. They’re resistant to water, yet designed to be quiet so you don’t flush any game sooner than planned.

    The overall weight is also surprisingly low so the Lolo’s won’t weigh you down. It’s the ultimate pair of hunting pants for those sportsmen who truly appreciate both comfort and function.

    Two large bellowed cargo pockets and two zippered back pockets add up to some solid storage capacity – always a welcome feature while in the field.

    A sharp look, top quality build and highly active fit make the Lolo Upland Briar Pants a big time crowd favorite. If you can afford to go Orvis, you won’t be buying another pair of hunting pants any time soon.

  5. 5. Sitka Gear Mountain Pant

    • Have an articulated fit with tapered legs for a high range of motion - these pants are built for active hunters
    • Include removable knee pads for all sorts of rugged contexts
    • Suitable for mid to late season hunting makes these pants fairly versatile - warm but not too warm
    • Awesome size charts available through this link for assistance finding the perfect fit
    • Quite expensive
    • Knee pads might not effectively line up for you if you’re a particularly short hunter
    • These pants are not warm enough for truly cold days in the field

    These pants are crafted to be lightweight, quiet and tough for trekking through hard to navigate terrain. They’re furthermore built to be very warm and therefore recommended for mid to late-season hunting. This is a pair of pants for the highly active, cold weather sportsmen.

    Sitka is, of course, one of the best names in hunting apparel. Their gear is not cheap, but it’s masterfully built with the utmost attention to detail. I love how Sitka designs hunting gear with specific climates and scenarios in mind – the Mountain Pants are the perfect example.

    Definitely a kick-ass option for big game hunters in almost any environment. The Mountain Pants have been built with stalking in mind, so if you’re someone who enjoys getting out of the tree stand or blind and seeking out your prey on foot definitely check these out.

    It’s difficult to build a pair of pants that’s tough against the landscape and also quiet while stalking – Sitka has done just that.

    A lot of sportsmen purchase these pants because of the removable knee pads. If you find yourself often crawling or traversing through rocky wilderness then you’ll really appreciate the extra padding for your knees. If you don’t, then pop the pads out and save them for when you need them.

    Tapered legs and a fully gusseted crotch furthermore make these pants super low profile and therefore highly mobile. Sitka has truly built these pants so they won’t slow you down in any context. There are countless hunter reviews for awesome range of motion and comfort trekking compared to other pants.

    The DWR finish makes these pants effectively resistant to water – but they’re not waterproof pants for wet weather hunts. These won’t wet out and get you soaked in light rain, but if you consistently hunt through heavier weather you’ll want to consider something a bit more tailored for the wetness. Try the Downpour Pants if you’ve come to love the Sitka style and quality of construction.

  6. 6. Sitka Gear Equinox Pant

    • The ultimate hunting pants for early season Whitetail — particularly from a stand
    • Four-way stretch nylon construction effectively moves with your body for supreme comfort while in motion
    • Highly breathable when temperatures rise
    • Great array of pockets for gear storage
    • Expensive option
    • Not suitable for colder weather hunts
    • Not a wide variety of camo patterns available

    Here’s another highly specialized pair of pants from Sitka, this unit geared towards the early season Whitetail hunter. The Equinox Pants are designed to be both supremely breathable and comfortable for use both moving through the landscape and laying in wait for that trophy buck.

    The cut is specifically tailored for long days in the seated position. A gusseted crotch and non-slip silicon waistband coupled with the inherent stretch-woven polyester construction ensure the Equinox’s move with you no matter what. These pants are the real deal when it comes to feeling low profile in the field – it’s what you pay for when you buy Sitka.

    The Equinox’s have been built with warmer weather tree stand hunting in mind, but don’t rule them out for use trekking. Hunter reviews insist these pants are super quiet and that they hold up great against scrapes, abrasions, and thorns.

    Similar to the Mountain Pants, these hunting pants are water resistant but not fully waterproof. You won’t get soaked in these if the day turns rainy, but look elsewhere if you expect consistently wet conditions where/when you hunt.

    There’s mesh-backed cargo pockets and a zippered security pocket so you can stash everything you need to and still remain as ventilated as possible. Sitka knows how to masterfully include features throughout their outerwear without hindering the overall function.

