Vicki Funk, Terry Funk’s Wife, Dead at 75

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Facebook/Freddie Vanderford Vickie and Terry Funk pictured on a friend's Facebook page.

Professional wrestling legend Terry Funk’s wife, Vicki Funk, has died at the age of 75. Vicki’s tragic passing was announced in a statement from WWE Hall of Famer, Ted DiBiase, on March 30 that read, “My heart is broken and goes out to my good friend and mentor, Terry Funk. Terry’s wife, Vicki, passed away yesterday evening. Terry and Vicki were like second parents to me. There aren’t words to express how much they both have meant to me. RIP Vicki.”

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Vicki will be best known to fans of her professional wrestling from her appearance in the 1999 Barry Blaustein documentary, “Beyond the Mat.” The film, which covered a range of wrestling stars at various points in their careers, dedicated to one section to Terry Funk, showing his short-lived retirement in 1997. During that section of the film, Vicki speaks candidly about her worries surrounding Terry’s health, thanks to his hardcore style of professional wrestling. Also shown in the movie, is Terry and Vicki attending their daughter’s wedding.

Terry Funk married Vicki Weaver in August 1965 and lived for a time on a ranch in Canyon, Texas. They spent much of their married life living in the Amarillo Texas area. In November 2017, Terry had to cut short his time at Wrestlecade, a professional wrestling convention, due to his wife’s ill-health.

Just prior to the couple’s 45th wedding anniversary, Terry was asked in an interview about his secrets for a successful marriage. Terry replied, “Yes I do and I can’t think of a better day. Marital advice? Be very honest, it’s never easy to be married that long. And if you get a rough time, you just got to love the person that you’re with, and she’s got to love you and then it will last…and it’ll be ok.” In his 2005 book, “More Than Just Hardcore,” Funk said that the most stressful time in their marriage was when Funk was NWA Champion and was forced to go on tour across the country.

They had two daughters together, Stacy, who now works as an air hostess for Southwest Airlines and Brandee who is a registered nurse in Phoenix. Both are graduates of West Texas A&M University.

Terry Funk spoke about his own health issues in an interview with Sports Illustrated in August 2018. Funk spoke about canceling a performance at Cody Rhodes’ All In wrestling show. Terry said, “I was supposed to be on the All In show, but I can’t because of a problem with my abdominal hernia. I’m not feeling too good. Am I going to feel better? I hope to hell I am. That’s a wish on my part.”

VideoVideo related to vicki funk, terry funk’s wife, dead at 752019-03-30T17:20:15-04:00

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