Does Bill Belichick Have a Wife? Is Patriots Coach Married?

linda holiday

Getty Bill Belichick is not married but is in a long-term relationship with Linda Holliday.

Bill Belichick does not have a wife but is in a serious relationship with Linda Holliday. The Patriots head coach was previously married to Debby Clarke prior to their divorce.

Belichick’s girlfriend helps run his foundation and is active on social media in an effort to give fans a glimpse of a different side of the Patriots coach. Holliday spoke with about the vision for their foundation.

“For years, Bill had been donating a scholarship to one student-athlete in memory of his father,” Holliday explained to “But we wanted to take this a lot further…Some of the stories are beautiful and so touching. You realize what a difference you’re making by keeping a kid in school, and putting them through college while staying involved with athletics.”

Holiday is a southern woman who grew up around college football but has adjusted to the NFL game since dating Belichick.

“I grew up in the south, so I was an SEC football girl and never paid attention to pro football,” Holliday explained to Nantucket Magazine. “They didn’t have pro football when I was growing up in Tennessee, so Bill has brought me into that world.”

Learn more about Belichick and his relationship history.

Bill Belichick & Girlfriend Have a Dog Named Nike

Given Belichick’s solemn persona, it may surprise fans to know he and Holliday have a dog. According to CNBC, the couple have an adorable Alaskan Klee Kai puppy named Nike and the dog brings out a softer side of the Patriots coach.

With his “little wolf” Nike by his side, Belichick is cheerful, warm and downright funny. The fierce guy in the hoodie is suddenly just a friendly guy in your neighborhood.

You see, Nike, Belichick explains, loves him unconditionally, as dogs do. He lives in the moment, doesn’t care about football, and “is always in a good mood.”

Bill Belichick & Ex-Wife Debby Clarke Divorced in 2006

Belichick and ex-wife Debby Clarke were high school sweethearts, but the couple divorced in 2006. It has been more than a decade since Belichick’s divorce, and the Patriots coach has provided little details about their split. conducted an interview in 2007 where Belichick confirmed they divorced.

Belichick, known to be fiercely private, declined to comment on the allegations. He did volunteer that he and his wife divorced last summer. She lives in Weston, he in Hingham. The couple, who were high school sweethearts, have three children — Amanda…Stephen…Brian.

Linda Holliday Is the Executive Director of the Bill Belichick Foundation

Holliday is the executive director of the Bill Belichick Foundation. The foundation focuses on young people and athletics. Here’s a look at the organization’s mission per the foundation’s website.

The Bill Belichick Foundation aims to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial support to individuals, communities, and organizations. Focusing on football and lacrosse, its mission is to bring the values of the Belichick family – a love of sports, coaching and team building – to the athletic leaders of tomorrow.

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