    Their comfort, willingness to move with your body, array of pockets and silence in the field make the Equinox Pants one of the ultimate early season options. Warmer weather deer hunters need not look any further.

  7. 7. Mossy Oak Men’s Cotton Mill Hunting Pants

    • Excellent budget option that’s praised by hunters everywhere for performance and quality
    • Elastic waistband is highly rated for comfort
    • Six different pockets allow for some good gear storage
    • Nice selection of different camouflage patterns available
    • Cotton construction means these pants won’t do well in the rain
    • Be mindful that there’s no odor control technology and the material will furthermore take on your scent
    • These pants run large - try ordering a size small

    Here’s a budget pair of hunting pants for the strapped for cash sportsmen. The Cotton Mill Hunting Pants by Mossy Oak are beloved by hunters of all kinds – if you don’t require a particularly high-performance pair of pants then these will serve you just fine.

    The Cotton Mills are crafted from a 60/40 cotton polyester blend and built with a partial elastic waistband for a higher than usual degree of comfort. They employ button closure and a zippered fly with pull tab adjustments for fine-tuning your fit as well as belt loops if you need them.

    There’s two cargo pockets as well as two front and two back pockets so you won’t be short on gear storage.

    The material does not trap your odor, nor will it keep you dry or warm in wet or freezing weather. The idea here is to remain quiet, comfortable and visually concealed when pursuing game in warm weather contexts.

    I think the Cotton Mills are an excellent budget option for terrestrial duck hunters and upland game hunters who don’t require particularly rugged pants. Early season deer hunters might also find these pants to be totally suitable for their needs if paired with an odor controlled under-garment.

    All in all, an awesome and affordable choice for the right hunting scenarios!

  8. 8. Frogg Toggs Pro Action Pant

    • Super affordable waterproof option
    • Polymer zips and clips won’t rust on you - even in and around saltwater
    • Highly breathable
    • Thin pants that roll up super tight - these are highly packable pants
    • These pants are fairly loud
    • Won’t provide you with any real warmth
    • Cheap waistband

    Here’s a killer pair of waterproof pants that come at a laughably low price. The Pro Action Pants from Frogg Toggs are highly reviewed for breathability and comfort in the field, and won’t let you down when conditions get wet.

    Frogg Togg’s classic 50 nonwoven polypropylene material is renowned for providing dry, breathable protection. These aren’t super high performance pants by any means, but they repel water almost as well as any high end option.

    Due to their lack of odor control and somewhat high volume when in motion, I think these are the perfect budget waterfowl or upland hunting pants for wet weather. If paired with a toasty base layer there’s no reason you couldn’t keep warm in these pants even late into the season.

    All the hardware is made from a polymer so you don’t have to worry about long term rusting or degradation. This is an awesome detail for those hunters who chase game within close proximity to salt water. Coastal waterfowl hunters should be perking their ears towards the Pro Action Pants for this reason alone.

    These are really thin hunting pants that can be rolled super tight making them perfect for travel. They can even be easily stashed in a hunting backpack if the forecast is calling for possible rain later in the day.

    They might only be suitable for wetland or upland hunts and therefore not the most versatile pair of hunting pants but considering their super low price point the Pro Action Pants are an awesome piece of apparel to own for when you need them.

    Don’t forget you can always restore the water repellency of your hunting garments with waterproofing products like Nikwax’s tech wash and cleaners.

  9. 9. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Steadfast Waterproof Hunting Bib

    • Excellent value bib - you get way more than you pay for with this one
    • Thinsulate Insulation provides a high level of warmth but adds next to no weight
    • Gusseted crotch further ensures this bib has a sporty, highly mobile fit
    • Loaded with pockets and features typical of far more expensive hunting garments
    • Water resistant exterior beads rain nicely
    • Double reinforced knees
    • Two different camo patterns available that cover a wide variety of landscapes
    • Not odor controlled
    • Will get wet in a heavy rain
    • Not terribly queit

    This is a post specifically on hunting pants, but we wanted you to know about this awesome value bib.

    Guide Gear has come up with a highly affordable and high-performance product with the Steadfast Waterproof Hunting Bib that’s suitable for several different hunting styles.

