Draymond Green Brought Up Kevin Durant’s Upcoming Free Agency While On-Court

In the final moments of last night’s, Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors matchup. Draymond Green was able to secure a rebound (away from his teammate Kevin Durant) with just over five seconds left in regulation. As Draymond drove down the court with little time left in the game, rather than pass the ball to the elite scorer in Durant, he fumbled the ball away as the final second left the clock in the game. The Clippers and Warriors went into overtime tied 106-106.

Both parties walked over the Warriors bench in frustration where an argument ensued between the two Warriors’ teammates for the entire world to see. The general consensus was that the two argued about the final play on the court but, apparently, it’s a lot deeper than that…

Draymond Green Mentions Kevin Durant’s Impending NBA Free Agency

It’s well-known that Kevin Durant will be testing the free agency market this upcoming off-season. Durant has options and the opportunity to provide a lot more for his family so, one would think that judgment of Durant’s decision to enter free agency is unnecessary, right?

Well, it’s didn’t matter to Draymond, who allegedly brought of Durant’s choice to enter free agency while in the huddle after fourth-quarter regulation in Staples Center, Monday night according to NBA insider, Sham Charnia. The verbal confrontation appeared to intensify and it could because of Draymond’s comments on Durant’s impending free agency for the 2019-2020 NBA season.

Ultimately, the Warriors lost, 121-116 in overtime to the Los Angeles Clippers after Lou Williams (25 points, six assists in 32 minutes) put on an impressive late-game run. And the tension between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green bled into the locker room following their team’s loss according to ESPN’s, Adrian Wojnarowski.

Kevin Durant ended the game with a triple-double of 33 points, 10 assists, and 11 rebounds. While Draymond Green produced a lower than average statistic rate of only six points, two assists, and 14 rebounds against the LA Clippers.

Green & Durant’s Argument, Leaves the Steph-Less Warriors in Shambles

This just goes to show the NBA community, how valuable Steph Curry is to this Golden State Warriors team. With Curry out due to a left adductor strain, the team’s morale took a turn for the worse when it came to facing a beatable Clippers team. Steph is obviously the glue necessary to hold this core group of Warriors’ teammates together. The lack of communication and fluidity in their offensive schemes showed without the presence of Curry’s high basketball IQ on the hardwood.

We’ll see if the chemistry between the two Golden State Warriors starters remains damaged or if Green and KD will be able to patch things up and the team can secure a win against the Atlanta Hawks tonight without Steph, at Oracle Arena. The Golden State Warriors take on the Hawks at 7:30pm PST this evening.

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