    This garment is built to be silent, warm and dam durable against the wear and tear typical of hunting expeditions. It’s a cotton/polyester blend that has a focus on volume control yet doesn’t sacrifice water repellency due to the DWR treated fabric.

    The built-in 150 gram Thinsulate Platinum Insulation has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio so you can stay tasty without becoming bulky. The fibers are naturally hydrophobic so this garment will keep you warm wet or dry.

    The gusseted crotch further ensures your mobility is not impaired when trekking through the landscape. If you pair this bib with a warm base layer then you can stand up to some pretty frigid temps in this unit.

    The knees are double reinforced for comfort crouching or kneeling and 13.5-inch leg zippers make sure you can release heat when you need to. The leg zippers also help with making any style hunting boot cooperate with this bib.

    An elastic waistband further enhances how this bib feels while moving or sitting – it’s truly built with comfort and compatibility in mind.

    The shoulder straps are adjustable elastic and the front zipper features a top snap for rejecting any water or ice. Two front pockets with zippered pass-through pockets allow you to access your underneath layer and also provide some solid storage. There are two chest pockets, two hand pockets and two button-close rear pockets for a fairly high level of storage capacity.

    All features considered, this bib has it going on for such an affordable garment – absolutely a solid buy from Guide Gear.

  10. 10. Krumba Waterproof Seam Sealed Hunting Pants

    • Very reasonably priced - these pants outcompete a lot of the more expensive competition
    • Suitable for cold weather hunts where you know you’ll be battling wetness due to fleece fabric lining
    • Nice array of pockets for gear storage
    • Loose fit for comfort trekking
    • Elastic cuffs for enhanced heat retention and water repellency
    • Some complaints about noise output through certain vegetation, but that’s to be expected with most waterproof garments
    • Only one available camouflage pattern
    • Button closure

    Here’s a slightly higher-end pair of waterproof pants compared to the pair by Frogg Toggs previously listed. The Seam Sealed Hunting Pants by Krumba are waterproof and windproof but also employ a fleece fabric liner for warmth during cold hunts.

    If you paired these with a warm base layer, then you could really persist through some sub-zero, wet conditions.

    The shell is 86% polyester and 14% elastane making these pants totally impervious to water and wind. Hunting reviews praise these pants for remaining truly bone dry when conditions get aggressively rainy – it’s one of the best waterproof options without entering the crazy expensive tier of hunting pants.

    There is ample pocket space, a zippered fly and fairly versatile camouflage pattern incorporated into these pants. If they match your hunting style, you’ll be thrilled to save big on a great value option like this.

  11. 11. ScentLok Cold Blooded Pant

    • Employs advanced Carbon alloy technology to effectively trap your odor
    • Waterproof outer shell will keep you bone dry and the moisture wicking fabric of the interior ensures you stay warm
    • Features an inner thigh gusset and articulated knees for enhanced movement/mobility
    • Outer material is deadly quiet despite being inherently waterproof
    • Employs a seven pocket design so you have a great gear capacity on your person
    • Only one camo option available
    • Fairly expensive
    • Button closure

    Here’s one more awesome pair of hunting pants from Scent-Lok. The Cold Blooded Pants are ideal for the late season hunter of any style who refuses to settle for anything less than excellent. These are top quality pants at a mid-quality price, so those looking for a good value pair of cold weather hunting pants should be interested.

    The Cold Blooded’s are built with a super tough waterproof shell that’s also miraculously quiet. The brushed tricot shell cuts the fabric noise waaaay down so you can stay dry and silent. Don’t forget that staying dry is the first step towards staying warm – even if your hunting grounds are not typically wet consider the benefits of a waterproof garment like this.

    The moisture-wicking internal fabric is exceptional at drawing away wetness and sweat from your skin so you won’t overheat due to the super toasty design of this garment. It’s furthermore treated with Scent-Lok’s signature Carbon alloy technology in order to keep your odor from escaping.

    A gripper waist and elastic buckles combine with an inner thigh gusset so these pants stay comfortably tight to your form allowing for increased movement compared to most other cold season pants. The knees are also articulated so your range of motion is truly unimpaired.

    Seven pockets provide some excellent storage for whatever smaller sized gear you want to bring along.

    The materials used, built-in features and inherent fit of the Cold Blooded Pants makes them one of the best late season garments around.

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